Contentment And The Contented

Contentment and the contented-القانع، والقناعة

1. The contented one is saved from the woes of covetousness.

1ـ اَلقانِعُ ناج مِنْ آفاتِ المَطامِعِ.

2. Be content and you will gain honour.

2ـ اِقْنَعْ تَعُزُّ.

3. Be content with what you are given and you will be made sufficient.

3ـ اِقْنَعْ بِما أُوتِيتَهُ، تَكُنْ مَكْفِيّاً.

4. Be content with little from your worldly possessions for the safety of your religion, for indeed the believer is satisfied with the little that he gets of this world.

4ـ اِقْنَعُوا بِالقَليلِ مِنْ دُنْياكُمْ لِسَلامَةِ ديـنِكُمْ، فَإنَّ المُؤمِنَ اَلبُلْغَةُ اليَسيرَةُ مِنَ الدُّنْيا تُقْنِعُهُ.

5. The wealthiest of all people is the contented one.

5ـ أغْنَى النّاسِ القانِعُ.

6. A slave is free as long as he is content and a freeman is a slave as long as he covets.

6ـ اَلْعَبْدُ حُرٌّ ما قَنِعَ، الحُرُّ عَبْدٌ ما طَمِعَ.

7. Contentment is the helper of poverty.1

7ـ اَلقَناعَةُ عُنْوانُ(عَوْنُ) الفاقَةِ.

8. Contentment is the most lasting honour.

8ـ اَلقَناعَةُ أبْقى عِزّ.

9. The most at ease among the people is the contented one.

9ـ اَلمُسْتَريحُ مِنَ النّاسِ اَلقانِعُ.

10. Contentment is the sign of the God-wary.

10ـ اَلقَناعَةُ عَلامَةُ الأتْقياءِ.

11. Contentment is the [path to the] most comfortable lifestyle.

11ـ اَلقَناعَةُ أهْنَأُ عَيْش.

12. Contentment is honour and prosperity.

12ـ اَلقَناعَةُ عِزٌّ وغِناءٌ.

13. Contentment is a sword that does not get blunt.

13ـ اَلقَناعَةُ سَيْفٌ لايَنْبُو.

14. Contentment is the cornerstone of prosperity.

14ـ اَلقَناعَةُ رأسُ الغِنى.

15. Contentment leads to honour.

15ـ اَلقَناعَةُ تُؤَدِّي إلَى العِزِّ.

16. Contentment and obedience bring about prosperity and honour.

16ـ اَلقَناعَةُ والطّاعَةُ تُوجِبانِ الغِنى والعِزَّةَ.

17. Contentment is continence.

17ـ اَلقَناعَةُ عَفافٌ.

18. Contentment is a blessing.

18ـ اَلقَناعَةُ نِعْمَةٌ.

19. Contentment is honour.

19ـ اَلقَناعَةُ عِزٌّ.

20. The contented one is rich, even if he is hungry and unclothed.

20ـ اَلقانِعُ غَنِيٌّ، وإنْ جاعَ وعَرى.

21. There is no contentment with avarice.

21ـ لاقَناعَةَ مَعَ شَرَه.

22. If you are content, you will gain honour.

22ـ إنْ تَقْنَعْ تَعِزَّ.

23. Verily you are in greater need of being content with a little sustenance than being greedy of acquiring more.

23ـ إنَّكُمْ إلَى القِناعَةِ بِيَسيرِ الرِّزْقِ أحْوَجُ مِنْكُمْ إلَى اكْتِسابِ الحِرْصِ فِي الطَّلَبِ.

24. Verily if you become contented you will gain independence [and affluence] and the burden of worldly provisions will become lighter for you.

24ـ إنَّكُمْ إنْ قَنِعْتُمْ حُزْتُمْ الغَناءَ وخَفَّتْ عَلَيْكُمْ مُؤَنُ الدُّنيا.

25. When you are deprived, then be content [with what you have].

25ـ إذا حُرِمْتَ فَاقْنَعْ.

26. When you seek wealth, then seek it through contentment.

26ـ إذا طَلَبْتَ الغِنى فَاطْلُبْهُ بِالقَناعَةِ.

27. Through contentment there is honour.

27ـ بِالقَناعَةِ يَكُونُ العِزُّ.

28. The fruit of contentment is prosperity.

28ـ ثَمَرَةُ القَناعَةِ الغَناءُ.

29. The fruit of contentment is being moderate in earning [one’s livelihood] and refraining from asking [others].

29ـ ثَمَرَةُ القَناعَةِ الإجْمالُ فِي المُكْتَسَبِ والعُزُوفُ عَنِ الطَّلَبِ.

30. The fruit of contentment is honour.

30ـ ثَمَرَةُ القَناعَةِ العِزُّ.

31. The goodness of contentment stems from continence.

31ـ حُسْنُ القَناعَةِ مِنَ العَفافِ.

32. It is enough of contentment for you to suffice with what Allah, the Glorified, has apportioned for you.

32ـ حَسْبُكَ مِنَ القَناعَةِ غِناكَ بِما قَسَمَ لَكَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ.

33. Preserving that which is in your possession is better for you than seeking that which is in someone else’s possession.

33ـ حِفْظُ مافي يَدِكَ خَيْرٌ لَكَ مِنْ طَلَبِ ما في يَدِ غَيْرِكَ.

34. Blessed is the one who covers himself with contentment and keeps away from extravagance.

34ـ طُوبى لِمَنْ تَجَلْبَبَ بِالقُنُوعِ، وتَجَنَّبَ الإسْرافَ.

35. Blessed is the one who fears the punishment [of the Hereafter], works for the Reckoning, espouses continence, is content with what suffices [him] and is pleased with [the decree of] Allah, the Glorified.

35ـ طُوبى لِمَنْ خافَ العِقابَ، وعَمِلَ لِلْحِسابِ،وَ صاحَبَ العَفافَ، وقَنِعَ بِالكَفافِ،وَ رَضِيَ عَنِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

36. You must have contentment, for indeed there is nothing that wards off poverty more than it.

36ـ عَلَيْكَ بِالقُنُوعِ فَلاشَيْءَ أدْفَعُ لِلْفاقَةِ مِنْهُ.

37. Contentment is proportionate to the degree of continence.

37ـ عَلى قَدْرِ العِفَّةِ تَكُونُ القَناعَةُ.

38. In contentment there is prosperity.

38ـ فِي القَناعَةِ الغَناءُ.

39. The one who is content has gained honour.

39ـ قَدْ عَزَّ مَن قَنِعَ.

40. Contentment has been paired with prosperity.

40ـ قُرِنَ القُنُوعُ بِالغَناءِ.

41. Every contented one is continent.

41ـ كُلُّ قانِـع عَفيفٌ.

42. Contentment is enough of a possession.

42ـ كَفى بِالقَناعَةِ مُِلْكاً.

43. Be contented and you will become rich.

43ـ كُنْ قَنِعاً تَكُنْ غَنِيّاً.

44. Contentment will never be attained until greed is lost.

44ـ لَنْ تُوجَدَ القَناعَةُ حَتّى يَفْقُدَ الحِرْصُ.

45. One who is not satisfied with the little that he gets has not adorned himself with contentment.

45ـ لَمْ يَتَحَلَّ بِالقَناعَةِ مَنْ لَمْ يَكْتَفِ بِيَسيرِ ما وَجَدَ.

46. One who is content becomes rich [and independent].

46ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ غَنِيَ.

47. One who is content gets satiated.

47ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ شَبِـعَ.

48. One who makes himself content becomes contented.

48ـ مَنْ تَقَنَّعَ قَنِعَ.

49. One who is content does not get depressed.

49ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ لَمْ يَغْتَمَّ.

50. Whoever is content, his worship becomes good.

50ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ حَسُنَتْ عِبادَتُهُ.

51. Whoever is content, his greed becomes less.

51ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ قَلَّ طَمَعُهُ.

52. One who is contented with the allotment of Allah becomes needless.

52ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ بِقِسْمِ اللّهِ اِسْتَغْنى.

53. One who is not satisfied with what has been decreed for him faces hardship.

53ـ مَنْ لَمْ يُقَنِّعْ بِما قُدِّرَ لَهُ تَعَنّى.

54. One who lacks contentment is not made affluent by riches.

54ـ مَنْ عَدِمَ القَناعَةَ لَمْ يُغْنِهِ المالُ.

55. One from whom contentment turns away is not enriched by wealth.

55ـ مَنْ عَدَتْهُ القَناعَةُ لَمْ يُغْنِهِ المالُ.

56. One who is content with the sustenance of Allah has no need for the creation.

56ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ بِرِزْقِ اللّهِ اِسْتَغْنى عَنِ الخَلْقِ.

57. One who is granted contentment is preserved by it.

57ـ مَنْ وُهِبَتْ لَهُ القَناعَةُ صانَتْهُ.

58. One whose soul is contented remains dignified even in hard times.

58ـ مَنْ قَنِعَتْ نَفْسُهُ عَزَّ مُعْسِراً.

59. One who is contented is spared from the humility of asking [others].

59ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ كُفِيَ مَذَلَّةَ الطَّلَبِ.

60. Whoever clings to contentment, his poverty disappears.

60ـ مَنْ لَزِمَ القَناعَةَ زالَ فَقْرُهُ.

61. One who desires the blessings of the Hereafter is contented with the little [he has] of this world.

61ـ مَنْ رَغِبَ في نَعيمِ الآخِرَةِ قَنِعَ بِيَسيرِ الدُّنيا.

62. One who is contented with the allotment of Allah becomes needless of the people.

62ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ بِقِسْمِ اللّهِ اِسْتَغْنى عَنِ الخَلْقِ.

63. One who suffices with little becomes needless of plenty.

63ـ مَنِ اكْتَقى بِاليَسيرِ اِسْتَغْنى عَنِ الكَثيرِ.

64. One of the most honourable morals is adorning oneself with contentment.

64ـ مِنْ أكْرَمِ الخُلْقِ التَّحَلّي بِالقَناعَةِ.

65. Remaining contented is from the noble endeavours.

65ـ مِنْ شَرَفِ الهِمَّةِ لُزُومُ القَناعَةِ.

66. How good it is for a person to be contented with little and generous with much!

66ـ ما أحْسَنَ بِالإنْسانِ أنْ يَقْنَعَ بِالقَليلِ ويَجُودَ بِالجَزيلِ.

67. The best fortune is contentment.

67ـ نِعْمَ الحَـظُّ القَناعَةُ.

68. The best attribute is contentment.

68ـ نِعْمَ الخَليقَةُ القَناعَةُ.

69. One who has been granted contentment has acquired honour.

69ـ نالَ العِزَّ مَنْ رُزِقَ القَناعَةَ.

70. There is no treasure like contentment.

70ـ لاكَنْـزَ كَالقَناعَةِ.

71. Contentment is the better of the two riches.

71ـ اَلْقَناعَةُ أفْضَلُ الغِنائَيْنِ.

72. Contentment is the better of the two forms of continence.

72ـ اَلْقَناعَةُ أفْضَلُ العِفَّتَيْنِ.

73. Indeed contentment and overcoming lustful desires are from the greatest forms of abstinence.

73ـ ألا وإنَّ القَناعَةَ، وغَلَبَةَ الشَّهْوَةِ مِنْ أكْبَرِ العِفافِ.

74. The most helpful thing in reforming the self is contentment.

74ـ أعْوَنُ شَيْء عَلى صَلاحِ النَّفْسِ القَناعَةُ.

75. Verily in contentment there is prosperity.

75ـ إنَّ فِي القُنُوعِ لَغَناءٌ.

76. Contentment enriches.

76ـ اَلْقَناعَةُ تُغْني.

77. Every contented one is rich.

77ـ كُلُّ قانِع غَنِيٌّ.

78. One whose contentment increases, his submissiveness [to the people] decreases.

78ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ قُنُوعُهُ، قَلَّ خُضُوعُهُ.

79. One who is content gains honour and becomes independent.

79ـ مَنْ قَنِعَ عَزَّ واسْتَغْنى.

80. None has more honour than the contented one.

80ـ لاأعَزَّ مِنْ قانِع.

81. Contentment is the symbol of satisfaction [with Allah’s decree].

81ـ اَلقُنُوعُ عُنْوانُ الرِّضا.

82. The honour of contentment is better than the humiliation of subordination.

82ـ عِزُّ القُنُوْعِ خَيْرٌ مِنْ ذُلِّ الخُضُوعِ.

83. There is no wealth like contentment.

83ـ لاغِنى كَالقُنُوْعِ.

  • 1. Meaning that it makes poverty easier to bear.