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Eloquence البلاغة

1. Eloquence is that which is easy on speech and light on reasoning.1

1ـ البَلاغَةُ ما سَهُلَ علَى المـَنْطِقِ وخَفَّ عَلَى الفِطْنَةِ.

2. Eloquence is to reply without hesitation and [to speak] correctly, without making mistakes.

2ـ اَلبَلاغَةُ أنْ تُجِيبَ فلا تُبْطِئَ وتُصيبَ فَلا تُخْطِئَ.

3. Conciseness can be enough of an eloquence.

3ـ قَدْ يُكْتَفى مِن البَلاغَةِ بِالإيجازِ.

4. One who undertakes the rending and mending of speech has attained eloquence.

4ـ مَنْ قامَ بِفَتْقِ القَولِ ورَتْقِهِ فَقَدْ حازَ البَلاغَةَ.

5. The tools of rhetoric are: an intelligent mind and an eloquent tongue.

5ـ آلَةُ(آية) البَلاغةِ: قَلْبٌ عَقُولٌ، ولِسانٌ قائِلٌ.

6. Sometimes even the eloquent one is left speechless.

6ـ رُبَّما اُرْتِجَ عَلَى الفَصيحِ الجَوابُ.

  • 1. Meaning: eloquence is that which is easily spoken and easily understood.