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Adultery الزنا

1. The most despised of creatures in the sight of Allah is the old adulterer.

1ـ أبْغَضُ الخَلائِقِ إلَى اللّهِ الشَّيخُ الزَّانِي.

2. The abandoning of adultery is [prescribed] for safeguarding the descendants and the renouncing of homosexuality is a means of increasing the progeny.

2ـ وتَرْكَ الزِّنا تَحْصيناً لِلأنْسابِ وتَرْكَ اللِّواطِ تَكْثيراً للنَّسْلِ.

3. A dignified person would never commit adultery.

3ـ ما زَنى غَيُورٌ قَطُّ.

4. A chaste person does not commit adultery.

4ـ ما زَنى عَفيفٌ.