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The Brother, The Friend, The Associate And The Companion

The Brother, The Friend, The Associate and The Companion الاخوّة والصّديق والرّفيق والمصاحبة

1. Brothers are the best of assets [in times of hardship].

1ـ اَلإخْوانُ أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ.

2. The one who assists [you] in obeying [Allah] is the best companion.

2ـ اَلمُعينُ عَلَى الطَّاعَةِ خَيرُ الأصحابِ.

3. A Friend is one whose friendship is true [even] in absence.

3ـ اَلصَّديقُ مَنْ صَدَقَ غَيبُهُ(غَيْبَتُهُ).

4. The loss that causes illness (or burns [the heart]) is the loss of loved ones.

4ـ اَلفَقْدُ المُمْرِضُ (المُرْمِضُ) فَقْدُ الأحبابِ.

5. A companion is like a patch [of cloth], so take one that matches [yours].

5ـ اَلصَّاحِبُ كالرُّقعَةِ فَاتَّخِذْهُ مُشاكِلاً.

6. An associate is like a friend, so choose one who is suitable.

6ـالرَّفيقُ كالصَّديقِ فَاخْتَرَهُ مُوافِقاً.

7. A stranger is one who does not have a [close] friend.

7ـ اَلْغَريبُ مَنْ لَيْسَ لَهُ حَبيبٌ.

8. Brothers in faith have lasting affection [for each other].

8ـ إخْوانُ الدّين أبْقى مَوَدَّةً.

9. The brother whom you benefit from is better than the brother [for] whom you increase [benefit].

9ـ أخٌ تَسْتَفيدُهُ خَيْرٌ مِنْ أخ تَسْتَزيدُهُ.

10. Seeking the destruction of a friend stems from lack of conciliation.

10ـ اِسْتِفْسادُ الصَّديقِ مِنْ عَدَمِ التَّوفيقِ.

11. Brothers are an embellishment in times of ease and a [means of] support in times of tribulation.

11ـاَلإخوانُ زينَةٌ فِي الرَّخاءِ وَعُدَّةٌ فِي البلاءِ.

12. Worldly brothers are such that their affection is cut off as quickly as its causes are severed.

12ـ إخوانُ الدُّنيا تَنْقَطِعُ مَوَدَّتُهُمْ لِسُرْعَةِ انْقِطاعِ أسبابِها.

13. The best of your brothers is he who supports you with his benevolence, and better than him is one who makes you needless of all other than him.

13ـ خَيرُ إخْوانِكَ مَنْ واساكَ بِخيرِهِ وخَيرٌ منهُ مَنْ أغناكَ عَنْ غيرِهِ.

14. The best of brothers are the most sincere [of them] and the worst of them are the most


14ـ خَيرُ الإخْوانِ أنْصَحُهُمْ وشَرُّهُمْ أغَشُّهُمْ.

15. The best brother is one whose brotherhood is not based on worldly gain.

15ـ خَيرُ الإخْوانِ مَنْ لَمْ تَكُنْ على الدُّنيا اُخُوَّتُهُ.

16. The best brother is one whose affection is for the sake of Allah.

16ـ خَيرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ كانَتْ في اللّهِ مَوَّدَتُه.

17. The best brother is one after whose loss you would not like to remain [alive].

17ـ خَيرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ إذا فَقَدْتَهُ لَـمْ تُحِبَّ البَقاءَ بَعدَهُ.

18. The best of your brothers is one who rushes towards good and pulls you towards it, and enjoins you to righteousness and assists you in it.

18ـ خيرُ إخوانِكَ مَنْ سارَعَ إلَى الخَيرِ وجَذَبَكَ إليه، وأمَرَكَ بِالبِرِّ وَأعانَكَ علَيْهِ.

19. The best of your brothers is the one who exhorts you to speak the truth by his own veracity and compels you to perform the best deeds by his own good actions.

19ـ خَيرُ إخوانِكَ مَنْ دَعاكَ إلى صِدْقِ المَقالِ بِصِدقِ مَقالِهِ ونَدَبَكَ إلى أفْضلِ الأعمالِ بِحُسنِ أعمالهِ.

20. The best of your brothers is the one who shows you the path of guidance, makes you acquire piety and prevents you from following your lowly desires.

20ـ خَيرُ إخوانِكَ مَنْ دَلَّكَ على هُدىً، وألبَسَكَ(أكْسَبَكَ) تُقىً، وَصَدَّكَ عَنْ إتّباعِ هَوىً.

21. The best of your brothers is the one who assists you financially [in your time of need].

21ـ خَيرُ إخوانِكَ مَنْ واساكَ.

22. Many a brother has not been born to your mother.

22ـ رُبَّ أخ لَمْ يَلِدْهُ اُمُّكَ.

23. The friend of an ignorant person is troubled and afflicted.

23ـ صَديقُ الجاهلِ مَتْعُوبٌ مَنكُوبٌ.

24. Accompany your brothers with kindness and cover their offences with forgiveness.

24ـ صاحِبِ الإخوانَ بالإحسانِ، وتَغَمَّدْ ذُنُوبَهُم بالغُفْرانِ.

25. Accompany the intelligent and you will benefit, turn away from this world and you will be safe.

25ـ صاحبِ العُقلاءَ تَغْنَمْ وأعرِضْ عنِ الدُّنيا تَسلَمْ.

26. Accompany the intelligent, associate with the learned and overcome your vain desires, [by this] you will join the company of the Exalted Assembly.

26ـ صاحبِ العُقلاءَ وجالِسِ العُلَماءَ، وأغْلِبِ الهوى، تُرافِقِ المَلأ الأعلى.

27. Accompany the wise, associate with the forbearing and turn away from this world - you shall dwell in the Garden of the Abode.

27ـ صاحبِ الحُكَماءَ، وجالِسِ الحُلَماءَ، وأعرِضْ عَنِ الدُّنيا تَسْكُنْ جَنَّةَ المأوى.

28. Association with the wicked leads one to become evil, just like the wind - when it passes by a foul smell, it carries the stench.

28ـ صُحبَةُ الأشرارِ تُكْسِبُ الشَّرَّ كالرّيحِ إذا مَرَّتْ بالنَّتِنِ حَمَلَتْ نَتِناً.

29. Accompanying a fool is torment for the soul.

29ـ صُحْبَةُ الأحْمَقِ عذابُ الرُّوحِ.

30. Accompanying a wise friend enlivens the soul.

30ـ صُحْبَةُ الوَليِّ اللَّبيبِ حَياةُ الرُّوحِ.

31. The friend of a fool is in distress.

31ـ صَديقُ الأحمقِ في تَعَب.

32. The friend of an ignorant person is exposed to harm.

32ـ صَديقُ الجاهِلِ مَعْرَضٌ لِلْعَطَبِ.

33. Your friend is one who forbids you [from evil] and your enemy is one who entices you [to

Perform evil].

33ـ صَديقُكَ مَنْ نهاكَ، وعدُوُّكَ مَنْ أغراكَ.

34. Association with the wicked leads one to have negative thoughts about the righteous.

34ـ صُحبَةُ الأشرارِ تُوجبُ سُوءَ الظَّنِّ الأخيارِ.

35. You should accompany the one who is intelligent and devout, for surely he is the best of companions.

35ـ عَلَيكَ بِمُقارَنَةِ ذِي العَقلِ والدِّينِ فإنَّهُ خَيرُ الأصحابِ.

36. You should keep ties with brethren of purity, for they are an embellishment in times of ease and a support in [times of] tribulation.

36ـ عَليكَ بإخْوانِ الصَّفا فإنّهُمْ زينَةٌ فِي الرَّخاءِ وعَونٌ فِي البلاءِ.

37. You should build a bond of brotherhood with the one who cautions and forbids you [from doing evil] for verily he is aiding and guiding you.

37ـ عَلَيكَ بِمُواخاةِ مَنْ حَذَّرَكَ وَنهاكَ فإنّهُ يُنجِدُكَ ويُرشِدُكَ.

38. One who is amiable towards people is loved by them.

38ـ مَنّ تَألّفَ النَّاسَ أحَبُّوهُ.

39. The companionship [in this world] is short.

39ـ الإصْطِحابُ قليلٌ.

40. A friend is the closest of relations.

40ـ الصَّديقُ أقْرَبُ الأقارِبِ.

41. The friend has been named adīq because he is truthful to you about your nature and faults, so have confidence in one who does this for he is your [true] friend.

41ـ إنّما سُمِّيَ الصَّديقُ صديقاً لأنّه يَصْدُقُكَ في نَفْسِكَ ومَعائبِكَ، فَمَنْ فَعَلَ ذلك فاستَنِمْ إليْهِ فإنَّهُ الصَّديقُ.

42. The comrade has been named rafīq because he encourages you to improve your religion; so whoever assists you to improve your faith, then he is a concerned comrade.

42ـ إنَّما سُمِّىَ الرَّفيقُ رَفيقاً لأنَّه يَرفَقُكَ على إصلاحِ دينكَ فَمنْ أعانَكَ على صَلاحِ دينكَ فَهُوَ الرَّفيقُ الشَّفيقُ.

43. As the companionship prolongs, the [mutual] respect is affirmed.

43ـ إذا طالَّتِ الصُّحْبَةُ تأكَّدَتِ الحُرمَةُ.

44. If you like to remain safe, then keep away from the companionship of a foolish person.

44ـ إذا أحْبَبْتَ السَّلامَةَ فَاجْتَنِبْ مُصاحَبَةَ الجَهُولِ.

45. When the sins of a friend increase, the joy of being with him decreases.

45ـ إذا كَثُرَتْ ذُنوبُ الصَّديقِ قَلَّ السُّرُورُ بهِ.

46. When your friend takes you as a brother, then be like a servant to him and accord him with true loyalty and perfect sincerity.

46ـ إذَا اتَّخذَكَ وَليُّكَ أخاً فَكُنْ لَهُ عَبْداً وامْنَحْهُ صِدقَ الوفاءِ وحُسْنَ الصَّفاءِ.

47. When the disloyalty of a friend becomes evident, forsaking him becomes easy.

47ـ إذا ظَهرَ غَدْرُ الصَّديقِ سَهُلَ هَجْرُهُ.

48. Through mutual understanding, companionship lasts.

48ـ بِحُسنِ المُوافَقَةِ تَدُومُ الصُّحبَةُ.

49. Through good companionship, camaraderie increases.

49ـ بِحُسنِ الصُّحبَةِ تَـكْثُرُ الرِّفاقُ.

50. The worst friend is the one who is [easily] fed up.

50ـ بِئسَ الصَّديقُ المَلولُ(المُلُوك).

51. How bad a colleague the ignoramus is!

51ـ بِئسَ القَرينُ الجَهُولُ.

52. How evil a colleague the enemy is!

52ـ بِئسَ القَرينُ العدُوُّ.

53. How evil a comrade the envious one is!

53ـ بِئسَ الرَّفيقُ الحَسُودُ.

54. Hold on to every friend who is brought close to you by hard times (and who benefits you

in times of distress).

54ـ تَمَسَّكْ بِكُلِّ صَديق أفادَتْكَهُ الشِّدَّةُ، (أفادكَ نَكْبَةُ الشِّدَّةِ).

55. Be warm-hearted to your friend and he will be warm-hearted towards you, honour him and he will honour you, give him preference over yourself and he will give you preference over himself and his family.

55ـ تَحَبَّبْ إلى خَليلِكَ يُحْبِبْكَ، وأكرِمْهُ يُكْرِمْكَ وآثِرْهُ على نَفْسِكَ يُؤثِرْكَ على نَفسِهِ وأهْلِهِ.

56. A good companion is a blessing.

56ـ جَليسُ الخَيرِ نِعْمَةٌ.

57. An evil companion is a curse.

57ـ جَليسُ الشّرِّ نِقْمَةٌ.

58. Sit in the company of the people of piety and wisdom and increase your discourse with them, for if you are ignorant they will enlighten you and if you are knowledgeable, you will increase your knowledge.

58ـ جالِسْ أهْلَ الوَرَعِ والحِكْمَةِ، وأكثِرْ مُناقَشَتَهُمْ، فإنَّكَ إنْ كُنتَ جاهلاً عَلَّمُوكَ، وإنْ كُنْتَ عالِماً إزدَدْتَ عِلماً.

59. Good companionship increases the affection of the hearts.

59ـ حُسنُ الصُّحْبَةِ يَزيدُ في مَحَبَّةِ القُلُوبِ.

60. The jealousy of a friend is an ailment of [his] friendship.

60ـ حَسَدُ الصَّديقِ مِنْ سُقْمِ المَوَدَّةِ.

61. The best choice is accompanying the righteous.

61ـ خَيْرُ الاِختيارِ صُحبَةُ الأخيارِ.

62. The best of those whom you can accompany are the people of knowledge and insight.

62ـ خيرُ مَنْ صاحَبْتَ ذَوُوا العِلْمِ والحِلمِ.

63. The best person you can accompany is the one who does not compel you to seek adjudication between yourself and him.

63ـ خَيْرُ مَنْ صَحِبْتَهُ مَنْ لايُحوِجُكَ إلى حاكِم بَينَكَ وبيْنَهُ.

64. The best companion is one who makes you infatuated with the Hereafter, urges you to renounce worldly pleasures and assists you in obeying your Lord.

64ـ خَيرُ مَنْ صَحِبْتَ مَنْ وَلَّهَكَ بالاُخرى، وزَهَّدَكَ في الدُّنيا، وأعانَكَ على طاعةِ المَولى.

65. A man’s friend is a sign of his intelligence and his speech is evidence of his merit.

65ـ خَليلُ المَرءِ دَليلٌ على عَقْلِهِ، وكَلامُهُ بُرهانُ فَضْلِهِ.

66. The best of all things is that which is newer, but the best of brothers is the oldest of them.

66ـ خَيْرُ كُلِّ شَيْء جديدُهُ، وخَيْرُ الإخْوانِ أقدَمُهُمْ.

67. The best brother is the most helpful of them in [performing] good deeds, the most active in doing good deeds and the most affable in companionship.

67ـ خَيرُ الإخْوانِ أعْوَنُهُمْ عَلى الخَيْرِ، وأعْمَلُهُمْ بِالبِرِّ، وأرْفَقُهُمْ بِالمُصاحِبِ.

68. Many a friend may be envious.

68ـ رُبَّ صَديق حَسُود.

69. Many a friend is scorned because of his ignorance, not because of his intention.

69ـ رُبَّ صَديق يُؤتى(يُؤبى) مِنْ جَهْلِهِ لامِنْ نيَّتِهِ.

70. The beauty of companionship is tolerance.

70ـ زَيْنُ المُصاحَبَةِ الإحتِمالُ.

71. The worst of your brothers is the one who makes you accept falsehood.

71ـ شَرُّ إخوانِكَ مَنْ أرْضاكَ بالباطِلِ.

72. The worst of your brothers is the one who forces you to compromise and compels you to ask for pardon.

72ـ شرُّ إخوانِكَ مَنْ أحوَجَكَ إلى مُداراة وألْجَأكَ إلى اعْتِذار.

73. The worst of your friends is the one for whom you [always] have to undergo hardship.

73ـ شرُّ أصْدِقائِكَ مَنْ تَتَكَلّفُ لهُ.

74. The worst of brothers is one who forsakes you [in times of need].

74ـ شرُّ الإخوانِ الخاذِلُ.

75. The worst companion is an ignorant person.

75ـ شرُّ الأصحابِ الجاهِلُ.

76. The worst brother is the one who keeps ties with you in good times but abandons you in times of difficulty.

76ـ شرُّ الإخوانِ المُواصِلُ عِنْدَ الرَّخاءِ، والمَفاصِلُ عِنْدَ البلاءِ.

77. The worst of your brothers is the one who beguiles you with vain desire and distracts you with this world.

77ـ شرُّ إخوانِكَ مَنْ أغراكَ بِهَوىً، ووَلّهَكَ بالدُّنيا.

78. The worst of your brothers is the one who flatters you and hides your faults from you.

78ـ شرُّ إخوانِكَ مَنْ داهَنَكَ في نَفْسِكَ، وساتَرَكَ عَيْبَكَ.

79. The worst of your brothers is the deceiving flatterer.

79ـ شرُّ إخوانِكَ اَلْغاشُّ المُداهِنُ.

80. The worst of your brothers is the one who is slow in performing good deeds and slows you down [from doing good] along with him.

80ـ شرُّ إخوانِكَ مَنْ تَثبَّطَ (يَتبَطّئُ) عنِ الخَيرِ وثبَّطكَ (ويُبَطِّئُكَ) معَهُ.

81. The worst and most deceitful of your brothers is the one who entices you with [the pleasures of] this transitory world and makes you unmindful of the Hereafter.

81ـ شرُّ إخوانِكَ وأغَشُّهُمْ لَكَ مَنْ أغراكَ بِالعاجِلَةِ واَلهاكَ عَنِ الآجِلَةِ.

82. The worst companion is the one who changes [his loyalty] quickly.

82ـ شرُّ الأصحابِ السَّريعُ الإنقِلابِ.

83. The worst comrade is the one who is very suspicious.

83ـ شرُّ الأتْرابِ الكثيرُ الإرتيابِ.

84. The worst affinity is [one that leads to] putting someone into trouble.

84ـ شرُّ الاُلفَةِ إطِّراحُ الكُلفَةِ.

85. The condition of companionship is lack of disagreement.

85ـ شَرْطُ المُصاحَبَةِ قِلّةُ المُخالَفَةِ

86. A bad companion is [like] a splinter of hellfire.

86ـ صاحِبُ السُّوءِ قَطْعَةٌ منَ النّار

87. Companionship with the righteous leads one to acquire righteousness just like the wind - when it passes by perfume, it carries the fragrance.

87ـ صُحْبَةُ الأخْيارِ تُكْسِبُ (تَكتسِبُ) الخَيرَ كالريحِ إذا مَرَّتْ بالطّيبِ حَمَلَتْ طيباً.

88. Enmity with the honourable is safer than friendship with the wicked.

88ـ مُعاداةُ الكَريمِ أسْلَمُ مِنْ مُصادَقَةِ اللَّئيمِ.

89. The companionship of a wise person is dependable.

89ـ مُصاحَبَةُ العاقِلِ مأمُونَةٌ.

90. Sitting in the company of the virtuous brings honour.

90ـ مُجالَسَةُ الأبرارِ تُوجِبُ الشَّرَفَ.

91. Accompanying the wicked brings ruin.

91ـ مُصاحَبَةُ الأشرارِ تُوجِبُ التَّلَفَ.

92. Sitting with people of low morals wears out the hearts.

92ـ مُجالَسَةُ السِّفَلِ تُضْيئُ القُلُوبَ.

93. Holding back your kindness invites [your companions] to accompany someone other than you.

93ـ مَنْعُ خَيْرِكَ يَدْعُوا إلى صُحبَةِ غيرِكَ.

94. Being in the company of an ignorant person is one of the greatest tribulations.

94ـ مُصاحَبَةُ الجاهِلِ مِنْ أعْظَمِ البلاءِ.

95. Sitting with the common people corrupts one’s habits.

95ـ مُجالَسَةُ العَوامِّ تُفسِدُ العادَةَ.

96. One who accompanies the wicked is like one who travels by sea, if he is saved from

96ـ مُصاحِبُ الأشرارِ كراكِبِ البَحرِ إنْ سَلِمَ مِنَ الغَرَقِ لَمْ يَسْلَمْ مِنَ الفَرَقِ.

97. Drowning he will still not be saved from the fear [of drowning].

97ـ مُجالَسَةُ أبناءِ الدُّنيا مِنْساةٌ للإيمانِ قائدَةٌ إلى طاعةِ الشيطانِ.

98. Sitting with worldly people causes one to forget his faith and drives [one] towards the obedience of Satan.

98ـ مُوافَقَةُ الأصحابِ تُديمُ الإصطِحابَ، والرِّفقُ في المَطالِبِ يُسَهِّلُ الأسبابَ.

99. Agreement with companions prolongs the companionship; and showing courtesy in matters makes the means [of accomplishment] easy.

99ـ مُجالَسَةُ الحُكماءِ حَياةُ العُقولِ، وشِفاءُ النُّفُوسِ.

100. Sitting in the company of wise men enlivens the minds and cures the souls.

100ـ وَحدَةُ المَرْءِ خَيْرٌ لَهُ مِنْ قَرينِ السُّوءِ.

101. The loneliness of a man is better for him than [having] an evil comrade.

101ـ بالتِّواخي في اللّهِ تُثْمِرُ الاُخُوَّةَ.

102. By establishing ties for the sake of Allah, brotherhood becomes fruitful.

102ـ تُبْتَنى الاُخوَّةُ في اللّهِ علَى التَّناصُحِ في اللّهِ، والتَّباذُلِ في اللّهِ، والتَّعاونِ على طاعةِ اللّهِ، والتَّناهي عن معاصِى اللّهِ، والتَّناصرِ في اللّهِ، وإخْلاصِ المَحَبِّةِ.

103. Brotherhood for the sake of Allah is based on advising each other for the sake of Allah, contributing for His sake, helping each other to obey His commands, forbidding each other from disobeying Him, assisting each other for His sake and sincere affection.

103ـ تناسَ مَساوِىَ الإخوانِ، تستَدِمْ وُدَّهُمْ.

104. Pretend to have forgotten the bad actions of your brothers and their affection [towards you] will last longer.

104ـ ثَمَرَةُ الاُخُوَّةِ حِفْظُ الغَيبِ وإهْداءُ العَيْبِ.

105. The fruit of brotherhood is [in] protecting [the reputation of one’s brother in] his absence and presenting his faults to him [so that he may correct himself].

105ـ مَنْ آخى في اللّهِ غَنِمَ.

106. One who fraternizes for the sake of Allah, Gains.

106ـ مَنْ آخى في الدُّنيا حُرِمَ.

107. One who fraternizes for the sake of this world is deprived [of it].

107ـ مَنْ لا إخوانَ لَهُ لا أهلَ لَهُ.

108. One who has no brothers has no kin.

108ـ مَنْ ناقَشَ الإخوانَ قَلَّ صَديقُهُ.

109. One who [always] argues with his brothers has few friends.

109ـ مَنْ فَقَدَ أخاً في اللّهِ فَكَأنَّما فَقدَ أشْرَف أعضائهِ.

110. He who loses the one who was his brother for the sake of Allah, it is as if he has lost the most important organ of his body.

110ـ مَنْ كانَ ذا حِفاظ ووَفاء لَمْ يَعدَم ْحُسْنُ الإخاءِ.

111. One who preserves [that which is entrusted to him] and is loyal will not be deprived of the benefit of brotherhood.

111ـ مِنْ عَجْزِ الرِّأيِ إسْتِفْسادُ الإخْوانِ.

112. It is from weak personal judgment to break ties with one’s brothers.

112ـ ما أكثَرَ الإخوانَ عِندَ الجِفانِ وأقَلَّهُمْ عِندَ حادِثاتِ الزَّمانِ.

113. How numerous are friends during times of prosperity and how few they are during the difficult times!

113ـ ما تَواخى قَوْمٌ على غَيرِ ذاتِ اللّه سُبْحانَهُ إلاّ كانَتْ اُخُوَّتُهُمْ علَيْهِم تِرَةً يَوْمَ العَرْضِ علَى اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

114. No community has established brotherhood for other than seeking the pleasure of Allah, the Glorified, but that their brotherhood will be counted as a sin against them on the day when the deeds are presented to Allah, the Glorified.

114ـ مَوتُ الأخِ قَصُّ الجَناحِ واليَدِ.

115. Death of a brother is like having wings clipped and hands cut.

115ـ نِظامُ المُرُوَّةِ حُسْنُ الاُخُوَّةِ، ونِظامُ الدّينِ حُسنُ اليَقينِ.

116. The order of humanity is based on righteous brotherhood and the order of religion is based on unshakable certainty.

116ـ لاتَصْرِمْأخاكَ علَى ارْتياب، ولاتَهْجُرهُ بَعدَ اسْتِعتاب.

117. Do not sever ties with your brother because of some doubt that you have, and do not abandon him after he has sought [your] pardon.

117ـ لاتُضَيِّعَنَّ حَقَّ أخيكَ اتِّكالاً على ما بَينَكَ وبَينَهُ فَليسَ لَكَ بأخ مَنْ أضَعْتَ حَقَّهُ.

118. Do not neglect the rights of your brother out of confidence in your close relationship with him, for he whose rights you neglect is not your brother.

118ـ لاتُواخِ مَنْ يَستُرُ مَناقِبَكَ ويَنْشُرُ مثالِبَكَ.

119. Do not take as a brother one who hides your positive traits and exposes your shortcomings.

119ـ لاتَطْلُبَنَّ الإخاءَ عِندَ أهْلِ الجَفاءِ واطلُبْهُ عِندَ أهلِ الحِفاظِ والوَفاءِ.

120. Do not seek brotherhood [and friendship] among the uncouth people, rather seek it among the trustworthy and loyal people.

120ـ لا خَيرَ فيمَنْ يَهْجُرُ أخاهُ مِنْ غيرِ جُرم.

121. There is no good in the one who abandons his brother without [him committing] any offence.

121ـ لاخيرَ في أخ لايُوجِبُ لَكَ مِثلَ الَّذي يُوجبُ لِنَفْسِهِ.

122. There is no good in the brother who does not enjoin on you what he enjoins on himself.

122ـ يُغْتَنَمُ مُؤاخاةُ الأخيارِ، ويُجّتَنَبُ مُصاحَبَةُ الأشرارِ والفُجَّارِ.

123. The brotherhood of the righteous is to be considered beneficial whereas association with the wicked and sinful is to be avoided.

123ـ إيّاكَ ومُصادَقَةَ الكَذَّابِ، فإنّهُ يُقَرِّبُ عَلَيكَ الْبَعيدَ، ويُبَعِّدُ علَيكَ القَريبَ.

124. Be careful not to accept the words of a liar, for he will bring close to you that which is far and take far away from you that which is close.

124ـ إيّاك أنْ تُخرِجَ صَديقَكَ إخراجاً يُخرِجُهُ عَنْ مَودَّتِكَ وَاستَبْقِ لَهُ مِنْ اُنْسِكَ مَوْضِعاً يَثِقُ بالرُّجوعِ إليهِ.

125. Be careful not to drive away your friend in a way that removes all the affection he has for you, and leave some room from your friendship for him so that he may rely on returning back to it.

125ـإيّاكَ أنْ تُوحِشَ مُوادَّكَ وَحْشةً تُفضي بهِ إلى اختيارِهِ البُعدَ عَنْكَ، وَإيثارِ الفُرْقَةِ.

126. Be careful not to alienate the one who has affection for you in such a manner that he opts to distance himself and prefers to separate himself from you.

126ـ إيّاكَ وصُحبَةَ مَنْ ألهاكَ، وأغراكَ، فإنّهُ يَخْذُلُكَ ويُوبِقُكَ.

127. Be careful not to associate with the one who makes you negligent and deceives you, for he will surely forsake you and destroy you.

127ـ إيّاكَ ومُصاحَبَةَ أهلِ الفُسُوقِ، فإنّ الرَّاضيَ بِفِعْلِ قَوْم كالدَّاخِلِ مَعَهُمْ.

128. Be careful not to associate with the sinners, for verily one who is pleased with the actions of a group is like one of them.

128ـ إيّاكُمْ ومُصادَقَةَ الفاجِرِ، فإنّهُ يَبيعُ مُصادِقَهُ بِالتَّافِهِ المُحتَقَرِ.

129. Be careful not to befriend a wicked person, for he would surely sell his friendship for the most worthless of things.

129ـ أكثَرُ الصَّلاحِ والصَّوابِ في صُحبَةِ اُولِي النُّهى والألبابِ.

130. It is better and more appropriate to associate with people of wisdom and intelligence.

130ـ أحسَنُ الشِّيَمِ إكْرامُ المُصاحِبِ، وَإسْعافُ الطَّالِبِ.

131. The best habits are honouring one’s companion and assisting one who seeks help.

131ـ أشرَفُ الشِّيَمِ رِعايَةُ الوُدِّ، وأحسَنُ الهِمَمِ إنجازُ الوَعدِ.

132. The noblest of traits is guarding one’s friendship and the best of endeavours is fulfilling one’s promise.

132ـ مَنْ دَعاكَ إلى الدَّارِ الباقيةِ، وأعانَكَ علَى العَمَلِ لَها، فَهُوَ الصَّديقُ الشَّفيقُ.

133. Whoever invites you to the Eternal Abode and assists you to work for it, then he is the true, caring friend.

133ـ الرَّفيقُ في دُنياهُ كالرَّفيقِ في دينهِِ.

134. The friend in one’s worldly life is like the friend in his faith.

134ـ سَلِ (عنِ) الرَّفيقَِ قَبْلَ الطَّريقِ.

135. Inquire about the companion [on the journey] before the route.

135ـ لايَحُولُ الصَّديقُ الصَّدُوقُ عَنِ المَودَّةِ وإنْ جُفِىَ.

136. The true friend will not turn away from his friendship even if he is treated harshly.

136ـ إحمِلْ نَفْسَكَ معَ أخِيكَ عِندَ صَرْمِهِ علَى الصِّلَةِ وعندَ صُدُودهِ علَى اللُّطْفِ والمُقارَبَةِ، وعندَ تَباعُدِهِ علَى الدُنُوِّ، وعندَ جُرمِهِ علَى العُذرِ حتّى كأنّكَ لَهُ عبدٌ، وكأنّهُ ذُو نِعمَة عَلَيكَ، وإيّاكَ أنْ تَضَعَ ذلكَ في غيرِ مَوْضِعهِِ، أو تَفْعَلَهُ معَ غيرِ أهْلِهِ.

137. Bring yourself to build ties with your brother when he cuts you off, and to be kind and seek closeness [to him] when he turns away from you, and to be near to him when he distances himself from you, and to assume that he has an excuse when he does something wrong to you – to the extent that you are like his servant, and as if he has done some great favor upon you. Beware however, not to do this where it is not befitting or with someone who is not worthy of it.

137ـ إمحَضْ أخاكَ النَّصِيحَةَ حسَنَةً كانَتْ أو(أم) قَبيحَةً.

138. Be sincere in giving your brother advice whether [he finds it] courteous or offensive.

138ـ إحمِلْ نَفْسكَ عِندَ شِدَّةِ أخيكَ علَى اللّينِ، وعِندَ قَطيعتهِ علَى الوَصلِ، وعِندَ جُمودِهِ علَى البَذلِ، وكُنْ للَّذي يَبدُو مِنْهُ حَمُولاً وَلَهُ وَصوُلاً.

139. Bring yourself to be polite to your brother when he is harsh to you, and to build ties [with him] when he cuts you off, and to be generous [with him] when he is niggardly, and tolerate what he does and keep relations with him.

139ـ إخْتَرْمِنْ كُلِّ شَيْء جَديدَهُ، ومِنَ الإخوانِ أقدَمَهَمْ.

140. Choose the new of everything but the oldest one from among your brothers.

140ـ إجْتَنِبْ مُصاحِبَةَ الكَذَّابِ، فإنِ اضْطُرِرْتَ إلَيهِ فلا تُصَدِّقْهُ، ولا تُعلِمْهُ أنّكَ تُـكَذِّبُهُ، فإنّه يَنْتَقِلُ عَنْ وُدِّكَ ولا يَنْتَقِلُ عَنْ طَبْعِهِ.

141. Avoid the company of a liar, but if you are forced to be in his company then do not accept his words as true, and do not let him know that you belie him, for he will readily turn away from your friendship rather than abandoning his habit [of lying].

141ـ اُبْذُل لِصَديقِكَ كُلَّ المَودَّةِ، ولا تَبْذُلْ لَهُ كُلَّ الطُّمَأنينةِ وأعْطِهِ مِنْ نَفْسِكَ كُلَّ المُواساةِ، ولا تَقُصَّ إلَيهِ بِكُلِّ أسرارِكَ.

142. Spare no effort in showing affection to your friend, but do not put your entire trust in him; give him all your support, but do not disclose all your secrets to him.

142ـ فَقْدُ الإخوانِ مُوهى الجَلَدِ.

143. The loss of one’s brothers weakens one’s fortitude.

143ـ لَيْسَ لَكَ بأخ، مَنِاحْتَجْتَ إلى مُداراتِهِ.

144. He whom you need to indulge is not your [true] brother.

144ـ لَيسَ بِرَفيق مَحمُودِ الطَّريقَةِ مَنْ أحوَجَ صاحِبَهُ إلى مُماراتِهِ.

145. He who forces his companion to argue with him is not a comrade with praiseworthy traits.

145ـ لَيسَ لَكَ بأخ مَنْ أحوَجَكَ إلى حاكِم بينَكَ وبينَهُ.

146. He who makes it necessary for you to get a judge to adjudicate between yourself and him is not your brother.

146ـ جَمالُ الاُخُوَّةِ إحسانُ العِشْرَةِ، والمُواساةُ معَ العُسْرَةِ.

147. The embellishment of brotherhood is good companionship and [giving] support despite [financial] difficulty.

147ـ حُسْنُ الإخاءِ يُجْزِلُ الأجرَ ويُجمِلُ الثَّناءَ.

148. Good brotherhood increases reward and beautifies praise.

148ـ خَيرُ الإخوانِ أقَلُّهُمْ مُصانَعَةً في النَّصيحَةِ.

149. The best of brothers are the least hypocritical in giving good advice.

149ـ خَيرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ لا يُحْوِجُ إخوانَهُ إلى سِواهُ.

150. The best of brothers is the one who makes it unnecessary for his brother to seek from anyone other than him.

150ـ خَيرُ إخْوانِكَ مَنْ عَنَّفَكَ في طاعَةِ اللّهِ.

151. The best of your brothers is the one who is stern with you regarding obedience to Allah.

151ـ خَيرُ إخوانِكَ مَنْ واساكَ، وخيرٌ مِنْهُ مَنْ كَفاكَ، وإنِاحْتاجَ إلَيكَ أعفاكَ.

152. The best of your brothers is the one who supports you, and better than him is the one who suffices for you, and when he needs you, he excuses you [if you are unable to assist him].

152ـ خَيرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ لَمْ يَكُنْ على إخوانِهِ مُسْتَقْصياً.

153. The best of brothers is one who does not scrutinize his brothers.

153ـ خَيرُ إخوانِكَ مَنْ كَثُرَ إغضابُهُ لَكَ في الحقِّ.

154. The best of your brothers is the one whose anger at you increases in matters pertaining to the truth.

154ـ اَلصَّديقُ أفْضَلُ الذُخرَينِ.

155. A friend is the better of the two resources.

155ـ اَلصَّدِيقُ أفضلُ العُدَّتَينِ.

156. A friend is the better of the two assets.

156ـ اَلصَّديقُ أفضلُ عُدَّة وأبقى مَوَدَّةً.

157. A friend is a better asset and is more lasting in fondness.

157ـ الصَّديقُ إنسانٌ هُوَ أنتَ إلاّ أنّهُ غيْرُكَ.

158. A friend is a person who is ‘you’ except that he is other than you.

158ـ اَلصَّديقُ الصَّدوُقُ مَنْ نَصَحَكَ في عَيبكَ وحَفِظَكَ في غَيبِكَ وَآثرَكَ على نَفْسِهِ.

159. The truthful friend is one who advises you of your faults protects your dignity in your absence and gives you preference over himself.

159ـ الحازمُ مَنْ تَخيَّرَ لِخُلَّتِهِ فإنَّ المَرْءَ يُوزَنُ بخَلِيلِهِ.

160. The wise person is one who selects his friend carefully, for a man is gauged by his friend.

160ـ اَلأصدِقاءُ نَفسٌ واحِدَةٌ في جُسُومِ مُتفَرِّقَة.

161. Friends are one soul in different bodies.

161ـ الصَّديقُ مَنْ كانَ ناهِياً عَنِ الظُّلمِ والعُدْوانِ مُعيناً علَى البِرِّ وَالإحسان ِ.

162. The [true] friend is he who forbids [one from] injustice and wrongdoing while helping [one] to perform good deeds and be righteous.

162ـ إصحَبْ مَنْ لا تَراهُ إلاّ وكَأنّهُ لاغَناءَ بِهِ عَنْكَ، وإنْ أسَأتَ إلَيهِ أحسَنَ إلَيكَ وكَأنّهُ المُسيءُ.

163. Keep the company of one whom you find cannot do without you, and if you do something bad to him he responds with good, as if he was the one at fault.

163ـ مَنْ لا (أخا) إخاءَ لَهُ لا خَيرَ فيهِ.

164. One who has no brother (or brotherhood) has no goodness in him.

164ـ مَنْ جانَبَ الإخْوانَ على كُلِّ ذَنْب قَلَّ أصدِقاؤُهُ.

165. One who turns away from his brothers because of every [small] misdeed will have few friends.

165ـ مَنِاسْتَفْسَدَ صَديقَهُ نَقَصَ مِنْ عَدَدِهِ.

166. One who spoils [his relationship with] his friend has reduced his own number.

166ـ مَنْ صَحِبَ الأشرارَ لَمْ يَسْلَمْ.

167. One who accompanies evildoers will not be safe [from them].

167ـ مَنِاهْتَمَّ بِكَ فَهُوَ صَديقُكَ.

168. Whoever is concerned about you, then he is your [true] friend.

168ـ مَنْ أحْسَنَ المُصاحَبَةَ كثُرَ أصحابُهُ.

169. One whose company is good will have many companions.

169ـ مَنْ جالَسَ الجُهّالَ فَلْيَستَعِدَّ لِلْقيلِ والقالِ.

170. One who sits in the company of the ignorant should be prepared for fruitless talk and gossip.

170ـ مَنْ لَمْ يَتَعاهَدْ مُوادِدَهُ فَقَدْضَيَّعَ الصَّديقَ.

171. One who does not attend to the needs of the one who shows friendship towards him has lost a friend.

171ـ مَنِاسْتَقْصى على صَديقِهِ انْقطَعَتْ مَوَدَّتُهُ.

172. One who demands too much from his friend will sever his friendship.

172ـ مَنِ اسْتَخَفَّ بِمُوالِيهِ اسْتَثقَلَ وَطْأةَ مُعاديهِ.

173. One who takes his [relationship with his] allies lightly will find the overrunning of his enemies to be heavy.

173ـ علَى التَّواخي في اللّهِ تَخْلُصُ المَحَبَّةُ.

174. It is through brotherhood for the sake of Allah that love becomes sincere.

174 ـ عِندَ نُزُولِ الشَّدائدِ يُجَرَّبُ حِفاظُ الإخوانِ.

175. It is in times of tribulation that the protection of brethren is put to test.

175ـ عِندَ زَوالِ القُدْرَةِ يَتَبَيَّنُ الصَّديقُ مِنَ العَدُوِّ.

176. It is when power is lost that friend is distinguished from foe.

176ـ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ يَرْغَبُ في التَّكثُّرِ مِنَ الأصحابِ كَيفَ لايَصحَبُ العُلَماءَ الألِبَّاءَ الأتقياءَ الَّذينَ يَغنَمُ فَضائِلَهُمْ وتَهْديهِ عُلُومُهُمْ وتُزَّينُهُ صُحبَتُهُمْ.

177. I am amazed at the one who seeks more companions why does he not accompany the wise, pious scholars from whose character he can benefit and from whose knowledge he can get guidance and whose company is an embellishment for him!

177ـ في كُلِّ صُحْبَة اخْتيارٌ.

178. In every companionship there is choice.

178ـ في الشِّدَّةِ يُخْتَبَرُ الصَّديقُ.

179. In times of difficulty one comes to know who his [true] friend is.

179ـ في الضّيقِ يَتَبيَّنُ حُسْنُ مُواساةِ الرَّفيقِ.

180. It is in times of [financial] difficulty that the value of a friend’s generosity becomes apparent.

180ـ في حُسنِ المُصاحَبَةِ يَرْغَبُ الرِّفاقُ.

181. Good companionship is something friends wish for.

181ـ إيّاكَ أنْ تَغفُلَ عَنْ حقِّ أخيكَ، اتِّكالاً على واجبِ حَقِّكَ عَليهِ، فإنَّ لأخيكَ علَيكَ مِنَ الحقِّ مِثلَ الَّذي لَكَ عَلَيهِ.

182. Be careful not to become negligent of your brother’s right [over you] while counting on your right over him, for indeed your brother has the same right over you that you have over him.

182ـ إيّاكَ أنْ تُهْمِلَ حقَّ أخيكَ اتِّكالاً عَلى ما بَينَكَ وبَيْنَهُ فَلَيسَ لَكَ بأخ مَنْ أضَعْتَ حَقَّهُ.

183. Be careful not to ignore the right of your brother while relying on the bond between you and him, for he whose right you overlook is not your brother.

183ـ أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ ثِقاتُ الإخوانِ.

184. The best assets are reliable brothers.

184ـ أفضَلُ الْعُدَدِ أخٌ وَفيٌّ وشَقيقٌّ زَكيُّ.

185. The best of assets are a loyal brother and a righteous sibling.

185ـأصْدَقُ الإخْوانِ مَوَدَّةً أفْضَلُهُمْ لإخوانِهِ في السَّرّاءِ والضَّرّاءِ مُواساةً.

186. The brother whose friendship is strongest is one who is most supportive of his brother [both] in times of ease and difficulty.

186ـ أبْعدُ النَّاسِ سَفَراً مَنْ كانَ سَفَرُهُ في ابْتِغاءِ أخ صالِح.

187. The one who journeys in search of a righteous brother journeys the farthest.

187ـإنَّ أخاكَ حقَّاً مَنْ غَفَرَ زلَّتَكَ، وَسَدَّ خَلَّتَكَ وقَبِلَ عُذْرَكَ، وسَتَرَ عَوْرتَكَ، ونَفى وَجَلَكَ، وحَقَّقَ أمَلَكَ.

188. Your true brother is one who forgives your mistake, fulfils your need, accepts your excuse, hides your [hidden] flaw, removes your apprehension and actualizes your hope.

188ـ لا تَصْحَبْ مَنْ فاتَهُ العَقلُ، ولاتَصْطَنِعْ مَنْ خانَهُ الأصلُ، فإنَّ مَنْ لا عَقلَ لَهُ يَضُرُّكَ مِنْ حيثُ يَرى أنَّه يَنْفَعُكَ، وَمَنْ لا أصلَ لَهُ يُسيءُ إلى مَنْ يُحْسِنُ إلَيهِ.

189. Do not accompany the one who has lost his mind and do not seek good from one who is betrayed by his roots, for the one who is insane will harm you while he thinks he is helping you and the one who does not have [virtuous] roots will do evil to the one who does good to him.

189ـ تَصْحَبْ إلاَّ عاقِلاً تَقِيّاً، ولا تُعاشِرْ إلاّ عالِماً زَكيّاً، ولاتُودِعْ سِرَّكَ إلاّ مُؤمِناً وَفيّاً.

190. Do not accompany anyone but the intelligent and pious; and do not associate with anyone but the knowledgeable and righteous; and do not mention your secret to anyone but the trustworthy and loyal.

190ـ لا تَصْحَبْ مَنْ يَحفَظُ مَساوِيَكَ، ويَنْسى فَضائلَكَ وَمعالِيَكَ.

191. Do not accompany one who recalls your misdeeds and forgets your virtues and merits.

191ـ لا تَحْلُومُصاحَبَةُ غَيْرِ أريب.

192. The companionship of the unintelligent is not enjoyable.

192ـ لايَصْحَبُ الأبرارَ إلاّ نُظَراؤُهُمْ.

193. None accompany the virtuous except those who are like them.

193ـ لايَأمَنُ مُجالِسُوا الأشرارِ غوائِلَ البَلاءِ.

194. Those who sit in the company of the wicked are not safe from the calamities of tribulation.

194ـ لإخوانُ جَلاءُ الهُمُومِ والأحزانِ.

195. Brothers are eliminators of grief and sorrow.

195ـ أطِعْ أخاكَ وإنْ عَصاكَ، وَصِلْهُ وإنْ جَفاكَ.

196. Obey your brother even if he disobeys you, and establish ties with him even if he shuns you.

196ـ إصْحَبْ أخاَ التُّقى والدّينِ تَسْلَمْ، وأسْتَرشدْهُ تَغْنَمْ.

197. Keep yourself in the company of a virtuous and pious brother and you will remain safe, seek advice from him and you will benefit.

197ـ أحْبِبْ في اللّهِ مَنْ يُجاهِدُكَ على صَلاحِ دين، ويُكْسِيكَ(يُكْسِبُكَ) حُسنَ يَقين.

198. Love for the sake of Allah the one who struggles against you for the betterment of [your] religion and covers you with the mantle of certitude.

198ـ إرْفَقْ بِإخْوانِكَ، وَاكْفِهِمْ غَربَ لِسانِكَ، وأجْرِ عَلَيْهِمْ سَيْبَ إحسانِكَ.

199. Be courteous to your brothers and don’t expose them to the harshness of your tongue; and let your goodness flow forth for them.

199ـ اُبْذُلْ لِصَديقِكَ نُصْحَكَ، ولِمَعارِفِكَ مَعُونَتـَكَ، ولِكافَّةِ النَّاسِ بِشْرَكَ.

200. Offer your advice to your friend, your assistance to your acquaintance, and to all the people, your cheerfulness.

200ـ إحْذَرْ مُصاحَبَةَ كُلِّ مَنْ يُقْبَلُ رَأيُهُ، ويُنكَرُ عَمَلُهُ، فإنَّ الصّاحِبَ مُعْتَبَرٌ بِصاحِبِهِ.

201. Be cautious of the company of one whose opinion is accepted but whose actions are evil, for surely a person is judged by the company he keeps.

201ـ إحْذَر مُجالِسَةَ قَرينِ السَّوءِ فَإنَّهُ يُهْلِكُ مُقارِنَهُ، ويُرْدي مُصاحِبَهُ.

202. Be careful not to associate with an evil colleague, for his association will destroy you and his companionship will ruin you.

202ـ لا تُؤثِرْ دَنِيّاً عَلى شَريف.

203. Do not give preference to an ignoble person over a noble one.

203ـ لا تَصْحَبَنَّ مَنْ لا عَقْلَ لَهُ.

204. Never associate with one who has no intelligence.

204ـ لا تَصْحَبِ المائِقَ فَيُزَيِّنَ لَكَ فِعْلَهُ، ويَوَدَّ أنّكَ مِثْلُهُ.

205. Do not associate with a fool, for he will embellish his actions for you and want you to become like him.

205ـ لاتَصْحَبَنَّ أبْناءَ الدُّنيا فإنّكَ إنْ أقْلَلْتَ إسْتَثْقَلُوكَ وإنْ أكْثَرتَ حَسَدُوكَ.

206. Do not associate with those who love this world, for if you have less they will disregard you and if you have more they will envy you.

206ـ لا تُكْثِرَنَّ صُحْبَةَ اللَّئيمِ، فإنَّهُ إنْ صَحِبَتْكَ نِعْمَةٌ حَسَدَكَ، وإنْ طرَقَتْكَ نائِبَةٌ قَذَفَكَ.

207. Do not frequent the company of a wicked person, for if you are bestowed with a blessing, he will envy you and if a misfortune befalls you, he will abandon you.

207ـ لا تَسْتَكْثِرَنَّ مِنْ إخوانِ الدُّنيا، فَإنَّكَ إنْ عَجَزْتَ عَنْهُمْ تَحَوَّلُوا أعداءً، وإنَّ مَثَلَهُمْ كَمَثَلِ النَّارِ كَثيرُها يُحرِقُ وقليلُها يَنْفَعُ.

208. Do not acquire more ‘worldly’ brothers, for if you become incapable of fulfilling their wishes they turn into enemies; and their example is like the example of fire – a lot of it burns and a little of it benefits.

208ـ كُنْ بِالوَحْدَةِ آنَسَ مِنكَ بِقُرَناءِ السُّوءِ.

209. Take comfort for yourself in solitude rather than bad company.

209ـ كُنْ بِعَدُوِّكَ العاقِلِ أوثَقَ مِنْكَ بِصَديقِكَ الجاهِلِ

210. Be more confident of your intelligent foe than your ignorant friend.

210ـ كُلَّما طالَتِ الصُّحْبَةُ تَأكَّدتِ الحُرْمَةُ.

211. Whenever the companionship prolongs, the [mutual] respect is affirmed.

211ـ لِكُلِّ شَيْء آفَةٌ وآفَةُ الْخَيْرِ (الخَيِّرِ) قَرينُ السُّوءِ.

212. For everything there is a bane and the bane of a good person is bad company.

212ـ لِكُلِّ شَيْء نَكَدٌ ونَكَدُ العُمرِ مُقارَنَةُ العَدُوِّ.

213. For everything there is a vexation and the vexation of your lifetime is [being in] the company of an enemy.

213ـ لَيْسَ مَنْ خالَطَ الأشرارَ بِذي مَعْقُول.

214. One who mingles with the wicked is not intelligent.

214ـ لَيْسَ شَيْءٌ أدْعى لِخَير وأنْجى مِنْ شَرّ مِنْ صُحْبَةِ الأخيارِ.

215. There is nothing that brings one closer to good and keeps one safer from evil than keeping company with the righteous.

215ـ مَنْ صاحبَ العُقَلاءَ وُقِّرَ.

216. One who accompanies the wise is respected.

216ـ إحْذَرْ مُصاحَبَةَ الفُسَّاقِ والفُجَّارِ والمُجاهِرينَ بِمَعاصِى اللّهِ.

217. Be careful not to accompany the immoral, the wretched, and those who openly disobey the commandments of Allah.

217ـ إحْذَرْ مُجالِسَةَ الجاهِلِ، كما تَأمَنُ مِنْ مُصاحَبَةِ العاقلِ.

218. Be just as wary of sitting in the company of the ignorant, as you would be at ease in the company of the intelligent.

218ـ إيّاكَ ومُصاحَبَةَ الفُسَّاقِ، فإنَّ الشّرَّ بالشّـرِّ يَلْحَقُ.

219. Be careful not to remain in the company of the immoral, for surely evil clings to evil.

219ـ إيّاكَ أنْ تُخْدَعَ عَنْ صَديقِكَ، أو تُغْلَبَ عَنْ عَدُوِّكَ.

220. Be careful not to be cheated by your friend or to be overcome by your foe.

220ـ إيّاكَ ومُصادَقَةَ الأحْمَقِ، فَإنَّهُ يُريدُ أنْ يَنْفَعَكَ فَيَضُـَّركَ.

221. Be careful not to befriend a fool, for he will harm you while trying to benefit you.

221ـ إيّاكَ ومُصادَقَةَ البَخيلِ، فإنَّهُ يَقْعُدُ عَنْكَ (بِكَ) أحوَجَ ما تَـكوُنُ إلَيهِ.

222. Be careful not to befriend a miser, for he will hold back [from assisting you] when you are most in need of him.

222ـ إيّاكَ ومُصاحَبَةَ الأشْرارِ، فَإنَّهُمْ يَمُنُّونَ عَلَيْكَ بِالسَّلامَةِ مِنْهُمْ.

223. Be careful not to accompany the wicked, for they consider it a favour upon you to keep you safe from themselves.

223ـ أخُوكَ مُواسيكَ في الشِّدَةِ.

224. Your brother is your supporter in times of difficulty.

224ـ إنْ اَرَدْتَ قَطيعَةَ أخيكَ فَاسْتَبْقِ لَهُ مِنْ نَفْسِكَ بَقِيَّةً يَرْجِعُ إلَيْها إنْ بَدا لَهُ ذلِكَ يَوْماًما.

225. If you want to cut off ties with your brother [in faith] then leave some of your friendship for him, so that he may return to it someday if he so wishes.

225ـ َقدِّمِ الإخْتبارَ وأجِدِ الإسْتِظْهارَ فِي اخْتيارِ الإخوانِ وإلاّ ألْجَأكَ الإضطرارُ إلى مُقارَنَةِ الأشرارِ.

226. Before choosing a friend, assess him and try hard to find out about him, otherwise you will be forced by necessity to associate with the wicked.

226ـ كَفى بِالصُّحْبَةِ إخْتِبارَاً.

227. Accompanying a person [for some time] is sufficient to evaluate him.

227ـ إنِ اسْتَنَمْتَ إلى وَدُودِكَ فَأحْرِزْ لَهُ مِنْ أمْرِكَ واستَبْقِ لهُ مِنْ سِـِّركَ مالَعَلَّكَ أنْ تَنْدِمَ عَلَيْهِ وَقتاً ما.

228. [Even] if you have gained confidence and trust in your close friend, safeguard some of your affairs and conceal some of your secrets [from him], for it is possible that you may regret [revealing them] at some time [in the future].

228ـ إذا تَأكَّدَ الإخاءُ سَمُجَ الثَّناءُ.

229. As the bond of brotherhood strengthens, compliments become distasteful.

229ـ إذا آخَيْتَ فَأكْرِمْ حقَّ الإخاءِ.

230. When you [decide to] establish the bond of brotherhood, then honour the right of brotherhood.

230ـ إذا وَثِقْتَ بِمَودَّةِ أخيكَ فَلا تُبالِ مَتى لَقيتَهُ ولَقِيَكَ.

231. If you are certain of the affection of your brother then don’t be concerned [about what transpires] when you meet him or he meets you.

231ـ مَنِاتَّخَذَ أخَاً بَعدَ حُسنِ الإختبارِ دامَتْ صُحبَتُهُ وتَأكَّدَتْ مَوَدَّتُهُ.

232. One who takes a brother after successfully evaluating him, his companionship will last longer and his bond will be more firmly established.

232ـ مَنْ لَم يُقَدِّمْ فِي اتّخاذِ الإخوانِ الاعتِبارَ دَفَعَهُ الاغتِرارُ إلى صُحْبَةِ الفُجَّارِ.

233. One who does not investigate before he takes a brother will be misled to association with

the depraved.

233ـ مَنِاتَّخذَ أخَاً مِنْ غيرِ اختِبار ألجَأهُ الاضطرارُ إلى مُرافَقَةِ الأشرارِ.

234. One who takes a brother without evaluation will be forced by necessity to associate with the wicked.

234ـ اَلإخْوانُ في اللّه تعالى تَدُومُ مَوَّدَتُهُمْ لِدَوامِ سَبَبِها.

235. The amity between those who are brothers for the sake of Allah endures because of its firm foundation.

235ـ إخوانُ الصِّدقِ زينَةٌ في السَّرّاءِ وعُدَّةٌ في الضَّرّاءِ.

236. True brotherhood is an embellishment in times of ease and a provision in times of difficulty.

236ـ اَلأخُ المُكْتَسَبُ في اللّهِ أقْرَبُ الأقْرِباءِ وأحَمُّ مِنَ الأُمَّهاتِ والآباءِ.

237. The brother acquired for the sake of Allah is the nearest of relations – even closer than mothers and fathers.

237ـ أخُوكَ في اللّهِ مَنْ هَداكَ إلى رَشاد، ونَهاكَ عَنْ فَساد، وأعانَكَ إلى إصلاحِ معاد.

238. Your brother for the sake of Allah is one who guides you towards rectitude, forbids you from corruption and assists you to improve your Hereafter.

238ـ أخُوكَ الصَّديقُ مَنْ وَقاكَ بِنَفْسِهِ، وآثَرَكَ على مالِهِ ووَلدِهِ، وَعِرْسِهِ.

239. Your true friend and brother is the one who protects you with his life, and prefers you over his wealth, his children and his spouse.

239ـ قَليلٌمِنَ الإخْوانِ مَنْ يُنْصِفُ.

240. It is only a few of the brothers who are fair.

240ـ قَرينُ السُّوءِ شَـرُّ قَرين وداءُ اللُّؤْمِ داءٌ دفينٌ.

241. An evil companion is the worst of companions; and the disease of ignobility is a concealed disease.

241ـ قارِنْ أهلَ الخَيرِ تَكُنْ مِنْهُمْ، وبايِنْ أهْلَ الشَّـرِّ تَبِنْ عَنْهُمْ.

242. Accompany the virtuous and you will become one of them; separate yourself from the evil people and you will be dissociated from them.

242ـ قَدِّمِ الاختبارَ فِي اتِّخاذِ الإخوانِ، فإنَّ الاختِبارَ مِعيارٌ يَفْرُقُ بَيْنَ الأخيارِ والأشرارِ.

243. Be sure to investigate before taking anyone as your brother, for assessment is the gauge that distinguishes the virtuous from the wicked.

243ـ مَنْ رَفِقَ بِمُصاحِبِهِ وافَقَهُ، ومَنْ أعنَفَ بِهِ أخْرَجَهُ وفارَقَهُ.

244. One who is courteous to his companion will gain his acceptance, and one who is harsh to him will drive him away and get separated from him.

244ـ مَنْ لَمْ يَرْضَ مِنْ صَديقِهِ إلاّ بِإيثارِهِ على نَفْسِهِ دامَ سَخَطُهُ.

245. One who is not pleased with his friend except when he prefers him over himself, will always be resentful.

245ـ مَنْ كانَتْ صُحْبَتُهُ في اللّهِ كانَتْ صُحْبَتُهُ كَريمَةً ومَوَدَّتُهُ مُسْتَقيمَةً.

246. One whose companionship is for the sake of Allah, his companionship is honourable and his friendship is upright.

246ـ مَنْ لَمْ تَكُنْ مَوَدَّتُهُ فِي اللّهِ فَاحْذَرْهُ، فَإنَّ مَوَّدَتَهُ لَئيمَةٌ وصُحْبَتَهُ مَشُومَةٌ.

247. Be careful of the one whose friendship is not for the sake of Allah, for his friendship is wicked and his company is doomed.

247ـ مَنْ لَم يَصْحَبْكَ مُعيناً عَلى نَفْسِكَ فَصُحْبَتُهُ وَبالٌ عَليْكَ إنْ عَلِمتَ.

248. One who does not assist you by [his] accompanying you, then his company is [actually] a burden on you, if [only] you knew.

248ـ مَنْ لَمْ يَحْتَمِلْ زَلَلَ الصَّديقِ ماتَ وحيداً.

249. One who does not overlook the mistakes of his friend will die lonely.

249ـ مَنْ طَلَبَ صَديقَ صِدْق وَفيّاً طَلَبَ ما لا يُوجَدُ.

250. One who seeks a truly loyal friend, seeks that which cannot be found.

250ـ مَنْ دَنَتْ هِمَّتُهُ فلا تَصْحَبْهُ.

251. Do not accompany the one who lacks determination.

251ـ مَنْ لَمْ تَنْفَعْكَ صَداقَتُهُ ضَرَّتْكَ عَداوَتُهُ.

252. One whose friendship does not benefit you, his enmity will harm you.

252ـ مَنْ لَم يَنْصَحْكَ في صَداقَتِِهِ فَلا تُعَذِّرْهُ.

253. Do not excuse one who is insincere in his friendship with you.

253ـ مِنْ شَرائطِ الإيمانِ حُسْنُ مُصاحَبَةِ الإخوانِ.

254. One of the conditions of faith is [having] good companionship with one’s brothers.

254ـ مِنْ عَدَمِ العَقلِ مُصاحَبَةُ ذَوي الجَهلِ.

255. Associating with the ignorant stems from lack of intelligence.

255ـ لا تَتَّخِذَنَّ عَدُوَّ صَديقِكَ صَديقاً فَتُعاديَ صَديقَكَ

256. Never take your friend’s enemy as your friend, thereby making an enemy out of your friend.

256ـ لا عَيْشَ لِمَنْ فارَقَ أحِبَّـتَهُ.

257. There is no life for one who is separated from those whom he loves.

257ـ لا خَيْرَ في صَديق ضَنين(ظَنين).

258. There is no good in a stingy (or suspicious) friend.

258ـ لا يَكُونُ الصَّديقُ صَديقاً حتّى يَحْفَظَ أخاهُ في غَيْبَتِهِ ونَكْبَتهِ وَوَفاتِهِ.

259. A friend is not truly a friend unless he protects his brother in his absence, his misfortune and his death.

259ـ لاتَقْطَعْ صَديقاً وإنْ كَفَرَ.

260. Do not break off ties with a friend, even if he is ungrateful.

260ـ لاتَثِقْ بالصَّديقِ قَبْلَ الخُبْرَةِ.

261. Do not trust in a friend before testing him.

261ـ لاتَعُدَّنََّّ صَديقاً مَنْ لا يُواسي بِمالِهِ.

262. Do not count one who does not support [you] with his wealth as a friend.

262ـ لاتَأمَنْ صَديقَكَ حتّى تَخْتَبِرَهُ وكُنْ مِنْ عَدُوِّكَ على أشَدِّ الحَذَرِ.

263. Do not rely on your friend until you have tested him, and be extremely cautious of your enemy.

263ـ مَنْ أحسنَ مُصاحَبَةَ الإخْوانِ اسْتدامَ مِنْهُمُ الوُصْلَةَ.

264. One who keeps good ties [and company] with his brothers makes their bond [with him] last longer.

264ـ مَنْ بَصَّـَركَ عَيْبَكَ وحَفِظَكَ في غَيْبِكَ فَهُوَ الصَّديقُ فَاحفَظْهُ.

265. One who points out your faults to you and defends you in your absence, then he is your true friend, so protect him.

265ـ مَنْ لا صَديقَ لَهُ لا ذُخْرَ لَهُ.

266. One who has no friend has no provision.

266ـ مَنْ دَعاكَ إلى الدَّارِ الباقِيَةِ وأعانَكَ علَى العَمَلِ لَها فَهُوَ الصَّديقُ الشَّفيقُ.

267. One who calls you towards the Eternal Abode and assists you to work for it, then he is indeed a caring friend.

267ـ مِنْ سُوءِ الاختيارِ صُحْبَةُ الأشْرارِ.

268. One of the bad choices [that a person can make] is accompanying the wicked.

268ـ ما تَأكَّدَتِ الحُرْمَةُ بِمِثلِ المُصاحَبَةِ والمُجاوَرَةِ.

269. Nothing establishes the boundaries of respect like companionship and neighbourhood.