Ghadir Khumm
in the Qur'an, Hadith, History

Fudayl b. Marzuq al-Agharr, Abu `Abd al-Rahman al-Raqashi al-Rawasi al-Kufi
(d. 160 AH/777 CE)

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Fudayl b. Marzuq al-Agharr, Abu `Abd al-Rahman al-Raqashi al-Rawasi al-Kufi
(d. 160 AH/777 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

Relied upon by:
Ahmad   Abi Dawud   Darimi   Ibn Majah   Muslim   Tirmidhi  

[Al-Muraja`at, Sayyid `Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din al-Musawi, Lebanon: 'Al-Muraja`at: A Shi`i-Sunni dialogue', 1415/1995, p. 103 ]

Al-Dhahabi mentions him in his Mizan and describes him as a well-known Shi`a, quoting Sufyan ibn `Ayinah and Ibn Ma`in testifying to this fact. He quotes Ibn `Adi saying that he hopes there is nothing wrong with the hadith he narrates, then he quotes al-Haytham ibn Jamil saying that the latter once mentioned Fadl ibn Marzuq once and described him as "one of the Imams of guidance."

In his Sahih, Muslim relies on the authority of Fadil's ahadith which deals with prayers as transmitted by Shaqiq ibn `Uqbah, and with zakat by `Adi ibn Thabit. His hadith dealing with zakat as recorded by Muslim is transmitted by Yahya ibn Adam and Abu Usamah. In the sunan, his hadith is quoted by Waki`, Yazid, Abu Na`im, `Ali ibn al-Ja`d and many peers. Zayd ibn al-Habab has in fact lied regarding what he attributed to him of hadith dealing with the appointment of `Ali (as) as Amr by the Prophet (pbuh). He died, may Allah have mercy on him, in 158.

[Tahdhib al-Tahdhib, Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani, Shihab al-Din Ahmad b. Nur al-Din `Ali, Abu al-Fadl al-Shafi`i, Haydarabad: Da'irat al-ma`arif al-nizamiyyah (12 vols), 1325-7 AH, v. 2, p. 299 ]

Considered reliable by [Sufyan] al-Thawri, Ibn `Uyaynah, and Ibn Ma`in. Al-Haytham b. Jamil said: He was one of the leaders of guidance, pious and meritorious. Muslim has narrated traditions from him in his Sahih.

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