Ghadir Khumm
in the Qur'an, Hadith, History

Muhammad b. Kathir, Abu `Abd Allah al-`Abdi al-Basri
(d. 223 AH/838 CE)

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Muhammad b. Kathir, Abu `Abd Allah al-`Abdi al-Basri
(d. 223 AH/838 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

Relied upon by:
Abi Dawud   Bukhari   Darimi   Ibn Hanbal   Ibn Majah   Muslim   Nasa'i   Tirmidhi  

[Tahdhib al-Kamal fi asma' al-rijal, Al-Mizzi, Jamal al-Din Yusuf b. al-Zaki `Abd al-Rahman b. Yusuf, Abu al-Hajjaj al-Kalbi al-Quda`i al-Shafi`i, Beirut: Mu'assasat al-Risalah 1980- (publication in progress), 1992 CE/1413 AH, vol. 26, p. 334 (no. 5571) ]
Cs C o\ Q Cs gF o|RB B kR QF kRB o\ Q kd j f u Q MBosH j ؿB C Q BoQH ̮ n Us thQ oRF gF j f n\B C׷s s V j دRB Cs Q o_ vC׮ Q ׮CsH V d Q C dwBB po Q oǮ f ^C`dB Q URw o\ Q Cs BoQH t QF jBj QF V nChRB ˮ n B kR Q bCB UBҮ QF j ïB Q kd Q kcF kB oQ QF Q kd Q kcF `B B kR Q nBkB coB kR Q B kR V oodB hRB kd Q tdB k jB Q kd r BodRB oǯ Q kd kB Q î V kc Q kR V lC Q \B Q lC j mB d Q kd t׻B bCR|B Q KB آCB Pһ Q s sktB URw Q Pһ snCB C׷s Q Pһ oR˯B ׯ Q d C C U\g QF Q oQ QF C CpBoB Top QF WCc QF ׯ Q d ̮ n| Q ChB kR C U\CQ ̿ C ˮ BRXW Q ģB ˮ C[kc C VC\B PCX ض CRc Q ol k{ WCc QF C ڢC G׻W C Us үtW VC C XN ox Z[ Us VC PCRc WpC_ ض آdB YFn jBp jBj QF WC inGW ض nChRB C m Sh ҺCRB n

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