To Follow

To follow-الاقتداء

1. When you are high, do not think of the one who is below you from the ignorant ones, rather follow [the example of] those who are above you from among the scholars.

1ـ إذا عَلَوْتَ فَلا تُفَكِّرْ فيمَنْ دُونَكَ مِنَ الجُهّالِ، ولكِنِ اقْتَدِ بِمَنْ فَوْقَكَ مِنَ العُلَماءِ.

2. When you are unable to understand something with your intellect then follow the opinion of the intelligent one and he will remove your ignorance about it.

2ـ إذا أنْكَرْتَ مِنْ عَقْلِكَ شَيْئاً فَاقْتَدِ بِرَأْيِ عاقِل يُزيلُ ما أنْكَرْتَهُ.