Publisher's Note

Ayatollah Khamenei, the third President and the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, delivered several speeches in (1974, 1353 AH). Later on, these speeches were summarized and published. The original title given by Ayatollah Khamenei to the book is “Tarh kuli Andisha Islami Dar Quran” (The General Pattern of Islamic Thought in the Qur'an). What the author intends by the title is' to introduce the principles of the Islamic Thought according to the Quran. The author tries' to give a general picture of what is meant by Islamic thought by supporting his' ideas with different verses of the Quran.

All the citations of the Quran are from "The Quran Translated" by A.J. Arberry London. The Macmillan Company.1955. The biography of the author is taken from the Islamic journal “Echo of Islam" (Vol.1, No. 7 .October 1981). In all Islamic languages, whenever the name of the Prophet of Islam is cited the honorific phrase Salla-llah u alayhi wa Alihi wa sallam (May God’s peace and benediction be upon him) or (S) follows. Most of the technical terms are explained in the 'Notes· at the end of the book.

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