The Deceived

The Deceived-المغبون

1. Deceived is the one who is occupied with the world and loses his share of the Hereafter.

ـ اَلْمَغْبُونُ مَنْ شُغِلَ بِالدُّنْيا وَفاتَهُ حَظُّهُ مِنَ الاخِرَةِ.

2. Deceived is the one whose faith is corrupt.

2ـ اَلْمَغْبُونُ مَنْ فَسَدَ دينُهُ.

3. Deceived is the one who sells a lofty Paradise for a lowly sin.

3ـ اَلْمَغْبُونُ مَنْ باعَ جَنَّـةً عَلِيَّةً بِمَعْصِيَة دَنِيَّة.

4. Who is more deceived than one who exchanges Allah, the Glorified, for other than Him?!

4ـ مَنْ أغْبَنُ مِمَّنْ باعَ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ بِغَيْرِهِ.