1. Imbecility is misguidance.

1ـ اَلغَباوَةُ غِوايَةٌ.

2. Counter imbecility with astuteness.

2ـ ضادُّوا الغَباوَةَ بِالفِطْنَةِ.

3. It is enough of imbecility for a person to look at the faults of people when the same faults are hidden to him of himself.

3ـ كَفى بِالمَرْءِ غَباوَةً أنْ يَنْظُرَ مِنْ عُيُوبِ النّاسِ إلى ما خَفِيَ عَلَيْهِ مِنْ عُيُوبِهِ.

4. Imbecility is from the most detestable of traits.

4ـ مِنْ أقْبَحِ الشِّيَمِ الغَباوَةُ.