Consultation And Deliberation

Consultation and Deliberation- الشور والمشاورة

1. Participating in deliberation leads to the appropriate decision.

1ـ اَلشِّرْكَةُ فِي الرَّأْيِ تُؤَدّي إلَى الصَّوابِ.

2. Consult your enemies; you will know from their opinion how much enmity they have [for you] and what their objectives are.

2ـ اِسْتَشِرْ أعْداءَكَ تَعْرِفْ مِنْ رَأْيِهِمْ مِقْدارَ عَداوَتِهِمْ، ومَواضِعَ مَقاصِدِهِمْ.

3. Consult your intelligent enemy and be wary of the opinion of your ignorant friend.

3ـ اِسْتَشِرْ عَدُوَّكَ العاقِلَ، واحْذَرْ رَأْيَ صَديقِكَ الجاهِلَ.

4. Compare some opinions with others, from this the right course of action will come to light.

4ـ اِضْرِبُوا بَعْضَ الرَّأْيِ بِبَعْض يَتَوَلَّدْ مِنْهُ الصَّوابُ.

5. Suspect your intellects, for indeed it is from trusting in them that mistakes are made.

5ـ اِتَّهِمُوا عُقُولَكُمْ فَإنَّهُ مِنَ الثِّقَةِ بِها يَكُونُ الخَطاءُ.

6. Consultation is [a means of] ease for you and a difficulty for others.

6ـ اَلمُشاوَرَةُ راحَةٌ لَكَ وتَعَبٌ لِغَيْرِكَ.

7. The best person whom you can consult is the one with [abundant] experience and the worst person whom you can associate with is the one with [numerous] faults.

7ـ أفْضَلُ مَنْ شاوَرْتَ ذُو التَّجارِبِ، وَشَـرُّ مَنْ قارَنْتَ ذُو المَعائِبِ.

8. Consultation is [a means of] seeking [assistance and] support.

8ـ اَلمُشاوَرَةُ اِسْتِظْهارٌ.

9. Seeking advice is the essence [and source] of guidance.

9ـ اَلاِسْتِشارَةُ عَيْنُ الهِدايَةِ.

10. The one who seeks advice is protected from failure.

10ـ اَلمُسْتَشيرُ مُتَحَصِّنٌ مِنَ السَّقَطِ.

11. The one who seeks advice is on the side of success.

11ـ اَلمُسْتَشيرُ عَلى طَرَفِ النَّجاحِ.

12. Consultation elicits for you the correct opinions of others.

12ـ اَلْمَشْوَرَةُ تَجْلِبُ لَكَ صَوابَ غَيْرِكَ.

13. Indeed consultation has only been urged because the opinion of the adviser is unbiased while the opinion of the consulter is mixed with bias.

13ـ إنَّما حُضَّ عَلَى المُشاوَرَةِ لأنَّ رَأْيَ المُشيرِ صِرفٌ ورَأيَ المُسْتَشيرِ مَشُوبٌ بِالهَوى.

14. The bane of consultation is contradiction of opinions.

14ـ آفَةُ المُشاوَرَةِ اِنْتِقاضُ الآراءِ.

15. When you have decided [to do something], then consult [with others].

15ـ إذا عَزَمْتَ فَاسْتَشِرْ.

16. When you proceed with an affair then proceed after deliberation and seeking advice; do not delay your action of today to tomorrow, and perform each day’s action on that same day.

16ـ إذا أمْضَيْتَ أمْراً فَأمْضِهِ بَعْدَ الرَّوِيَّةِ ومُراجَعَةِ المَشْوَرَةِ،وَلا تُؤَخِّرْ عَمَلَ يَوْم إلى غَد، وأمْضِ لِكُلِّ يَوْم عَمَلَهُ.

17. Ignorance of the adviser is [a cause of] destruction of the consulter.

17ـ جَهْلُ المُشيرِ هَلاكُ المُسْتشيرِ.

18. It behooves the intelligent one to add the opinion of the intelligent people to his opinion and to merge the knowledge of the wise with his knowledge.

18ـ حَقٌّ عَلَى العاقِلِ أنْ يُضيفَ إلى رَأْيِهِ رَأيَ العُقَلاءِ، ويَضُمَّ إلى عِلْمِهِ عُلُومَ الحُكَماءِ.

19. It behooves the intelligent one to continuously seek the right path and abandon obstinacy.

19ـ حَقٌّ عَلَى العاقِلِ أنْ يَسْتَديمَ الإرْشادَ ويَتْرُكَ الاِسْتِبْدادَ.

20. The best among those whom you consult are the people of wisdom and knowledge, and those who possess experience and judiciousness.

20ـ خَيْـرُ مَنْ شاوَرْتَ ذَوُوا النُّهى والعِلْمِ، وأُولُوالتَّجارِبِ والحَزْمِ.

21. Betrayal of the one who submits [to you] and the one who consults [you] is from the most atrocious acts and the gravest wickedness, and leads to punishment in hellfire.

21ـ خِيانَةُ المُسْتَسْلِمِ والمُسْتَشيرِ مِنْ أفْظَعِ الأُمُورِ، وأعْظَمِ الشُّـرُورِ، ومُوجِبُ عَذابِ السَّعيرِ.

22. Consult before you decide and think before you proceed.

22ـ شاوِرْ قَبْلَ أنْ تَعْزِمَ، وَفَكِّرْ قَبْلَ أنْ تُقْدِمَ.

23. Consult the intelligent ones and you will be safe from error and regret.

23ـ شاوِرْ ذَوِي العُقُولِ، تَأْمَنِ الزَّلَلَ والنَّدَمَ.

24. Consult in your affairs those who fear Allah and you will be rightly guided.

24ـ شاوِرْ في أُمُورِكَ الَّذينَ يَخْشَوْنَ اللّهَ تَرْشُدْ.

25. Being unjust to the one who seeks advice is [the worst form of] oppression and betrayal.

25ـ ظُلْمُ المُسْتَشيرِ ظُلْمٌ وخيانَةٌ.

26. You must seek consultation, for indeed it is the result of judiciousness.

26ـ عَلَيْكَ بِالمُشاوَرَةِ فَإنَّها نَتيجَةُ الحَزْمِ.

27. It is the duty of the one who is consulted to strive in giving an [appropriate] opinion but it is not for him to guarantee success.

27ـ علَى المُشيرِ الاِجْتِهادُ فِي الرَّأْيِ، ولَيْسَ عَلَيْهِ ضَمانُ النُجْحِ.

28. The essence [and source] of guidance is in consultation.

28ـ فِي الاِسْتِشارَةِ عَيْنُ الهِدايَةِ.

29. Consultation suffices as a supporter.

29ـ كَفى بِالمُشاوَرَةِ ظَهيراً.

30. One who acts against [good] advice gets perplexed.

30ـ مَنْ خالَفَ المَشْوَرَةَ اِرْتَـبَكَ.

31. One who consults an intelligent person acquires [his objective].

31ـ مَنْ اِسْتَشارَ العاقِلَ مَلَكَ.

32. One whose adviser goes astray, his planning is nullified.

32ـ مَنْ ضَلَّ مُشيرُهُ بَطَلَ تَدْبيرُهُ.

33. Whoever gives sincere advice to the one who consults him, his planning becomes good.

33ـ مَنْ نَصَحَ مُسْتَشيرَهُ صَلُحَ تَدْبيرُهُ.

34. Whoever cheats the one who consults him, his foresight is taken away.

34ـ مَنْ غَشَّ مُسْتَشيرَهُ سُلِبَ تَدْبيرُهُ.

35. One who consults the people of intellect is enlightened by the lights of the intellects.

35ـ مَنْ شاوَرَ ذَوِي العُقُولِ اِسْتَضاءَ بِأنْوارِ العُقُولِ.

36. One who consults the people of intellect and wisdom attains success and rightness.

36ـ مَنْ شاوَرَ ذَوِي النُّهى والألْبابِ فازَ بِالنُّجْحِ والصَّوابِ.

37. One who consults with the people shares in their [combined] intellects.

37ـ مَنْ شاوَرَ الرِّجالَ شارَكَها في عُقُولِها.

38. One who consults the people of intellect and wisdom, gains success through prudence and aptness?

38ـ مَنِ اسْتَشارَ ذَوِي النُّهى والألبابِ فازَ بِالحَزْمِ والسَّدادِ.

39. One who persists in consultation does not lack a praiser when the right result is achieved or an apologizer when a mistake is made.

39ـ مَنْ لَزِمَ المُشاوَرَةَ لَمْ يَعْدَمْ عِنْدَ الصَّوابِ مادِحاً وعِنْدَ الخَطاءِ عاذِراً.

40. One who seeks advice does not go astray.

40ـ ما ضَلَّ مَنِ اسْتَشارَ.

41. Nothing derives an appropriate outcome like consultation.

41ـ مَا اسْتُنْبِطَ الصَّوابُ بِمِثْلِ المُشاوَرَةِ.

42. Consulting the judicious person who is concerned for you is a [means of attaining] triumph.

42ـ مُشاوَرَةُ الحازِمِ المُشْفِقِ ظَفَرٌ.

43. Consulting the ignorant person who is concerned for you one is dangerous.

43ـ مُشاوَرَةُ الجاهِلِ المُشْفِقِ خَطَرٌ.

44. How good a support consultation is!

44ـ نِعْمَ المُظاهَرَةُ المُشاوَرَةُ.

45. What a good backing [and support] consultation is!

45ـ نِعْمَ الاِسْتِظْهارُ المُشاوَرَةُ.

46. Do not consult with your enemy and hide your information [from him].

46ـ لاتُشاوِرْ عَدُوَّكَ، واسْتُرْهُ خَبَـرَكَ.

47. Never consult with the ignorant in your affairs.

47ـ لاتُشاوِرَنَّ في أمْرِكَ مَنْ يَجْهَلُ.

48. Do not belittle a noteworthy opinion [even] when it is brought to you by an inferior person.

48ـ لاتَسْتَصْغِرَنَّ عِنْدَكَ الرَّأْيَ الخَطيرَ إذا أتاكَ بِهِ الرَّجُلُ الحَقيرُ.

49. Do not include a miser in your consultation as he will turn you away from the goal and frighten you with poverty.

49ـ لاتُدْخِلَنَّ في مَشْوَرَتِكَ بَخيلاً فَيَعْدِلَ بِكَ عَنِ القَصْدِ ويَعِدَكَ الفَقْرَ.

50. Never include a coward in your consultation as he will weaken your resolve in the matter and [will] make a mountain out of a mole hill.

50ـ لاتُشْرِكَنَّ في رَأْيِكَ جَباناً يُضَعِّفُكَ عَنِ الأمْرِ، ويُعَظِّمُ عَلَيْكَ ما لَيْسَ بِعَظيم.

51. Do not consult the liar, for indeed he is like the mirage that makes the distant seem near and the near seem distant.

51ـ لاتَسْتَشِرِ الكَذَّابَ فَإنَّهُ كَالسَّرابِ يُقَرِّبُ عَلَيْكَ البَعيدَ وَيُبَعِدُّ عَلَيْكَ القَريبَ.

52. Never include a greedy person in your consultation as he will facilitate evil [deeds] and glamorize avarice for you.

52ـ لاتُشْرِكَنَّ في مَشْوَرَتِكَ حَريصاً يُهَوِّنْ عَلَيْكَ الشَّـرَّ، وَيُزَيِّنْ لَكَ الشَّـرَهَ.

53. The intelligent one never dispenses with consultation.

53ـ لا يَسْتَغْنِي العاقِلُ عَنِ المُشاوَرَةِ.

54. There is no backing [and support that is stronger and] more reliable than consultation.

54ـ لامُظاهَرَةَ أوْثَقُ مِنْ مُشاوَرَة.

55. One who becomes satisfied with his own intellect (or action) has gone astray.

55ـ مَنِ اسْتَغْنى بِعَقْلِهِ (بِفِعْلِهِ) ضَلَّ.