Felicity السَّعادة

1. Felicity is that which leads [one] to success.

1ـ السَّعادةُ ما أفْضَتْ إلَى الفَوْزِ.

2. The signs of felicity are sincerity [of intentions] in action.

2ـ أماراتُ السَّعادَةِ إخْلاصُ العَمَلِ.

3. Having a heart that is free of rancour and jealousy is from the felicity of a servant.

3ـ خُلُوُّ الصَّدْرِ مِنَ الغِلِّ وَالحَسَدِ مِنْ سَعادَةِ العَبْدِ.

4. Felicity is gained by hastening good deeds and pure [and virtuous] actions.

4ـ دَرَكُ السَّعادَةِ بِمُبادَرَةِ الخَيْراتِ والأعْمالِ الزّاكياتِ.

5. The felicity of a person is [in] contentment and satisfaction.

5ـ سَعادَةُ المَرْءِ اَلقَناعَةُ واَلرِّضا.

6. The felicity of a man is in safeguarding his faith and working for his Hereafter.

6ـ سَعادَةُ الرَّجُلِ في إحْرازِ دينِهِ والعَمَلِ لآخِرَتِهِ.

7. It is enough of a felicity for a person that he be deemed trustworthy in religious and worldly affairs.

7ـ كَفى بِالمَرْءِ سَعادَةً أنْ يُوثَقَ بِهِ في أُمُورِ الدّينِ والدُّنيا.

8. It is enough of a felicity for a person to turn away from that which perishes and become occupied with that which is everlasting.

8ـ كَفى بِالمَرْءِ سَعادَةً أنْ يَعْزِفَ عَمّا يَفْنى، ويَتَوَلَّهَ بِما يَبْقى.

9. You will never know the sweetness of felicity until you taste the bitterness of misfortune.

9ـ لَنْ تُعْرَفَ حَلاوَةُ السَّعادَةِ حتّى تُذاقَ مَرارَةُ النَّحْسِ.

10. It is part of felicity to be granted success in performing righteous deeds.

10ـ مِنَ السَّعادَةِ التَّوفيقُ لِصالِحِ الأعْمالِ.

11. It is from the perfection of felicity for one to strive for the betterment of the [whole] community.

11ـ مِنْ كَمالِ السَّعادَةِ السَّعْيُ في صَلاحِ الجُمْهُورِ.

12. Successfully attaining what is sought is part of felicity.

12ـ مِنَ السَّعادَةِ نُجْحُ الطَّلِبَةِ.

13. From the felicity of a person is his showing benevolence to those who are deserving of it.

13ـ مِنْ سَعادَةِ المَرْءِ أنْ يَضَعَ مَعْرُوفَهُ عِنْدَ أهْلِهِ.

14. A person does not attain felicity except through the obedience of Allah, the Glorified, and a person does not become wretched except by disobeying Allah.

14ـ لا يَسْعَدُ امْرُءٌ إلاّ بِطاعَةِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ، ولايَشْقَى امْرُءٌ إلاّ بِمَعْصِيَةِ اللّهِ.

15. No one attains felicity except by upholding the bounds of Allah and no one becomes wretched except by disregarding them.

15ـ لا يَسْعَدُ أحَدٌ إلاّ بِإقامَةِ حُدُودِ اللّهِ ولايَشْقى أحَدٌ إلاّ بِإضاعَتِها.

16. It is from the felicity of a person that his good turns are done to one who thanks him and his benevolence is shown to one who is not ungrateful to him.

16ـ مِنْ سَعَادَةِ المَرْءِ أنْ تَكُونَ صَنايِعُهُ عِنْدَ مَنْ يَشْكُرُهُ ومَعْرُوفُهُ عِنْدَ مَنْ لا يَكْفُرُهُ.

17. He who makes his brothers miserable does not gain felicity.

17ـ ما سَعِدَ مَنْ شَقى إخْوانُهُ.

18. How close are felicities to misfortunes!

18ـ ما أقْرَبَ السُّعُودَ مِنَ النُّحُوسِ.

19. How far is repose in ease and inactivity from acquiring felicity!

19ـ هَيْهاتَ مِنْ نَيْلِ السَّعادَةِ اَلسُّكُونُ إلَى الهُوَيْنا والبِطالَةِ.

20. When the presentation [of deeds] in front of Allah, the Glorified, takes place, felicity is differentiated from wretchedness.

20ـ عِنْدَ العَرْضِ عَلَى اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ تَتَحَقَّقُ السَّعادَةُ مِنَ الشَّقاءِ.