The Arrogant One

The arrogant one-المتكبِّر

1. The haughty oppressor is destroyed by his sins.

1ـ المُتَجَبِّـرُ الظّالِمُ تُوبِقُهُ آثامُهُ.

2. I am amazed at the arrogant one who was [nothing but] a drop of semen yesterday and will tomorrow be [just] a corpse.

2ـ عَجِبْتُ لِمُتَكَبِّر كانَ أمْسِ نُطْفَةً، وهُوَ فِي غَد جيفَةً.

3. At times the haughty one is humiliated.

3ـ قَدْ يَذِلُّ المُتَجَبِّرُ.

4. Every arrogant one is low.

4ـ كُلُّ مُتَكَبِّر حَقيرٌ.

5. The arrogant one has no friend.

5ـ لَيْسَ لِمُتَكَبِّر صَديقٌ.

6. One who becomes arrogant is abased.

6ـ مَنْ تَكَبَّرَ حُقِّرَ.

7. One who shows arrogance is loathed.

7ـ مَنْ تَكَبَّرَ مُقِتَ.

8. One who is arrogant towards the people gets humiliated.

8ـ مَنْ تَكَبَّرَ عَلَى النّاسِ ذَلَّ.

9. One who is haughty with the one who is below him gets broken [and pulled down from his position].

9ـ مَنْ تَجَبَّرَ عَلى مَنْ دُونَهُ كُسِرَ.

10. One who is arrogant will not be devoid of loss [and injury].

10ـ مَنْ كانَ مُتَكَبِّراً لَمْ يَعْدِمِ التَّلَّفَ.

11. Whoever shows haughtiness, Allah belittles him and abases him.

11ـ مَنْ تَجَبَّرَ حَقَّرَهُ اللّهُ ووَضَعَهُ.

12. One who wears the attires of arrogance and extravagance takes off the attires of merit and honour.

12ـ مَنْ لَبِسَ الكِبْرَ والسَّرَفَ خَلَعَ الفَضْلَ والشَّرَفَ.

13. None is arrogant except the vile.

13ـ ما تَكَبَّرَ إلاّ وَضيعٌ.

14. The actions of a haughty person are not pure [and righteous].

14ـ لايَزْكُو عَمَلُ مُتَجَبِّر.

15. No one shows arrogance but the vile, unknown one.

15ـ لايَتَكَبَّرُ إلاّ وَضيعٌ خامِلٌ.