Desire And Longing

Desire And Longing الرّغبة

1. Desire is the key to difficulty [and hardship].

1ـ اَلرَّغْبَةُ مِفْتاحُ النَّصَبِ.

2. The fruit of desire is hardship.

2ـ ثَمَرةُ الرَّغْبَةِ التَّعَبُ.

3. Your longing for the one who has no interest in you is a humiliation.

3ـ رَغْبَتُكَ في زاهِد فيكَ ذُلٌّ.

4. One who desires your company when you advance [in rank] wishes to keep away from you when you fall.

4ـ مَنْ رَغِبَ فيكَ عِندَ إقْبالِكَ زَهِدَ فيكَ عِنْدَ إدْبارِكَ.

5. One who desires that you remain alive has clutched on to your cord.1

5ـ مَنْ رَغِبَ في حَياتِكَ فَقَدْ تَعَلَّقَ بِحِبالِكَ.

6. One who desires that which is with Allah, his prostrations and bowings increase.

6ـ مَنْ رَغِبَ فيما عِنْدَ اللّهِ كَثُرَ سُجُودُهُ ورُكُوعُهُ.

7. One who desires that which is with Allah makes his actions sincere.

7ـ مَنْ رَغِبَ فيما عِندَ اللّهِ أخْلَصَ عَمَلَهُ.

8. One who desires that which is with Allah attains his hopes.

8ـ مَنْ رَغِبَ فيما عِندَاللّهِ بَلَغَ آمالَهُ.

9. Indeed if you desire [closeness to] Allah, you will become prosperous and will be saved, whereas if you desire the [attainment of this] world, you will be at a loss and will be destroyed.

9ـ إنَّكُمْ إنْ رَغِبْتُمْ إلَى اللّهِ غَنِمْتُمْ ونَجَوْتُمْ وإنْ رَغِبْتُمْ إلَى الدُّنيا خَسِرْتُمْ وهَلَكْتُمْ.

  • 1. Some commentators say that this means that just by wishing that someone remain alive, a link is established with that person.