Ghadir Khumm
in the Qur'an, Hadith, History

`Abd Allh b. A<mad b. \anbal, Ab `Abd al-Ra<mn al-Shaybn
(d. 290 AH/903 CE)

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`Abd Allh b. A<mad b. \anbal, Ab `Abd al-Ra<mn al-Shaybn
(d. 290 AH/903 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

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[Tahdhb al-Tahdhb, Ibn \ajar al-`Asqaln, Shihb al-Dn A<mad b. Nr al-Dn `Al, Ab al-Fa_l al-Shfi`, Beirut: Dr @dir (12 vols), 1968 CE, vol. 5, p. 143 (or check index) ]
kcF ̮ SX ,ïB ض d t ض ,QGQ R :k QB C . . . nBkB YGs :tB C .U[ MCtB C . . ˮ SX F QF oF H oQQF C .R CX[ :C ,CdsH Q Rc kcF Q B kR ̮ ˧ .ACdB o\ U`B jC{ CdC{ _n B kR C :hB

[al-Ghadr f al-kitb wa'l-sunnah wa'l-adab, al-Amn, `Abd al-\usayn A<mad al-Tabrz al-Najaf, Beirut: Mu'assasat al-A`lam (11 vols), 1414 AH/1994 CE, vol. 1, p. 130 ]
BoF , 290 ԶXB CRxB coBkRQF Rc Q kcF Q BkR CdF WomW ض RmB C , ϷB YR\B U\CQ 375 z 9 ^ hnCW ض SקhB Uo C_oB UoQ BkR kx Cgw oQCF o Cp C : 237 z 1 ^ ) QF î k ϣQ oF Xc SçB î URBB ACsB ]kdB î .UoB To\B ض ( UQCdB CH

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