Countries And Homelands

Countries and Homelands البِلاد والأوطان

1. The worst of countries is the country in which there is neither peace nor productivity.

1ـ شَـرُّ البِلادِ بَلَدٌ لا أمْنَ فيهِ وَلا خِصْبَ.

2. The worst homelands are those in which the inhabitants are not safe.

2ـ شَـرُّ الأوطانِ ما لَمْ يَأمَنْ (لايأمَنُ) فيهِ القُطَّانُ.

3. There is no country (or city) that has a greater right over you than another; the best country is the one that bears you.

3ـ لَيْسَ بَلَدٌ أحَقُّ البِلادِ بِكَ مِنْ بَلَد، خَيْرُ البِلادِ ما حَمَلَكَ.