Ghadir Khumm
in the Qur'an, Hadith, History

`Ali al-Qari, `Ali b. al-Sultan Muhammad al-Harawi, al-Hanafi
(d. 1014 AH/1605 CE)

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`Ali al-Qari, `Ali b. al-Sultan Muhammad al-Harawi, al-Hanafi
(d. 1014 AH/1605 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

[Biographical Notes in 'Reliance of the Traveller', Noah (Nuh) Ha Mim Keller, USA: Sunna Books, 1991 CE, x85 (pp. 1038-9) ]

`Ali Qari (w48.2) is `Ali ibn Sultan Muhammad, Nur al-Din al-Mulla al-Qari, born in Herat, Afghanistan. One of the foremost Hanafi scholars of his time, he lived in Mecca, and it is related that he used to earn his income by writing out one copy of the Holy Koran each year embellished with marginal notes containing commentary and canonical readings (qira'at), and selling it to live on the proceeds until the following year. He authored a number of works in Hanafi jurisprudence, fundamentals of Islamic faith, the sciences of hadith, Sufism, history. Arabic lexicology, and Koranic exegesis, though the most frequently used of his works may well be his litany al-Hizb al-a`zam [The supreme daily dhikr], in which he gathered hundreds of supplications from prophetic hadiths and divided them into seven parts, one to be read each day of the week-a litany that forms an integral part of Muhammad al-Juzuli's celebrated manual of dhikr, Dala'il al-khayrat [Guides to blessings]. He died in Mecca in 1014/1606 (al-A 'lam (y136), 5.12; and n).

[Khulasat al-athar fi a`yan al-qarn al-hadi `ashar, al-Muhibbi, Muhammad al-Amin b. Fadl Allah, Cairo (4 vols), 1284 AH, vol. 3, p. 185 (or check index) ]
,VBnCRB e׻W ׻dXB ض YtB oCRB ,o| jo ,ïB nk{ kcF :RdB C EXB F ,X{ nC ,ol oXwH . . ,з{ ض ABoB ̮ U׶C Wow .U`B kMBҷB î UXdB ,UקB To\B

[al-Ghadir fi al-kitab wa'l-sunnah wa'l-adab, al-Amini, `Abd al-Husayn Ahmad al-Tabrizi al-Najafi, Beirut: Mu'assasat al-A`lami (11 vols), 1414 AH/1994 CE, vol. 1, p. 174 ]
ԶXB UoxB U q طdB nCCQ oB oB kd Cs Q î B C 185 z 4 ^ o[B U{g ض RdB _oW U׺ To\ EW ScC{ , 1014 Wow , VBnCRB e׻W ׻dXB ض YtB oCRB o| jo ïB nk{ kcF : QF lCXsB ̮ CQ mgF U H cn TBoQ k , з{ ض ABoB ̮ U׶C EXB F X{ nC ol oXwB : C hCx k [ , oRB tdB TCxB " î cow : C U`B kMBҷB î UXdB UקB To\B CxB bow , ACxB bow , C_F CoRF " TCoB " CsF VBk` ض " C`Q î B{ o| ACî WC oRg Q C : C WC fnF зEW k , þnqB _oW , o\G Ut D UQnF ` ĶCc ` ض UR׳B T{ opB ox 1792 z 1 ^ VCRB ` ض ol , зEW k 697 z 2 ^ ڮF ض .URB зEW

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