High Rank

High Rank الجاهُ وذو الجاه

1. The alms-tax of high rank [and power] is benefitting others with it.

1ـ زَكوةُ الجاهِ بَذْلُهُ.

2. One of the obligations of a person who possesses a high rank is to use it to grant the [needs of] one who seeks from him.

2ـ مِنَ الواجِبِ عَلى ذِي الجاهِ أنْ يَبْذُلَهُ لِطالِبِهِ.

3. One who benefits others with his high rank makes himself praiseworthy.

3ـ مَنْ بَذَلَ جاهَهُ اسْتَحْمَدَ.