Eagerness And Longing

Eagerness and Longing-الشّوق والمشتاق

1. Longing [for Allah and the Hereafter] is from the qualities of those who have certitude.

1ـ اَلشَّوْقُ شيمَةُ المُوقِنينَ.

2. Longing [for Allah] is the intimate companion of the Gnostics.

2ـ اَلشَّوْقُ خُلْصانُ العارِفينَ.

3. One who longs [for Allah] forgets [this world].

3ـ مَنِ اشْتاقَ سَلا.

4. One who longs [for Allah] sets out [towards him] at nightfall.

4ـ مَنِ اشْتاقَ أدْلَجَ.