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The Body

The Body الجسد والأجسام

1. Serving the body is granting it whatever it seeks of pleasures and desires and what it covets, but in [all] this is the destruction of the soul.

1ـ خِدْمَةُ الجَسَدِ إعْطاؤُهُ ما يَسْتَدْعيهِ مِنَ المَلاذِّ والشَّهَواتِ والمُقْتَنَياتِ وَفي ذلِكَ هِلاكُ النَّفسِ.

2. Physical health is one of the most wholesome bounties.

2ـ صِحَّةُ الأجْسامِ مِنْ أهْنَاِ الأقسامِ.

3. How can one be deceived by the health of a body that is prone to malady?

3ـ كَيفَ يُغْتَرُّ بِسَلامَةِ جِسْم مُعَرَّض للآفاتِ.