The Disbeliever

The disbeliever-الكافِر

1. The disbeliever is a vile deceiver, perfidious, deluded by his ignorance and duped.

1ـ اَلْكافِرُ خَبٌّ لَئِيمٌ،خَؤُنٌ، مَغْرُورٌ بِجَهْلِهِ، مَغْبُونٌ.

2. For the disbeliever, this world is his Paradise, the transient is what he strives for, death is [the cause of] his wretchedness and hellfire is his final end.

2ـ اَلكافِرُ اَلدُّنيا جَنَّـتُهُ، والعاجِلَةُ هِمَتُّهُ، والمَوْتُ شَقاوَتُهُ، والنّارُ غايَتُهُ.

3. The disbeliever is an immoral, ignorant person.

3ـ اَلْكافِرُ فاجِرٌ جاهِلٌ.

4. The disbeliever is ill-tempered and has an evil manner.

4ـ اَلْكافِرُ شَرِسُ الخَليقَةِ، سَـيِّيءُ الطَّريقَةِ.

5. The disbeliever is a misguiding deceiver, hard-hearted, [and] perfidious.

5ـ اَلْكافِرُ خَبٌّ، ضَبٌّ، جاف، خائِنٌ.

6. The final end of the disbeliever is hellfire.

6ـ غايَةُ الكافِرِ النّارُ.

7. The disbeliever did not disbelieve until he became ignorant.

7ـ ما كَفَرَ الكافِرُ حَتّى جَهِلَ.

8. The concern of the disbeliever is for his [life in this] world, his efforts are for the transient [pleasures] and his goal is [fulfilling] his lust.

8ـ هَمُّ الكافِرِ لِدُنْياهُ، وسَعْيُهُ لِعاجِلَتِهِ، وغايَتُهُ شَهْوَتُهُ.