1. Chivalry is a gift that is granted and a harm that is restrained.

1ـ اَلفُتُوَّةُ نائِلٌ مَبْذُولٌ، وأذىً مَكْفُوفٌ.

2. The human being has not been adorned with anything more beautiful than chivalry.

2ـ ما تَزَيَّنَ الإنْسانُ بِزِينَة أجْمَلَ مِنَ الفُتُوَّةِ.

3. The order of chivalry is being tolerant of the mistakes of one’s brothers and fulfilling one’s obligation towards his neighbours.

3ـ نِظامُ الفُتُوَّةِ اِحْتِمالُ عَثَراتِ الإخْوانِ،وَ حُسْنُ تَعَهُّدِ الجيرانِ.