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Divine Wrath

Divine wrath-النّقم

1. How is it that you are not kept awake by the [fear of] Allah’s punishments that befall you by night while you lie in the way of Allah’s wrath because of your disobedience to Him?!

1ـ كَيْفَ لايُوقِظُكَ بَياتُ نِقَمِ اللّهِ وقَدْ تَوَرَّطْتَ بِمَعاصِيهِ مَدارِجَ سَطَواتِهِ؟!

2. How close is the punishment of Allah to the oppressors (or the unjust) and wrongdoers!

2ـ ما أقْرَبَ النَّقِمَةَ مِنْ أهْلِ البَغْيِ(الظُّلْمِ) والعُدْوانِ.