Greed الحِرص

1. Greed is a disgrace and a humiliation for the one who espouses it.

1ـ الحِرْصُ ذُلٌّ ومَهانَةٌ لِمَنْ يَسْتَشْعِرُهُ.

2. Greed is the cornerstone of poverty and the foundation of evil.

2ـ اَلحِرْصُ رَأسُ الفَقْرِ، وأُسُّ الشَّـرِّ.

3. Greed is one of the two miseries.

3ـ اَلحِرْصُ أحَدُ الشِّقائَيْنِ.

4. Greed, gluttony and stinginess are the result of ignorance.

4ـ اَلحِرْصُ، والشَّـرَهُ، والبُخْلُ، نَتيجَةُ الجَهْلِ.

5. Greed does not increase sustenance, rather it debases one’s status.

5ـ اَلحِرْصُ لايَزيدُ فِي الرِّزْقِ، ولكِنْ يُذِلُّ القَدْرَ.

6. Take revenge on your greed through contentment, just as you would avenge your enemy by retaliation.

6ـ إنْتَقِمْ مِنْ حِرْصِكَ بِالقُنُوعِ، كَما تَنْتَقِمُ مِنْ عَدُوِّكَ بِالقِصاصِ.

7. Be cautious of greed, for its possessor is subject to humiliation and suffering.

7ـ إتَّقُوا الحِرْصَ، فَإنَّ صاحِبَهُ رَهينُ ذُلّ وعَناء.

8. Be wary of greed, for it is a disgrace to the religion and the worst companion.

8ـ إيّاكَ والحِرْصَ فَإنَّهُ شَيْنُ الدّينِ، وبِئْسَ القَرينُ.

9. Verily in greed there is suffering.

9ـ إنَّ فِي الحِرْصِ لَعَناءً.

10. Greed is the riding mount of hardship.

10 ـ اَلحِرْصُ مَطِيَّةُ التَّعَبِ.

11. Greed is a sign of penury.

11ـ اَلحِرْصُ عَلامَةُ الفَقْرِ.

12. Greed has blameworthy consequences.

12ـ اَلحِرْصُ ذَمِيمُ المَغَبَّةِ.

13. Greed is a symbol of the wretched.

13ـ اَلحِرْصُ عَلامَةُ الأشْقياءِ.

14. Greed is [a trait that leads to] disgrace and suffering.

14ـ اَلحِرْصُ ذُلٌّ، وعَناءٌ.

15. Greed corrupts conviction.

15ـ اَلحِرْصُ يُفْسِدُ الإيقانَ.

16. Greed humiliates and causes misery.

16ـ اَلحِرْصُ يُذِلُّ ويُشْقي.

17. Greed is [a trait that results in] endless suffering.

17ـ اَلحِرْصُ عَناءٌ مُؤَبَّدٌ.

18. Greed degrades magnanimity.

18ـ اَلحِرْصُ يُزْري بِالْـمُرُوَّةِ.

19. Greed leads to many flaws (or great sins).

19ـ اَلحِرْصُ مُوقِعٌ في كَثيرِ (كَبيرِ) العُيُوبِ (الذُّنُوبِ).

20. Greed and gluttony earn wretchedness and humiliation.

20ـ اَلحِرْصُ، والشَّـرَهُ، يَكْسِبانِ الشَّقاءَ والذِّلَّةَ.

21. Greed diminishes the status of a man and does not increase his sustenance.

21ـ اَلحِرْصُ يَنْقُصُ قَدْرَ الرَّجُلِ، ولايَزيدُ في رِزْقِهِ.

22. Verily you cannot outrun your death, nor acquire that which is not for you, so why do you debase yourself O wretched one?!

22ـ إنَّكَ لَسْتَ بِسابِق أجَلَكَ، ولابِمَرْزُوقِ ما لَيْسَ لَكَ، فَلِما ذا تُشْقي نَفْسَكَ يا شَقِيُّ.

23. It is through greed that hardship comes about.

23ـ بِالحِرْصِ يَكُونُ العَناءُ.

24. The worst companion is greed.

24ـ بِئْسَ الرَّفيقُ الحِرْصُ.

25. The fruit of greed is hardship.

25ـ ثَمَرَةُ الحِرْصِ العَناءُ.

26. The fruit of greed is anguish.

26ـ ثَمَرَةُ الحِرْصِ النَّصَبُ.

27. Shunning greed severs gluttony and cupidity.

27ـ رَدُّ الحِرْصِ يَحْسِمُ الشَّـرَهَ، والمَطامِعَ.

28. Intense greed comes from strong gluttony and weakness of faith.

28ـ شِدَّةُ الحِرْصِ مِنْ قُوَّةِ الشِـرَّهِ وضَعْفِ الدّينِ.

29. Counter greed with contentment.

29ـ ضادُّوا الحِرصَ بِالقُنُوعِ.

30. Yielding to greed corrupts certitude.

30ـ طاعَةُ الحِرْصِ تُفْسِدُ اليَقينَ.

31. It is on doubt and lack of trust in Allah that greed and avarice are based.

31ـ عَلَى الشَّكِّ وقِلَّةِ الثِّقَةِ بِاللّهِ مَبْنَى الحِرْصِ والشُّحِّ.

32. The slave of greed is eternally wretched.

32ـ عَبْدُ الحِْرصِ مُخَلَّدُ الشِّقاءِ.

33. In greed there is hardship.

33ـ فِي الحِرْصِ العَناءُ.

34. In greed there is misery and anguish.

34ـ فِي الحِرْصِ الشَّقاءُ، والنَّصَبُ.

35. Greed has been paired up with hardship.

35ـ قُرِنَ الحِرْصُ بِالعَناءِ.

36. Greed [is a mount that] kills its rider.

36ـ قَتَلَ الحِرْصُ راكِبَهُ.

37. Reduce your greed and remain [satisfied] with what has been allocated to you of your sustenance, [by this] you will protect your faith.

37ـ قَصِّـرْ مِنْ حِرْصِكَ، وَقِفْ عِنْدَ المَقْدُورِ لَكَ مِنْ رِزْقِكَ، تُحْرِزْ دينَكَ.

38. How can there be relief from the suffering of greed for one who has not truly trusted [in Allah]?

38ـ كَيْفَ يَتَخَلَّصُ مِنْ عَناءِ الحِرْصِ مَنْ لَمْ يَصْدُقْ تَوَكُّلُهُ؟!

39. Too much greed makes its possessor miserable and abases him.

39ـ كَثْرَةُ الحِرْصِ تُشْقي صاحِبَهُ، وتُذِلُّ جانِبَهُ.

40. Not everyone who seeks, finds and not everyone who turns away, loses.

40ـ لَيْسَ كُلُّ مَنْ طَلَبَ وَجَدَ، لَيْسَ كُلُّ مَنْ أضَلَّ فَقَدَ.

41. One who is greedy becomes wretched and undergoes hardship.

41ـ مَنْ حَرَصَ شَقى وتَعَنّى.

42. One whose greed increases, his status is lowered.

42ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ حِرْصُهُ ذَلَّ قَدْرُهُ.

43. One who clothes himself with greed becomes poverty-stricken.

43ـ مَنِ ادَّرَعَ الحِرْصَ افْتَقَرَ.

44. One whose greed increases, his certitude decreases.

44ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ حِرْصُهُ قَلَّ يَقينُهُ.

45. One who is overcome by greed faces great humiliation.

45ـ مَنْ غَلَبَ عَلَيْهِ الحِرْصُ عَظُمَتْ ذِلَّتُهُ.

46. Nothing debases the self like greed and nothing disgraces [one’s] honour like stinginess.

46ـ ما أذَلَّ النَّفْسَ كَالحِرْصِ،وَ لاشانَ العِرْضَ كَالبُخْلِ.

47. How much agony is brought about by greed!

47ـ ما أجْلَبَ الحِرْصَ لِلنَّصَبِ.

48. One who acts greedily is wretched and dispraised.

48ـ مُسْتَعْمِلُ الحِرْصِ شَقِيٌّ مَذْمُومٌ.

49. Do not let greed overpower your patience.

49ـ لايَغْلِبِ الحِرصُ صَبْرَكُمْ.

50. There is no [good] health with gluttony.

50ـ لاصِحَّةَ مَعَ نَهَم.

51. A little greed leads to a lot of cupidity.

51ـ يَسيرُ الحِرْصِ يَحْمِلُ عَلى كَثيرِ الطَّمَعِ.