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The Intellect

The Intellect-العقل

1. The intellect is an honourable nobility that does not wear away.

1ـ اَلعَقْلُ شَرَفٌ كَريمٌ لايَبْلى.

2. The intellect is an inborn quality that increases through knowledge and experience.

2ـ اَلعَقْلُ غَريزَةٌ، تَزِيدُ بِالعِلْمِ والتَّجارِبِ.

3. The intellect and knowledge are joined together in one linkage, they neither separate nor do they differ.

3ـ اَلعَقْلُ، والعِلْمُ، مَقْرُونانِ في قَرَن، لايَفْتَرِقانِ، ولايَتَبايَنانِ.

4. The intellect is the greatest of riches and the highest honour in [both] the Hereafter and this world.

4ـ اَلعَقْلُ أغْنَى الغِنى، وغايَةُ الشَّرَفِ فِي الآخِرَةِ والدُّنيا.

5. The intellect is the most beautiful adornment and knowledge is the most honourable merit.

5ـ اَلعَقْلُ أجْمَلُ زِينَة، والعِلْمُ أشْرَفُ مَزِيَّة.

6. The intellect is the root of knowledge and the herald of understanding.

6ـ اَلعَقْلُ أصْلُ العِلْمِ، وداعِيَةُ الفَهْمِ.

7. Intelligence is an advantage, knowledge is an elevation and patience is a defence [and a means of repelling hardships].

7ـ اَلعَقْلُ مَنْفَعَةٌ، والعِلْمُ مَرْفَعةٌ، والصَّبْرُ مَدْفَعَةٌ.

8. The intellect is the close friend of a believer, knowledge is his vizier, patience is the commander of his army and action is his overseer.

8ـ اَلعَقْلُ خَلِيلُ المُؤْمِنِ، والعِلْمُ وَزيرُهُ، والصَّبْرُ أمِيرُ جُنُودِهِ، والعَمَلُ قَيِّمُهُ.

9. The intellect is the leader of the army of the Most Merciful and vain desire is the chief of the army of Satan, and the soul is pulled back and forth between them, so whichever of them is victorious, it (i.e. the soul) is in its domain.

9ـ اَلعَقْلُ صاحِبُ جَيْشِ الرَّحْمنِ، والهَوى قائِدُ جَيْشِ الشَّيْطانِ، وَالنَّفْسُ مُتَجاذِبَةٌ بَيْنَهُما، فَأيُّهُما غَلَبَ كانَتْ في حَيِّزِهِ.

10. Intellect and lust are opposites; the supporter of the intellect is knowledge and the adorner of lust is vain desire, and the soul is contended for between the two, so whichever is triumphant, it is on its side.

10ـ اَلعَقْلُ والشَّهْوَةُ ضِدّانِ، ومُؤَيِّدُ العَقْلِ العِلْمُ، ومُزَيِّنُ الشَّهْوَةِ الهَوى، والنَّفْسُ مُتَنازِعَةٌ بَيْنَهُما، فَأيُّهُما قَهَرَ كانَتْ في جانِبِهِ.

11. Intelligence is for you to be moderate and not indulge in extravagance, to promise and not to break your promise, and to be forbearing when you get angry.

11ـ اَلعَقْلُ أنَّكَ تَقْتَصِدُ فَلاتُسْرِفْ، وَتَعِدُ فَلا تُخْلِفُ، وإذا غَضِبْتَ حَلُمْتَ.

12. Intelligence is for you to speak [only] of what you know and to act upon what you say.

12ـ اَلعَقلُ أنْ تَقُولَ ما تَعْرِفُ، وتَعْمَلَ بِما تَنْطِقُ بِهِ.

13. The intellect guides and saves whereas ignorance misleads and destroys.

13ـ اَلعَقْلُ يَهْدي ويُنْجي، والجَهْلُ يُغْوي ويُرْدي.

14. The intellect is a praiseworthy friend.

14ـ اَلعَقْلُ صَديقٌ مَحْمُودٌ.

15. Seek right guidance from the intellect and oppose vain desire, [by this] you will gain success.

15ـ اِسْتَرْشِدِ العَقْلَ، وخالِفِ الهَوى تُنْجِحْ.

16. Fetter your intellect, control your affair, struggle with your [lower] self, and exert your effort in working for the Hereafter.

16ـ إعْقَلْ عَقْلَكَ، وامْلِكْ أمْرَكَ، وجاهِدْ نَفْسَكَ، واعْمَلْ للآخِرَةِ جَهْدَكَ.

17. Where are the intellects that light up (or that accompany) the lamps of guidance?

17ـ أيْنَ العُقُولُ المُسْتَصْبِحَةُ (المُسْتَصْحَبَةُ) لِمَصابِيحِ الهُدى؟!

18. The best intellect is [that which leads one to] right guidance.

18ـ أفْضَلُ العَقْلِ الرَّشادُ.

19. The best of blessings is the intellect.

19ـ أفْضَلُ النِّعَمِ العَقْلُ.

20. The beginning of intelligence is being friendly [with the people].

20ـ أوَّلُ العَقْلِ التَّوَدُّدُ.

21. The best intelligence is [that which leads to] good etiquette.

21ـ أفْضَلُ العَقْلِ اَلأدَبُ.

22. The best intelligence is keeping away from idle sport.

22ـ أفْضَلُ العَقْلِ مُجانَبَةُ اللَّهْوِ.

23. The best intelligence is for a person to know his self, for the one who knows his self becomes wise and the one who fails to know it goes astray.

23ـ أفْضَلُ العَقْلِ مَعْرِفَةُ الإنْسانِ نَفْسَهُ، فَمَنْ عَرَفَ نَفْسَهُ عَقَلَ، ومَنْ جَهِلَها ضَلَّ.

24. The best intelligence is taking lesson [from the past], the best prudence is precaution and the biggest foolishness is being deceived [by worldly allures].

24ـ أفْضَلُ العَقْلِ اَلاِعْتِبارُ، وأفْضَلُ الحَزْمِ الاِسْتِظْهارُ، وأكْبَرُ الحُمْقِ الاِغْتِرارُ.

25. The best portion of a person is his intellect, if he gets humiliated it restores his honour, if he falls it raises him, if he goes astray it guides him and if he talks it directs him.

25ـ أفْضَلُ حَظِّ الرَّجُلِ عَقْلُهُ، إنْ ذَلَّ أعَزَّهُ، وإنْ سَقَطَ رَفَعَهُ، وإنْ ضَلَّ أرْشَدَهُ، وَإنْ تَكَلَّمَ سَدَّدَهُ.

26. Verily Allah, the Glorified, loves the sound intellect and the upright action.

26ـ إنَّ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ يُحِبُّ العَقْلَ القَويمَ، والعَمَلَ المُسْتَقيمَ.

27. Verily the one who has been bestowed with a sound intellect and upright action by Allah has indeed been granted with a manifest blessing and a great bounty.

27ـ إنَّ مَنْ رَزَقَهُ اللّهُ عَقْلاً قَويماً، وعَمَلاً مُسْتَقيماً، فَقَدْ ظاهَرَ لَدَيْهِ النِّعْمَةَ، وأعْظَمَ عَلَيْهِ المِنَّـةَ.

28. Intelligence is an adornment and foolishness is a disgrace.

28ـ اَلعَقْلُ زَيْنٌ، الحُمْقُ شَيْنٌ.

29. Intelligence is closeness, foolishness is estrangement.

29ـ اَلعَقْلُ قُرْبَةٌ، الحُمْقُ غُرْبَةٌ.

30. Intelligence is a remedy, foolishness is misery.

30ـ اَلعَقْلُ شِفاءٌ، اَلحُمْقُ شَقاءٌ.

31. Intellects are gifts, etiquettes are earned.

31ـ العُقُولُ مَواهِبُ، الآدابُ مَكاسِبُ.

32. The intellect is the excellence of human beings.

32ـ اَلعَقْلُ فَضيلَةُ الإنْسانِ.

33. The intellect is the messenger of the truth.

33ـ اَلعَقْلُ رَسُولُ الحَقِّ.

34. The intellect is a friend that has been cut-off.

34ـ اَلعَقْلُ صَديقٌ مَقْطُوعٌ.

35. The intellect is a solver of every issue.

35ـ اَلعَقْلُ مُصْلِحُ كُلِّ أمْر.

36. The intellect is not deceived.

36ـ اَلعَقْلُ لايَنْخَدِعُ.

37. The intellect is the herald of comprehension.

37ـ العَقْلُ داعِى الفَهْمِ.

38. The intellect is the strongest foundation.

38ـ العَقْلُ أقْوى أساس.

39. Intellect is the best thing that is hoped for.

39ـ اَلعَقْلُ أفْضَلُ مَرْجُوّ.

40. Intelligence improves deliberation.

40ـ اَلعَقْلُ يُحْسِنُ الرَّوِيَّةَ.

41. The intellect is the spring of goodness.

41ـ اَلعَقْلُ يَنْبُوعُ الخَيْرِ.

42. Intelligence is the preservation of [what is learnt through] experiences.

42ـ اَلعَقْلُ حِفْظُ التَّجارِبِ.

43. The intellect is the best ornament.

43ـ اَلعَقْلُ أحْسَنُ حِلْيَة.

44. The intellect necessitates caution.

44ـ اَلعَقْلُ يُوجِبُ الحَذَرَ.

45. Intellect is the vehicle of knowledge.

45ـ اَلعَقْلُ مَرْكَبُ العِلْمِ.

46. The intellect is a sharp [cutting] sword.

46ـ اَلعَقْلُ حُسامٌ قاطِعٌ.

47. Intellect is the most honourable merit.

47ـ اَلعَقْلُ أشْرَفُ مَزِيَّة.

48. The intellect is [like] a new attire that does not get worn out.

48ـ اَلعَقْلُ ثَوْبٌ جَديدٌ لايَبْلى.

49. The intellect frees [one] from evil and enjoins [one to do] good.

49ـ اَلعَقْلُ مُنَزِّهٌ عَنِ المُنْكَرِ آمِرٌ بِالمَعْرُوفِ.

50. The intellect is an intimate friend that is relied on in every situation.

50ـ اَلعَقْلُ حَيْثُ كانَ آلِفٌ، مَأْلُوفٌ.

51. The intellect is a tree whose fruits are generosity and modesty.

51ـ اَلعَقْلُ شَجَرَةٌ، ثَمَرُها السَّخاءُ والحَياءُ.

52. The intellect is an adornment for the one who is endowed with it.

52ـ اَلعَقْلُ زَيْنٌ لِمَنْ رَزِقَهُ.

53. The intellect gives one a sense of familiarity when he is away from his homeland.

53ـ اَلعَقْلُ فِي الغُرْبَةِ قُرْبَةٌ.

54. The intellect elevates one to the lofty stations [in Paradise].

54ـ اَلعَقْلُ رَقِيٌّ إلى عِلِّييّنَ.

55. Verily, when I find a quality from the good qualities firmly ingrained in a person, I judge him according to it, and I forgive him for not possessing other than it; but I never exonerate him for not possessing intelligence or for lacking religion, because separation from religion is departure from security, and life is not wholesome with fear, and lack of intellect is lack of life, and the dead are not interacted with.

55ـ إنّي إذَا اسْتَحْكَمْتُ فيِ الرَّجُلِ خَصْلَةً مِنْ خِصالِ الخَيْـرِ اِحْتَمَلْتُهُ لَها، واغْتَفَرْتُ لَهُ فَقْدَ ما سِواها، وَلاأغْتَفِرُ لَهُ فَقْدَ عَقْل، وَلاعَدْمَ دين، لأنَّ مُفارَقَةَ الدّينِ مُفارَقَةُ الأمْنِ، وَلاتَهْنَأُ حَياةٌ مَعَ مَخافَة، وعَدَمُ العَقْلِ عَدَمُ الحَياةِ، وَلاتُعاشَرُ الأمْواتُ.

56. Verily you are gauged by your intellect, so develop it with knowledge.

56ـ إنَّكَ مَوْزُونٌ بِعَقْلِكَ، فَزَكِّهِ بِالعِلْمِ.

57. Intellect is nothing but eschewing sin, considering the consequences [of one’s actions] and being [resolute and] prudent.

57ـ إنَّما العَقْلُ اَلتَّجَنُّبُ مِنَ الإثْمِ، والنَّظَرُ فِي العَواقِبِ، والأخْذُ بِالحَزْمِ.

58. The bane of intellect is self-conceit.

58ـ آفَةُ اللُّبِّ العُجْبُ.

59. When the intellect is complete, speech decreases.

59ـ إذا تَمَّ العَقْلُ نَقَصَ الكَلامُ.

60. When the intellect becomes complete, lust diminishes.

60ـ إذا كَمُلَ العَقْلُ نَقَصَتِ الشَّهْوَةُ.

61. It is through the intellect that the deepest wisdom is brought out.

61ـ بِالعَقْلِ يُسْتَخْرَجُ غَوْرُ الحِكْمَةِ.

62. Through the intellect, [acts of goodness and] virtues are attained.

62ـ بِالعَقْلِ تُنالُ الخَيْراتُ.

63. Through the intellect, the condition of the creatures is set right.

63ـ بِالعَقْلِ صَلاحُ البَرِيَّةِ.

64. Through abundant intellect, forbearance becomes abundant.

64ـ بِوُفُورِ العَقْلِ يَتَوَفَّرُ الحِلْمُ.

65. Through the intellects, the pinnacle of sciences (or matters) is attained.

65ـ بِالعُقُولِ تُنالُ ذِرْوَةُ العُلُومِ (الأُمُورِ).

66. By leaving that which does not concern you, your intellect becomes complete.

66ـ بِتَرْكِ ما لايَعْنيكَ يَتِمُّ لَكَ العَقْلُ.

67. Perfection of the soul is [attained] through the intellect.

67ـ بِالعَقْلِ كَمالُ النَّفْسِ.

68. It is through the intellect that every affair is set aright.

68ـ بِالعَقْلِ صَلاحُ كُلِّ أمْر.

69. The completion of the intellect (or of action) is in its perfection.

69ـ تَمامُ العَقْلِ (العَمَلِ) اِسْتِكْمالُهُ.

70. The purification of a man is through his intellect.

70ـ تَزْكِيَةُ الرَّجُلِ عَقْلُهُ.

71. The fruit of intellect is steadfastness [and uprightness].

71ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ الاِسْتِقامَةُ.

72. The fruit of intellect is adherence to the truth.

72ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ لُزوُمُ الحَقِّ.

73. The fruit of intellect is association with the virtuous.

73ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ صُحْبَةُ الأخْيارِ.

74. The fruit of intellect is working for salvation.

74ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ العَمَلُ للنَّجاةِ.

75. The fruit of intellect is being affable with the people.

75ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ مُداراةُ النّاسِ.

76. The fruit of intellect is honesty.

76ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ الصِّدْقُ.

77. The fruit of intellect is aversion to this world and subdual of vain desire.

77ـ ثَمَرَةُ العَقْلِ مَقْتُ الدُّنيا، وَقَمْعُ الهَوى.

78. There are three things by which the intellects of people are tested: wealth, authority and adversity.

78ـ ثَلاثٌ يُمْتَحَنُ بِها عُقُولُ الرِّجالِ: هُنَّ المالُ، والوِلايَةُ، وَالمُصيبَةُ.

79. Three things show the intelligence of their lords: the messenger, the message and the gift.

79ـ ثَلاثَةٌ تَدُلُّ عَلى عُقُولِ أرْبابِها: الرَّسُولُ، والكِتابُ، وَالهَدِيَّةُ.

80. A strong intellect is the beauty of the outward and inward facets [of a human being].

80 ـ حُسْنُ العَقلِ جَمالُ الظَّواهِرِ والبَواطِنِ.

81. A good intellect is the best pathfinder.

81 ـ حُسْنُ العَقْلِ أفْضَلُ رائِد.

82. The [highest] limit of the intellect is considering the consequences [of actions] and being pleased with what has been decreed [by Allah].

82 ـ حَدُّ العَقْلِ النَّظَرُ فِي العَواقِبِ، والرِّضا بِما يَجْري بِهِ القَضاءُ.

83. It is forbidden upon every intellect that is shacked by (or sick with) lust to benefit from wisdom.

83 ـ حَرامٌ عَلى كُلِّ عَقْل مَغْلُول (مَعْلُول) بِالشَّهْوَةِ أنْ يَنْتَفِعَ بِالحِكْمَةِ.

84. The peak of intellect is separation from the perishing and attachment to the everlasting.

84 ـ حَدُّ العَقْلِ اَلاِنْفِصالُ عَنِ الفاني، والاِتِّصالُ بِالباقي.

85. Preservation of the intellect is through opposing vain desire and turning away from this world.

85ـ حِفْظُ العَقْلِ بِمُخالَفَةِ الهَوى، والعُزُوفِ عَنِ الدُّنيا.

86. The best of divine gifts [to human beings] is the intellect.

86 ـ خَيْـرُ المَواهِبِ العَقْلُ.

87. The indication of a person’s intellect is his speech.

87 ـ دَليلُ عَقْلِ الرَّجُلِ قَوْلُهُ.

88. The departure [and loss] of intellect is between vain desire and lust.

88 ـ ذَهابُ العَقْلِ بَيْنَ الهَوى والشَّهْوَةِ.

89. Kindle your intellect with etiquette just as you kindle fire with firewood.

89 ـ ذَكِّ عَقْلَكَ بِالأدَبِ كَما تُذَكَّى النّارُ بِالحَطَبِ.

90. The staidness of the intellect is put to the test in times of happiness and sadness.

90ـ رَزانَةُ العَقْلِ تُخْتَبَرُ فِي الرِّضا، والحُزْنِ.

91. A heightened intellect saves [one from perdition].

91ـ زِيادَةُ العَقْلِ تُنْجي.

92. There are six situations in which the intellects of people are tested: association, transaction, authority, isolation, affluence and poverty.

92ـ سِتَّةٌ تُخْتَبَرُ بِها عُقُولُ الرِّجالِ: اَلمُصاحَبَةُ، والمُعامَلَةُ، والوِلايَةُ، وَالعَزْلُ، والغِنى، والفَقْرُ.

93. There are six things that assay the intellects of people: forbearance when angry, patience when frightened, carefulness in obeying Allah in every situation, friendliness in dealing with others and reduced arguing [and quarrelling].

93ـ سِتَّةٌ تُخْتَبَرُ بِها عُقُولُ النّاسِ: الحِلْمُ عِنْدَ الغَضَبِ، والصَّبْرُ عِنْد الرَّهْبِ، والقَصْدُ عِنْدَ الرَّغْبِ،وَ تَقْوىَ اللّهِ في كُلِّ حال، وحُسْنُ المُداراةِ، وَقِلَّةُ المُماراةِ.

94. The rectitude of the intellect is [in] good etiquette.

94ـ صَلاحُ العَقْلِ الأدَبُ.

95. The friend of every person is his intellect and his enemy is his ignorance.

95ـ صَديقُ كُلِّ امْرِء عَقْلُهُ، وعَدُوُّهُ جَهْلُهُ.

96. Straying of the intellect distances one from right guidance and corrupts his Hereafter.

96ـ ضَلالُ العَقْلِ يُبَعِّدُ مِنَ الرَّشادِ ويُفْسِدُ المَعادَ.

97. The straying of the intellect is the most serious deviation, and the abasement (or error) of ignorance is the greatest abasement (or error).

97ـ ضَلالُ العَقْلِ أشَدُّ ضَلَّة، وذِلَّةُ (زَلَّةُ) الجَهْلِ أعْظَمُ ذِلَّة(زَلَّة).

98. You must develop your intellect, for there is no wealth more profitable than it.

98ـ عَلَيْكَ بِالعَقْلِ فَلا مالَ أعْوَدُ مِنْهُ.

99. In times of trial (or perplexity) the [level of] intellects of the people are revealed.

99ـ عِنْدَ الخِبْرَةِ (الحِيْرَة) تَنْكَشِفُ عُقُولُ الرِّجالِ.

100. In times of impromptu speech, the intellects of people are tested.

100ـ عِنْدَ بَديهَةِ المَقالِ تُخْتَبَرُ عُقُولُ الرِّجالِ.

101. When covetousness and false hopes deceive, the minds of the ignorant are beguiled and the intellects of people are tested.

101ـ عِنْدَ غُرُورِ الأطْماعِ، والآمالِ، تَنْخَدِعُ عُقُولُ الجُهَّالِ وتُخْتَبَرُ اَلْبابُ الرِّجالِ.

102. The symbol of intellect is being affable with the people.

102ـ عُنْوانُ العَقْلِ مُداراةُ النّاسِ.

103. The intellect of a person is his order, his etiquette is his foundation, his honesty is his leader and his gratitude is his perfection.

103ـ عَقْلُ المَرْءِ نِظامُهُ، وأدَبُهُ قِوامُهُ، وصِدْقُهُ إمامُهُ، وشُكْرُهُ تَمامُهُ.

104. The intellects of the erudite scholars are in the points of their pens.

104ـ عُقُولُ الفُضَلاءِ في أطْرافِ أقْلامِها (مِهِمْ).

105. The highest distinction of a person is the excellence of his intellect.

105ـ غايَةُ المَرْءِ حُسْنُ عَقْلِهِ.

106. The highest degree of intelligence is admitting to [one’s] ignorance.

106ـ غايَةُ العَقْلِ اَلاِعْتِرافُ بِالجَهْلِ.

107. The intrinsic nature of the intellect impels it to employ justice.

107ـ غَريزَةُ العَقْلِ تَحْدُو عَلَى اسْتِعْمالِ العَدْلِ.

108. The intrinsic nature of the intellect rejects dispraised action.

108ـ غَريزَةُ العَقْلِ تَأبى ذَميمَ الفِعْلِ.

109. The mind that is sick with anger and lust does not benefit from wisdom.

109ـ غَيْرُ مُنْتَفِع بِالحِكْمَةِ عَقْلٌ مَعْلُولٌ بالغَضَبِ والشَّهْوَةِ.

110. The veil of flaws is the intellect.

110ـ غِطاءُ العُيُوبِ العَقْلُ.

111. Lack of intellect is wretchedness.

111ـ فَقْدُ العَقْلِ شَقاءٌ.

112. Corruption of the intellect is [in] being deluded by deceptions.

112ـ فَسادُ العَقْلِ الاِغْتِرارُ بِالخُدَعِ.

113. The excellence of the intellect is [in] indifference towards [the pleasures of] this world.

113ـ فَضيلَةُ العَقْلِ الزَّهادَةُ.

114. At times [relying on] the intellect alone may lead [one] astray.

114ـ قَدْ يَضِلُّ العَقْلُ الفَذُّ.

115. How many a lowly person has been made venerable by his intellect.

115ـ كَمْ مِنْ ذَليل أعَزَّهُ عَقْلُهُ.

116. Many a mind has been made subservient by a commanding desire.

116ـ كَمْ مِنْ عَقْل أسير عِنْدَ هَوىً أمير.

117. Intelligence is sufficient as wealth.

117ـ كَفى بِالعَقْلِ غِنىً.

118. It is enough of intelligence for a person to be moderate in his pursuits.

118ـ كَفى بِالمَرْءِ عَقْلاً أنْ يُجْمِلَ في مَطالِبِهِ.

119. It suffices for your intellect to distinguish for you right guidance from error.

119ـ كَفاكَ مِنْ عَقْلِكَ ما أبانَ لَكَ رُشْدَكَ مِنْ غَيِّكَ.

120. Be quick to respond to your intellect and delay in responding to your vain desire.

120ـ كُنْ لِعَقْلِكَ مُسْعِفاً ولِهَواكَ مُسَوِّفاً.

121. Whenever the intellect of a person increases, his faith in divine decree becomes stronger and he takes the changing events [that bring worldly loss to him] lightly.

121ـ كُلَّمَا ازْدادَ عَقْلُ الرَّجُلِ قَوِيَ إيمانُهُ بِالقَدَرِ، واسْتَخَفَّ بِالغِيَرِ.

122. The gain of the intellect is refraining from harming others.

122ـ كَسْبُ العَقْلِ كَفُّ الأذى.

123. The manner of action points to the measure of intelligence, so make good choices for it and be more precautious with regards to it.

123ـ كَيْفِيَّةُ الفِعْلِ تَدُلُّ عَلى كَمِّيَّةِ العَقْلِ، فَأحْسِنْ لَهُ الاِخْتِيارَ، وأكْثِرْ عَلَيْهِ الاِسْتِظْهارَ.

124. The intellect acquires consideration and precaution whereas ignorance earns negligence and deception.

124ـ كَسْبُ العَقْلِ اَلاِعْتِبارُ والاِسْتِظْهارُ، وكَسْبُ الجَهْلِ اَلغَفْلَةُ وَاَلاِغْتِرارُ.

125. The perfection of a person is his intellect and his value is his benevolence.

125ـ كَمالُ المَرْءِ عَقْلُهُ وقيمَتُهُ فَضْلُهُ.

126. The perfection of a human being is his intellect.

126ـ كَمالُ الإنْسانِ العَقْلُ.

127. Everything has a pinnacle, and the pinnacle of a person is his intellect.

127ـ لِكُلِّ شَـيْء غايَةٌ وغايَةُ المَرْءِ عَقْلُهُ.

128. For everything there is an alms-tax and the alms-tax of intelligence is tolerating the ignorant ones.

128ـ لِكُلِّ شَـيْء زَكاةٌ وزَكاةُ العَقْلِ اِحْتِمالِ الجُهّالِ.

129. The intellect will never be adorned until it is complemented by forbearance.

129ـ لَنْ يُزانَ العَقْلُ حَتّى يُواذِرَهُ الحِلْمُ.

130. If the intellect was sound, every person would take advantage of [every moment of] his time.

130ـ لَوْ صَحَّ العَقْلُ لاغْتَنَمَ كُلُّ امْرِء مَهَلَهُ.

131. One who seeks the support of the intellect is supported by it.

131ـ مَنِ اسْتَرْفَدَ العَقْلَ أرْفَدَهُ.

132. Whoever seeks assistance from the intellect, it shows him the right direction.

132ـ مَنِ اسْتَعانَ بِالعَقْلِ سَدَّدَهُ.

133. One whose intellect is weak has bad oratory.

133ـ مَنْ قَلَّ عَقْلُهُ ساءَ خِطابُهُ.

134. Do not have any expectations from one who has no intellect.

134ـ مَنْ لاعَقْلَ لَهُ لاتَرْتَجيهِ.

135. One whose intellect is complete scorns lustful desires.

135ـ مَنْ كَمُلَ عَقْلُهُ اِسْتَهانَ بِالشَّهَواتِ.

136. One of the most affirming [and effective] means of intelligence is showing compassion to the ignorant ones.

136ـ مِنْ أوْكَدِ أسْبابِ العَقْلِ رَحْمَةُ الجُهّالِ.

137. From the most perfect of blessings is abundance of intellect.

137ـ مِنْ كَمالِ النِّعَمِ وُفُورُ العَقْلِ.

138. Keeping away from wastefulness and good management [skills] are from [the fruits of] intelligence.

138ـ مِنَ العَقْلِ مُجانَبَةُ التَّبْذِيرِ، وحُسْنُ التَّدْبيرِ.

139. Adorning oneself with forbearance (or knowledge) is from the best intelligence.

139ـ مِنْ أحْسَنِ العَقْلِ التَّحَلّي بِالحِلْمِ (بِالعِلمِ).

140. The rectitude of the creation is [achieved through] the intellect.

140ـ صَلاحُ البَرِيَّةِ العَقْلُ.

141. The intellect of every person is deduced by what passes upon his tongue.

141ـ يُسْتَدَلُّ عَلى عَقْلِ كُلِّ امْرِى بِما يَجْري عَلى لِسانِهِ.

142. The intellect of a man is indicated by his good speech and the purity of his roots is evinced by his beautiful actions.

142ـ يُسْتَدَلُّ عَلى عَقْلِ الرَّجُلِ بِحُسْنِ مَقالِهِ، وعَلى طَهارَةِ أصْلِهِ بِجَميلِ أفْعالِهِ.

143. The intellect of a man is evinced by his increased dignity and his virtuous tolerance, and his honourable lineage is attested to by his beautiful actions.

143ـ يُسْتَدَلُّ عَلى عَقْلِ الرَّجُلِ بِكَثْرَةِ وَقارِهِ، وحُسْنِ احْتِمالِهِ، وعلى أكْرَمِ أصْلِهِ بِحُسْنِ أفْعالِهِ.

144. One whose intellect overpowers his vain desire is successful.

144ـ مَنْ غَلَبَ عَقْلُهُ هَواهُ أفْلَحَ.

145. One whose vain desire overpowers his intellect is disgraced.

145ـ مَنْ غَلَبَ هَواهُ عَقْلَهُ اِفْتَضَحَ.

146. One who loses his wits is not bypassed by abasement.

146ـ مَنْ فاتَهُ العَقْلُ لَمْ يَعْدُهُ الذُّلُّ.

147. One who is held back by intellect is driven forward by ignorance.

147ـ مَنْ قَعَدَ بِهِ العَقْلُ قامَ بِهِ الجَهْلُ.

148. Nothing is purified in the sight of Allah, the Glorified, except the cognizant mind and the disinclined soul [from the pleasures of this world].

148ـ لايَزْكُو عِنْدَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ إلاّ عَقْلٌ عارِفٌ ونَفْسٌ عَزُوفٌ.

149. There is nothing better than an intellect with knowledge, and knowledge with forbearance, and forbearance with power [to punish].

149ـ لاشَـيْءَ أحْسَنُ مِنْ عَقْل مَعَ عِلْم، وعِلْم مَعَ حِلْم، وحِلْم مَعَ قُدْرَة.

150. The intellect of a man is indicated by his adorning himself with chastity and contentment.

150ـ يُسْتَدَلُّ عَلى عَقْلِ الرَّجُلِ بِالتَّحَلّي بِالعِفَّةِ والقَناعَةِ.

151. There is no wealth like intelligence.

151ـ لاغِنى كَالعَقْلِ.

152. There is no intelligence like feigning ignorance [when in the company of those who lack etiquette].

152ـ لاعَقْلَ كَالتَّجاهُلِ.

153. Intellect and vain desire do not go together.

153ـ لايَجْتَمِعُ العَقْلُ والهَوى.

154. There is no possession more beneficial than intellect.

154ـ لامالَ أعْوَدُ مِنَ العَقْلِ.

155. There is no beauty more exquisite than intellect.

155ـ لاجَمالَ أزْيَنُ مِنَ العَقْلِ.

156. There is no blessing better than intellect.

156ـ لانِعْمَةَ أفْضَلُ مِن عَقْل.

157. The intellect does not beguile one who takes it advice.

157ـ لايَغُشُّ العَقْلُ مَنِ انْتَصَحَهُ.

158. There is no good in an intellect that is not accompanied by forbearance.

158ـ لاخَيْرَ في عَقْل لايُقارِنُهُ حِلْمٌ.

159. There is no ailment more debilitating than lack of intellect.

159ـ لامَرَضَ أضْنى مِنْ قِلَّةِ العَقْلِ.

160. He who has no intellect has no religion.

160ـ لادينَ لِمَنْ لاعَقْلَ لَهُ.

161. One who loses [the friendship of] an intelligent one shows the weakness of his [own] intellect.

161ـ مَنْ ضَيَّعَ عاقِلاً دَلَّ عَلى ضَعْفِ عَقْلِهِ.

162. One who puts his intellect before his vain desire, his undertakings become good.

162ـ مَنْ قَدَّمَ عَقْلَهُ عَلى هَواهُ حَسُنَتْ مَساعيهِ.

163. One who masters his intellect is indeed wise.

163ـ مَنْ مَلَكَ عَقْلَهُ كانَ حَكيماً.

164. One who considers [and learns from the past] with his intellect, perceives.

164ـ مَنِ اعْتَبَرَ بِعَقْلِهِ اِسْتَبانَ.

165. One whose intellect becomes stronger takes more lessons [from the past].

165ـ مَنْ قَوِيَ عَقْلُهُ أكْثَرَ الاِعْتِبارَ.

166. Accumulating provisions for the Day of Return is from intelligence.

166ـ مِنَ العَقْلِ التَّزَوُّدُ لِيَوْمِ المَعادِ.

167. One of the signs of intelligence is speaking what is right.

167ـ مِنْ دَلائِلِ العَقْلِ النُّطْقُ بِالصَّوابِ.

168. Acting on the [established] practice of justice is from the signs of intelligence.

168ـ مِنْ عَلاماتِ العَقْلِ العَمَلُ بِسُنَّةِ العَدْلِ.

169. Nothing embellishes virtues like the intellect.

169ـ ما جَمَّلَ الفَضائِلَ كَاللُّبِّ.

170. Allah, the Glorified, has not apportioned anything among his servants better than intellect.

170ـ ما قَسَمَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ بَيْنَ عِبادِهِ شَيْئاً أفْضَلَ مِنَ العَقْلِ.

171. Allah, the Glorified, has only entrusted man with an intellect so that it may one day deliver him.

171ـ مَا اسْتَوْدَعَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ امْرَءاً عَقْلاً إلاّ لِيَسْتَنْقِذَهُ بِهِ يَوْماً.

172. The basis of [the rightness of] an affair is the intellect.

172ـ مِلاكُ الأمْرِ العَقْلُ.

173. With intellect, forbearance [and judiciousness] becomes abundant.

173ـ مَعَ العَقْلِ يَتَوَفَّرُ الحِلْمُ.

174. The distinguishing feature of a man is his intellect and his beauty is his magnanimity.

174ـ مَيْزَةُ الرَّجُلِ عَقْلُهُ، وجَمالُهُ مُرُوَّتُهُ.

175. Whoever is incapable of using his own present intellect, then he is more helpless with regards to the far-off intelligence [of others] and the one who is absent from him is more useless [to him].

175ـ مَنْ عَجَزَ عَنْ حاضِرِ لُبِّهِ، فَهُوَ عَنْ غائِبِهِ أعْجَزُ ومَنْ غائِبُهُ أعْوَزُ؟!