Hell Fire

Hellfire جهنم والنّار

    1. Hell is sufficient as a punishment.

1ـ كَفى بِجَهَنَّمَ نَـكالاً.

    2. He (‘a) said in his description of hell: [It is] a fire whose burning is intense, its roar is loud, its flames are rising, its blaze is incinerating, its groans are terrifying, its abatement is remote, its fuel is igniting, [and] its horrors are terrifying.

2ـ وَقالَ ـ عَليه السّلامُ ـ في وَصْفِ جَهَنَّمَ: نارٌ شديدٌ كَلْبُها، عال لَحَبُها، ساطِعٌ لَهَبُها، مُتَأَجِّجٌ سَعيرُها، مُتَغَيِّظٌ زَفيرُها، بَعيدٌ خُمُودُها، ذاك وقُودُها، مُتَخَوِّفٌ وَعيدُها.

    3. He (‘a) said while describing hell: Its inmate cannot leave, its prisoner cannot be released by ransom and its shackles cannot be broken. This abode has no fixed age so that it may perish, nor is there a lifespan for its inmates that they may pass away.

3ـ وقال ـ عليه السّلام ـ في وَصفِ جَهَنَّمِ: لايَظْعَنُ مُقيمُها، وَلا يُفادى أسيرُها، وَلا تُقْصَمُ كُبُولُها، لا مُدَّةَ لِلدّارِ فَتَفْنى، وَلا أجَلَ لِلْقَوْمِ فَيُقْضى.

    4. Verily all disbelieving schemers are inmates of the fire.

4ـ إنَّ أهْلَ النّارِ كُلُّ كَفُور مَكُور.

    5. He (‘a) also said in his description of hellfire: Its pits are engulfed [with fire], its sides are pitch-dark, its vessels are scorching hot and everything about it is horrid.

5ـ وقالَ ـ عَليه السّلام ـ في وَصْفِ النّارِ: غَمِرٌ قَرارُها، مُظْلِمَةٌ أقْطارُها، حامِيَةٌ قُدُورُها، فَظيعَةٌ أُمُورُها.

    6. None will be saved from the fire of hell except the one who abandons its actions (i.e. the actions that lead to it).

6ـ لَنْ يَنْجُوَ مِنَ النّارِ إلاّ التّارِكُ عَمَلَها.

    7. This tender skin does not have the tolerance to withstand the fire [of hell].

7ـ لَيْسَ لِهذا الجِلْدِ الرَّقيقِ صَبْرٌ عَلَى النّارِ.

    8. One who is afraid of hellfire keeps away from that which has been forbidden.

8ـ مَنْ أشْفَقَ مِنَ النّارِ اجْتَنَبَ المُحَرَّماتِ.

    9. The inmates of hell are eternally tormented.

9ـ وَفْدُ النّارِ أبَداً مُعَذَّبُونَ.

    10. The one who enters hellfire is forever wretched.

10ـ وارِدُ النّارِ مَؤَبَّدُ الشَّقاءِ.

    11. The fuel of hellfire on the Day of Judgment will comprise of every rich person who was miserly towards the poor with his wealth and every learned scholar who sold his Hereafter for the world.

11ـ وَقُودُ النّارِ يَوْمَ القِيمَةِ كُلُّ غَنِيّ بَخِلَ بِمالِهِ عَلَى الفُقَراءِ، وَكُلُّ عالِم باعَ الدّينَ بِالدُّنيا.

    12. Be wary of the fire whose heat is intense, whose pit is deep and whose ornaments are made of [molten] iron.

12ـ إحْذَرُوا ناراً حَرُّها شَديدٌ وقَعْرُها بَعيدٌ وحُلِيُّها حَديدٌ.

    13. Be wary of the fire whose tumultuous blaze is ready, its flames are intense and its torment is forever renewed.

13ـ إحْذَرُوا ناراً لَحيبُها عَتيدٌ و لَهَبُها شَديدٌ وعَذابُها أبَداً جديدٌ.

    14. Hellfire is the final end of the extremists.

14ـ النّار غايَةُ المُفْرِطينَ.