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Dread And Awe

Dread and awe-الهيبة

1. Dread is [a cause of] failure.

1ـ اَلْهَيْبَةُ خَيْبَةٌ.

2. Dread is accompanied by failure.

2ـ اَلْهَيْبَةُ مَقْرُونَةٌ بِالخَيْبَةِ.

3. The bane of awe is jest.

3ـ آفَةُ الهَيْبَةِ المَزاحُ.

4. Dread has been paired with failure.

4ـ قُرِنَتِ الهَيْبَةُ بِالخَيْبَةِ.