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Al-Nawaw, Mu<yi al-Dn Ya<y b. Sharaf al-Dn b. \asan, Ab Zakariyy al-Shfi`
(d. 676 AH/1277 CE)

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Al-Nawaw, Mu<yi al-Dn Ya<y b. Sharaf al-Dn b. \asan, Ab Zakariyy al-Shfi`
(d. 676 AH/1277 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

[Glossary of Islamic Terms, Aisha Abdurrahman al-Tarjumanah Bewley, London: Ta-Ha Publishers, 1418/1998, pp. 109-110 ]

Ya<y ibn Sharaf, Ab Zakariyy, born in the village of Nawa on the Horan Plain of southern Syria in 631/1233. He was the Imm of the later Shfi`ites and wrote many books: Minhj al-^libn, Kitb al-Adhkr, Riy_ al-@li<n and other books. He lived very simply. After twenty-seven years in Damascus, he returned home and died at the age of 44 in 676/1277.

[^abaqt al-\uffz, al-Suy>, Jall al-Dn `Abd al-R<mn b. Kaml al-Dn Ab Bakr, al-Shfi`, Cairo (?): Maktabah Wahbah, , p. 510 (or check index) ]
ACB î sB iw ,TkB kcB ,CdB ׻B CB B :ئtB зC|W î ض B nCQ ,Xw Cî ̻WF ,C˻X CCc CnCQ CCH C . .

[al-Ghadr f al-kitb wa'l-sunnah wa'l-adab, al-Amn, `Abd al-\usayn A<mad al-Tabrz al-Najaf, Beirut: Mu'assasat al-A`lam (11 vols), 1414 AH/1994 CE, vol. 1, p. 157 ]
ԶXB دCxB ػxkB B CopQF tc Q ow Q d kB d CdF ol , î AC\B ض CQ 68 - 166 z 5 ^ WCR ض ؿRtB _oW , 676 Cp ض ACϻB oR SmB iw : C 278 z 13 ^ hnCW ض o\ QH SC_ î rCB ̮ C`B odXB nB TjCRB TjCqB C k һB tQ , BoF зEW ol , oײ ACϻB kcF î nk oR .64 - 259 z 4 ^ WomW ض RmB X_oW ض

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