1. The most alienating estrangement is conceit.

1ـ أوْحَشُ الوَحْشَةِ العُجْبُ.

2. Conceit is destruction.

2ـ اَلعُجْبُ هَلاكٌ.

3. Conceit is folly.

3ـ اَلعُجْبُ حُمْقٌ.

4. Conceit is the cornerstone of foolishness.

4ـ اَلعُجْبُ رَأسُ الحَماقَةِ.

5. Conceit is the cornerstone of ignorance.

5ـ اَلعُجْبُ رَأسُ الجَهْلِ.

6. Conceit is the symbol of foolishness.

6ـ اَلعُجْبُ عُنْوانُ الحَماقَةِ.

7. Self-admiration prevents growth.

7ـ اَلإعْجابُ يَمْنَعُ الاِزدِيادَ.

8. Conceit is the most harmful associate.

8ـ اَلعُجْبُ أضَرُّ قَرين.

9. Self-admiration is contrary to reason.

9ـ اَلإعْجابُ ضِدُّ الصَّوابِ.

10. Conceit corrupts the intellect.

10ـ اَلعُجْبُ يُفْسِدُ العَقْلَ.

11. Conceit prevents growth.

11ـ اَلعُجْبُ يَمْنَعُ الاِزدِيادَ.

12. Becoming conceited because of a good deed nullifies it.

12ـ اَلعُجْبُ بِالحَسَنَةِ يُحْبِطُها.

13. Conceit is the bane of dignity.

13ـ اَلعُجْبُ آفَةُ الشَّـرَفِ.

14. Conceit manifests [one’s] shortcoming.

14ـ اَلعُجْبُ يُظْهِرُ النَّقيصَةَ.

15. The admiration of a person for himself is folly.

15ـ إعْجابُ المَرْءِ بِنَفْسِهِ حُمْقٌ.

16. Self-admiration is contrary to reason and the bane of the intellects.

16ـ اَلإعْجابُ ضِدُّ الصَّوابِ وآفَةُ الألْبابِ.

17. When you wish your merits to be glorified among the people, then do not glorify yourself.

17ـ إذا أرَدْتَ أنْ تَعْظُمَ مَحاسِنُكَ عِنْدَ النّاسِ، فَلا تَعْظُمْ في عَيْنِكَ.

18. When your self-importance is increased by the position [of authority] you are in, and this brings about arrogance or vanity in you, then look at the greatness of the authority of Allah and His power, the power which you do not even possess over yourself, for indeed this will mellow your recalcitrance, cure your vehemence and bring back to you that which had departed from you of your intellect.

18ـ إذا زادَ عُجْبُكَ بِما أنْتَ فيهِ مِنْ سُلْطانِكَ، فَحَدَثَتْ لَكَ أُبَّهَةٌ أو مَخيلَةٌ، فَانْظُرْ إلى عِظَمِ مُلْكِ اللّهِ وَقُدْرَتِهِ، مِمّا لاتَقْدِرُ عَلَيْهِ مِنْ نَفْسِكَ، فَإنَّ ذلِكَ يُلَيِّنُ مِنْ جَماحِكَ، ويَكُفُّ عَنْ غَرْبِكَ، ويَفيءُ إلَيْكَ بِما عَزَبَ عَنْكَ مِنْ عَقْلِكَ.

19. By being pleased with oneself, vices and faults become manifest.

19ـ بِالرِّضا عَنِ النَّفْسِ تَظْهَرُ السَّوْءاتُ والعُيُوبُ.

20. The fruit of conceit is hatred.

20ـ ثَمَرَةُ العُجْبِ البَغْضاءُ.

21. The evil that befalls you is better than the good that makes you conceited.

21ـ سَيِّئَـةٌ تَسُوؤُكَ خَيْـرٌ مِنْ حَسَنَة تُعْجِبُكَ.

22. One who admires himself will be ridiculed because of it.

22ـ مَنْ أُعْجِبَ بِنَفْسِهِ سُخِرَ بِهِ.

23. One who admires his [own] opinion becomes abased (or goes astray).

23ـ مَنْ أُعْجِبَ بِرَأْيِهِ ذَلَّ (ضَلَّ).

24. Whoever is proud [and pleased] with his action, his intellect gets afflicted.

24ـ مَنْ أُعْجِبَ بِفِعْلِهِ أُصيبَ بِعَقْلِهِ.

25. One who admires his [own] speech, his intellect has departed.

25ـ مَنْ أعْجَبَهُ قَوْلُهُ فَقدْ غَرَبَ عَقْلُهُ.

26. One whose self-admiration increases, his correctness reduces.

26ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ إعْجابُهُ قَلَّ صَوابُهُ.

27. One who becomes conceited by his action nullifies his reward.

27ـ مَنْ أُعْجِبَ بِعَمَلِهِ أحْبَطَ أجْرَهُ.

28. One who admires his good state falls short of attaining good expediencies.

28ـ مَنْ أُعْجِبَ بِحُسْنِ حالَتِهَ قَصَّرَ عَنْ حُسْنِ حيلَتِهِ.

29. Adversity does not descend upon the one who abandons conceit and lassitude.

29ـ مَنْ تَرَكَ العُجْبَ والتَّوانِيَ لَمْ يَنْزِلْ بِهِ مَكْرُوهٌ.

30. No one admires his own opinion except the ignorant one.

30ـ ما أُعْجِبَ بِرَأْيِهِ إلاّ جاهِلٌ.

31. Nothing damages [one’s] merits [and good deeds] like conceit.

31ـ ما أضَـرَّ المَحاسِنَ كَالعُجْبِ.

32. What has the son of Adam to do with conceit? His beginning is foul semen and his end is a rotting corpse, and in between these he is a carrier of waste products.

32ـ ما لابْنِ آدَمَ والعُجْبِ، وأوَّلُهُ نُطْفَةٌ مَذِرَةٌ وآخِرُهُ جيفَةٌ قَذِرَةٌ، وهُوَ بَيْنَ ذلِكَ يَحْمِلُ العَذَرَةَ.

33. There is no alienation more desolating than conceit.

33ـ لا وَحْشَةَ أوْحَشُ مِنَ العُجْبِ.

34. The self-admiration of a person is proof of his deficiency and a symbol of his weak intellect.

34ـ إعْجابُ المَرْءِ بِنَفْسِهِ بُرْهانُ نَقْصِهِ، وعُنْوانُ ضَعْفِ عَقْلِهِ.

35. Keep away from self-conceit and love for praise, for these are the strongest opportunities for Satan.

35ـ إيّاكَ والإعْجابَ وحُبَّ الإطْراءِ، فَإنَّ ذلِكَ مِنْ أوْثَقِ فُرَصِ الشَّيْطانِ.

36. Be careful not to be self-conceited, thereby making deficiency and enmity manifest upon [and against] you.

36ـ إيّاكَ أنْ تُعْجِبَ بِنَفْسِكَ، فَيَظْهَرَ عَلَيْكَ النَّقْصُ والشَّنَ آنُ.

37. Be cautious not to consider the sin of others as great while you deem it to be small [when it comes] from yourself, or to consider your worship as abundant while you deem the same to be less when performed by others.

37ـ إيّاكَ أنْ تَسْتَكْبِرَ مِنْ مَعْصِيَةِ غَيْرِكَ ما تَسْتَصْغِرُهُ مِنْ نَفْسِكَ، أو تَسْتَكْثِرَ مِنْ طاعَتِكَ ما تَسْتَقِلُّهُ مِنْ غَيْرِكَ.