Good Of This World And The Hereafter

Good of this World and the Hereafter خير الدنيا والآخرة

1. Four [qualities] are such that whoever they have been given to has been given the good of this world and the Hereafter: truthful speech, fulfilling the trust, abstinence from consuming what is forbidden and good character.

1ـ أرْبَعٌ مَنْ اُعْطِيَهُنَّ فَقَدْ اُعْطِيَ خَيْرَ الدُّنْيا وَالآخِرَةِ: صِدْقُ حَديث، وَأداءُ أمانَة، وعِفَّةُ بَطْن، وحُسْنُ خُلق.

2. Three [traits] are such that whoever possesses them has been bestowed with the good of this world and the Hereafter. They are: being satisfied with what has been decreed [by Allah], patience in the face of hardship and thankfulness in times of ease [and prosperity].

2ـ ثَلاثٌ مَنْ كُنَّ فيهِ فَقَدْ رُزِقَ خَيْرَ الدُّنْيا وَالآخِرَةِ: هُنَّ الرِّضا بِالقَضاءِ، وَالصَّبْرُ عَلَى البَلاءِ، وَالشُّكْرُ فِي الرَّخاءِ.