Blindness And The Blind

Blindness and the blind-العِمى والأعمى

1. The blindest of people is one who is blind to our love and our excellence, and one who has hatred for us without any wrongdoing on our part towards him, except that we invited him to the truth while others invited him to temptation and [the pleasures of] this world, so they preferred it and displayed hatred towards us.

1ـ أشَدُّ النّاسِ عَمىً: مَنْ عَمِيَ عَنْ حُبِّنا وفَضْلِنا، وَناصَبَنا العَداوَةَ بِلا ذَنْب سَبَقَ مِنّا إلَيْهِ إلاّ أنّا دَعَوْناهُ إلَى الحَقِّ، ودَعاهُ سَوانا إلَى الفِتْنَةِ والدُّنيا، فَ آثَرُوها، ونَصَبُوا العَداوَةَ لَنا.

2. Sometimes the blind one arrives at his goal.

2ـ رُبَّما أصابَ العَمِيُّ (الأعْمى) قَصْدَهُ.

3. One who is blind to that which is in front of him instils doubt within himself.

3ـ مَنْ عَمِيَ عَمّا بَيْنَ يَدَيْهِ غَرَسَ الشَّكَّ بَيْنَ جَنْبَيْهِ.