Ghadir Khumm
in the Qur'an, Hadith, History

Mu<ammad b. \ázim (or Kházim), Abú Mu`áwiyah al-¬arír al-Tamímí al-Sa`dí
(d. 195 AH/811 CE)

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Mu<ammad b. \ázim (or Kházim), Abú Mu`áwiyah al-¬arír al-Tamímí al-Sa`dí
(d. 195 AH/811 CE)
Chains of narration (Isnad) with this narrator

Relied upon by:
A<mad   Abí Dáwúd   Bukhárí   Dárimí   Ibn Májah   Muslim   Nasá'í   Tirmidhí  

[Al-Murája`át, Sayyid `Abd al-\usayn Sharaf al-Dín al-Músawí, Lebanon: 'Al-Murája`át: A Shí`í-Sunní dialogue', 1415/1995, p. 105 ]

He is very well known as Abu Mu`awiyah al-Darir al-Tamimi al-Kufi. Al-Thahbi mentions him saying, "Muhammad ibn Khazim al-Darir is confirmed, truthful; nowhere at all have I seen his hadith as weak; I shall discuss him in my chapter on kunayat." When the author mentions him in his said chapter, he states: "Abu Mu`awiyah al-Darir is one of the most renown and trustworthy Imams of hadith," and he goes on to say: "Al-Hakim has said that both Shaykhs rely on his authority, and he is famous for being an extremist Shi`a." 

All authors of the six sahihs have relied on his authority. Al-Thahbi has marked his name with "A" to indicate that all traditionists rely on his authority. Refer to his hadith in Bukhari's and Muslim's Sahihs from al-A`mash and Hisham ibn `Urwah. Muslim's Sahih contains other ahadith he has narrated through other trusted reporters. In Bukhari's Sahih, his hadith is reported by `Ali ibn al-Madini, Muhammad ibn Salam, Yusuf ibn `Isa, Qutaybah, and Musaddad. In Muslim's Sahih, he is quoted by Sa`d al-Wasiti, Sa`d ibn Mansur, `Amr al-Naqid, Ahmed ibn Sinan, Ibn Namir, Issaq al-Hanzali, Abu Bakr ibn Abu Shaybah, Abu Karib, Yahya ibn Yahya, and Zuhayr. Musa al-Zaman has reported his hadith in both sahihs. Muhammad ibn Khazim was born in 113, and he died in 195; may Allah be merciful unto him. 

[, , , , v. 5, p. 242-249 ]

Considered reliable by al-`Ijlí, al-Nasá'í and Ibn Kharásh.

[Khulá#at Tadhhíb Tahdhíb al-Kamál, al-Khazrají, @afí al-Dín A<mad b. `Abd Alláh, Cairo: al-Ma>ba`ah al-Khayriyyah, 1322/1904, p. 285 (margin) ]

Considered reliable by al-`Ijlí, al-Nasá'í and Ibn Kharásh.

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