Ghadir Khumm
in the Qur'an, Hadith, History

Abu `Amir `Abd al-Malik b. `Amr b. Qays al-`Aqadi al-Basri
(d. 204 AH/819 CE)

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Abu `Amir `Abd al-Malik b. `Amr b. Qays al-`Aqadi al-Basri
(d. 204 AH/819 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

[Tahdhib al-Tahdhib, Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani, Shihab al-Din Ahmad b. Nur al-Din `Ali, Abu al-Fadl al-Shafi`i, Beirut: Dar al-Fikr (14 vols), 1404/1983, vol. 6, p. 363 (no. 764) ]
UCds QC Q F ̮ n o|RB kB oC QF t׻B oǮ Q B kR Q eöF Cs Q eö kCg Q o nCǮ Q Uo {B coB kR Q To׳B kׯs Q eöF MBosH ؿB C Q BoQH CϦ Q BoQH kc XB kd Q op o Q bCQn u׺ Q jBj BodB coB kR Q x_CB qqB kR ohB o_ Q B kR kwBn Q jCR URw n\B oײ MBXskB Cx SMl QF QB C Q Q Cs TkMBp QF Q oǮ s QF oR˯B rCR U\g QF ktB d î CdsH kcF ˮ n| Q CdsH oCxB Q ^C`c tgotB UBk QF o Q UR nBkQ B kR Q Cs hB î Q tdB vBog Q tdB Q kcF asҿB mB wCoB ̯ QF C Q oQ QF UR_ Q oǮ Q kd kc Q kR Cs C ogD دtB jBkw Q kd kB QF nkB rCR UQں QF S kB oC QF ̮ C SXB Ǯ To|RB knF kc Yú pBqB jBj Q MCtB C k{ WCc QF C k{ ׯ Q ̮ nBkB C\ C oo_ Q kB oC QF iw [F ̮ SMl QF Q ]kc YRX k Q C G U[ C k Q ̮ ^oB Q Cs ̮ u Q kd ̮ ^BotB rCRB QF Bn nQCtB ^oB Cop QF C jpB { u׺ Һ kB ^BotB Q kd C B U\B oC QF C[ C oC QF ̮ C[kc BlH CdsH C 5 Us VC CRc QB jBj QF C XMC QnF Us VC î Q o| ks VC\B ض Cw Q C VC\B ض CRc Q ol U[ C ks Q C Yú ĺC U[ oC QF nBkB C\ C

[Tadhkirat al-huffaz, al-Dhahabi, Shams al-Din Muhammad b. Ahmad b. `Uthman, Abu `Abd Allah, Beirut: Dar al-kutub al-'ilmiyya (4 vols), 1374 AH, vol. 1, p. 347 (no. 333) ]
o|RB kB t׻B oǮ Q B kR oC QF U\B CB CdB kB Q URw QC Q B CdsH Q Cop kc Q eöB kCg Q To ̮ Zkc kcF asҿB CdsH op CdsH kcF ˮ n j_ o\G XR ^C`dB o\ g kB mB d Q kd دtB jBkw Q kd VBoB Q pBqB Cs Q kd C To|RB Cc kcF C oײ C G U[ MCtB C XMC QnF Us VC ks Q C Sh C u׺ Q kB ײ Q CB |dB Q CB kd Q oǮ CB C oǮ QF QB ڮ Q CGRF ̮ To C kB oC QF C دtB jBkw Q kd C[ nBqRB oQ QF CB C Cö s î B { B sn B PBmB Ut AC_ C tdB һ U ]R Bm C kˮ

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