Doubt And Misgiving

Doubt and Misgiving-الشك والاِرتياب

1. Doubt corrupts certitude and nullifies faith.

1ـ اَلشَكُ يُفْسِدُ اليَقينَ ويُبْطِلُ الدِّينَ.

2. Be wary of doubt, for verily it corrupts religion and nullifies certitude.

2ـ إيّاكَ والشَّكَّ، فَإنَّهُ يُفْسِدُ الدِّينَ، ويُبْطِلُ اليَقينَ.

3. The most destructive thing is doubt and uncertainty, and the most constructive thing is piety and keeping aloof from sin.

3ـ أهْلَكُ شَيْء اَلشَّكُّ والاِرْتيابُ، وأمْلَكُ شَيْء الوَرَعُ وَالاِجْتِنابُ.

4. Doubt is misgiving.

4ـ اَلشَّكُّ اِرْتيابٌ.

5. Doubt [in the existence of God] is disbelief.

5ـ اَلشَّكُّ كُفْرٌ.

6. Doubt corrupts religion.

6ـ اَلشَّكُّ يُفْسِدُ الدِّينَ.

7. Doubt nullifies faith.

7ـ اَلشَّكُّ يُحْبِطُ الإيمانَ.

8. Doubt is the fruit of ignorance.

8ـ اَلشَّكُّ ثَمَرَةُ الجَهْلِ.

9. Doubt leads to polytheism.

9ـ اَلاِرْتيابُ يُوجِبُ الشِّرْكَ.

10. Doubt puts out the light of the heart.

10ـ اَلشَّكُّ يُطْفِيُ نُورَ القَلْبِ.

11. Indeed doubt was only named ‘shubha’ because it resembles the truth. As for the close friends of Allah, their illumination in it is [their] certitude and the direction of the right path is [itself] their guide; while the enemies of Allah are called towards it (doubt) by their misguidance and their guide is blindness.

11ـ إنَّما سُمِّيَتْ الشُّبْهَةُ شُبْهَةً لأنَّها تُشْبِهُ الْحَقَّ، فَأمّا أوْلِياءُاللّهِ فَضِيائُهُمْ فيها اليَقينُ، ودَليلُهُمْ سَمْتُ الهُدى، وأمّا أعْداءُ اللّهِ فَدَعاؤُهُمْ(فَدَعاهُمْ) إلَيْهَا الضَّلالُ،وَ دَليلُهُمْ العَمى.

12. The bane of certitude is doubt.

12ـ آفَةُ اليَقينِ اَلشَّكُّ.

13. By continued doubt [in God], polytheism comes about.

13ـ بِدَوامِ الشَّكِّ يَحْدُثُ الشِّرْكُ.

14. The fruit of doubt is perplexity.

14ـ ثَمَرَةُ الشَّكِّ الحَيْرَةُ.

15. It is possible that conjecture may [turn out to] be correct.

15ـ رُبَّما أدْرَكَ الظَّنُّ بِالصَّوابِ.

16. The cause of perplexity is doubt.

16ـ سَبَبُ الحَيْرَةِ الشَّكُّ.

17. I am amazed at the one who doubts in the power of Allah while he sees His creation!

17ـ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ يَشُكُّ في قُدْرَةِ اللّهِ وهُوَ يَرى خَلْقَهُ.

18. Acting suspicious1 is a shame and having an eager desire to backbite is [a cause of entering] hellfire.

18ـ فِعْلُ الرِّيْبَةِ عارٌ، والوُلُوعُ بِالغيْبَةِ نارٌ.

19. Everything that is devoid of certitude is [mere] conjecture and dubiety.

19ـ كُلُّ ما خَلاَ اليَقينِ ظَنٌّ وشُكُوكٌ.

20. Every person has a [desire and a] need, so distance yourselves from suspicion.

20ـ لِكُلِّ إنْسان أرَبٌ فَابْعُدُوا عَنِ الرَّيْبِ.

21. A person will never go astray until his doubt overcomes his certainty.

21ـ لَنْ يَضِلَّ المَرْءُ حتّى يَغْلِبَ شَكُّهُ يَقينَهُ.

22. One who falters increases his doubt.

22ـ مَنْ يَتَرَدَّدْ يَزْدَدْ شَكّاً.

23. One whose doubt increases, his religion gets corrupted.

23ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ شَكُّهُُ فَسَدَ دينُهُ.

24. One whose suspicion increase, his backbiting [also] increases.

24ـ مَنْ كَثُرَتْ رِيبَتُهُ، كَثُرَتْ غيبَتُهُ.

25. The sincere one is not suspicious and the one who is certain does not doubt.

25ـ مَا ارْتابَ مُخْلِصٌ، وَلاشَكَّ مُوقِنٌ.

26. He in whose heart doubt has settled does not believe in Allah.

26ـ ما آمَنَ بِاللّهِ مَنْ سَكَنَ الشَّكُّ قَلْبَهُ.

27. Keeping away from suspicion is from the best magnanimity.

27ـ مُجانَبَةُ الرَّيْبِ مِنْ أحْسَنِ الفُتُوَّةِ.

28. Who can be more of a failure than the one who crosses [over] from certainty towards doubt and perplexity?

28ـ مَنْ أخْيَبُ مِمَّنْ تَعَدّى اليَقينَ إلَى الشَّكِّ والحَيْرَةِ.

29. The smallest doubt can corrupt certitude.

29ـ يَسيرُ الشَّكِّ يُفْسِدُ اليَقينَ.

30. Nobody more timid than the suspicious one.

30ـ لا أجْبَنَ مِنْ مُريب.

31. Suspicion leads to mistrust.

31ـ الرِّيْبَةُ تُوجِبُ الظِّنَةَ.

32. When suspicion appears, thoughts [about others] become negative.

32ـ إذا ظَهَرَتِ الرِّيْبَةُ سائَتِ الظُّنُونُ.

33. Abandon that which causes you to doubt for that which does not cause you to doubt.

33ـ دَعْ ما يُريبُكَ إلى ما لا يُريبُكَ.

34. Let your inquiry into doubtful matters be conclusive, for indeed the one who falls into them becomes confounded.

34ـ لِيَصْدُقْ تَحَرّيكَ فِي الشُّبَهاتِ فَإنَّ مَنْ وَقَعَ فيها اِرْتَـبَكَ.

35. The sceptic has no religion and the backbiter has no magnanimity.

35ـ لادينَ لِمُرْتاب، وَلا مُرُوَّةَ لِمُغْتاب.

36. The suspicious one is never found in a sound state.

36ـ لايُلْفَى المُريبُ صَحيحاً.

37. The most abased of people is the sceptic.

37ـ أذَلُّ النّاسِ المُرْتابُ.

38. The suspicious person is always sick.

38ـ اَلمُريبُ أبَداً عَليلٌ.

39. The sceptic has no religion.

39ـ اَلمُرْتابُ لادينَ لَهُ.

40. The doubting one has no certitude.

40ـ اَلشَّاكُّ لايَقينَ لَهُ.

  • 1. Or: Doing something that makes others suspicious...