1. Islam means submission [to the will of Allah], and submission means certitude, and certitude means attestation, and attestation means confirmation, and confirmation means execution, and execution means action.

1ـ الإسْلامُ هُوَ التَّسليمُ، والتَّسْليمُ هُوَ اليَقيْـنُ،وَ اليَقيْـنُ هُوَ التَّصْديقُ، وَالتَّصْديقُ هُوَ الإقْرارُ، والإقْرارُ هُوَ الأداءُ، والأداءُ هُوَ العَمَلُ.

2. Verily Islam has a goal, so strive towards its goal and proceed towards Allah by fulfilling that which He has ordained upon you of His rights.

2ـ إنَّ للإسْلامِ غايَةً فَانْتَهُوا إلى غايَتِهِ، واخْرُجُوا إلَى اللّهِ مِمّا افْتَرَضَ عَلَيْكُمْ مِنْ حُقُوقِهِ.

3. Islam is the most illuminated course.

3ـ اَلإسْلامُ أبْلَجُ المَناهِجِ.

4. And he (‘a) said about Islam: It is an instruction for the resolute, a sign for the one who examines it [carefully], a lesson for the one who takes heed and a salvation for the one who accepts it.

4ـ وقال ـ عليه السّلام ـ في ذكرِ الإسْلامِ: تَبْصِرَةٌ لِمَنْ عَزَمَ، وآيَةٌ لِمَنْ تَوَسَّمَ، وَعِبْرَةٌ لِمَنِ اتَّعَظَ، ونَجاةٌ لِمَنْ صَدَّقَ.

5. The embellishment of Islam is performing righteous actions.

5ـ زينَةُ الإسْلامِ إعْمالُ الإحْسانِ.

6. Allah has prescribed Islam for you and has made its laws easy, and He has strengthened its pillars against those who wage war with it.

6ـ شَرَعَ اللّهُ لَكُمُ الإسْلامَ، فَسَهَّلَ شَرايِعَهُ، وأعَزَّ أرْكانَهُ على مَنْ حارَبَهُ.

7. The outward side of Islam is radiant and its inward aspect is elegant.

7ـ ظاهِرُ الإسْلامِ مُشْرِقٌ، وباطِنُهُ مُونِقٌ.

8. The objective of Islam is [complete] submission [to the will of Allah].

8ـ غايَةُ الإسْلامِ التَّسليمُ.

9. Islam [has been prescribed] as a security form dangers.

9ـ وَالإسْلامَ أماناً مِنَ المَخاوِفِ.

10. The basis of Islam is truthfulness [in speech].

10ـ مِلاكُ الإسْلامِ صِدْقُ اللِّسانِ.

11. There is no fortress better fortified than Islam.

11ـ لامَعْقِلَ أمْنَعُ مِنَ الإسْلامِ.

12. Islam is in need of faith.

12ـ يَحْتاجُ الإسْلامُ إلَى الإيمانِ.

13. Become a Muslim and you shall be safe [in the Hereafter].

13ـ أسْلِمْ تَسْلَمْ.