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How YOU can help !

How YOU can help!

This project to present the detailed information relating to the historic incident of Ghadir Khumm is far from complete.  There are many areas where your help would be instrumental in completing and perfecting this resource.  Listed below are the various ways in which you can help.  Please contact us if you are capable of helping in the tasks below, and want to be part of this noble endeavour:

We would like to have English translations of each narration, along with the original Arabic.  This may appear to be a significant amount of work but it can be done quite easily with your help.  We need people who are reasonably fluent in Arabic and English to take on the task of translating some narrations each.  As most narrations within a particular context are quite similar, it would make sense for a person to translate several narrations from one context.

There are also some pieces of short discussion, usually several pages each, which we would like to be translated into English.  These are mostly from Al-Ghadir in arabic (which is online at Al-Kawthar).

Locating of books
There are a number of sources of the narrations that are rare and difficult to locate.  Many of them are manuscripts.  We would like your help in locating these and obtaining a scanned image of the relevant page(s) which are likely to be very few per book.  Please see the List of Rare Books and see if you can help locate any of these texts.  Please review the instructions for scanning pages for the Islamic Sources Repository and inform us about which ones you can obtain and scan.

Typing in arabic text of narrations
We would like to have the arabic text of all narrations.  Where we have a scanned copy of the page available, but not the electronic arabic text, you can help by typing it in and emailing it to us with narration reference (eg. E40).  This would facilitate in completing the data entry part of the project.

Electronic copy
We require an electronic copy (Microsoft Word Arabic) format for Sayyid 'Ali al-Milani's book, Khulasat 'Abaqat al-'Anwar.  This would facilitate in completing the data entry part of the project

Contributions of links
We would like the Ghadir Khumm Portal to be as comprehensive as possible, and your help in contributing information about online resources relevant to this Incident would be crucial in achieving this aim.

Biographical notes on Allamah al-'Amini and Sayyid 'Ali al-Milani in English
These would be added to the 'Introduction' page.

Any other contributions
If you feel there is something else that you could provide, that would add to the value of this site, then please let us know.

Please contact us first, if you wish to help in any of the areas outline above, so we can co-ordinate the effort and help avoid any duplication.

Shi'a Encyclopedia team
Ahlul Bayt DILP