1. The most abominable (or divisive) thing is the injustice of judges.

1ـ أفْظَعُ (أقْطَعُ) شَيْء ظُلْمُ القُضاةِ.

2. The bane of judges is greed.

2ـ آفَةُ القُضاةِ الطَّمَعُ.

3. The worst of judges is one whose judgments are oppressive.

3ـ شَرُّ القُضاةِ مَنْ جارَتْ أقْضِيَتُهُ.

4. And he (‘a) said about the one whom he dispraised1: He is a dim-sighted person who frequently embarks on obscurities, an ignorant person who frequently embarks on unintelligent arguments, an aggressor against his own soul and an embellisher of traversing the path of the impossible and vain trivialities for it.

4ـ وقالَ ـ عَلَيْهِ السّلامُ ـ في حَقِّ مَنْ ذَمَّهُ: عاش رَكّابُ عَشَوات، جاهِلٌ رَكّابُ جَهالات، عاد عَلى نَفْسِهِ، مُزَيِّنٌ لَها سُلُوكَ المُحالاتِ، وباطِلَ التُّـرَّهاتِ.

5. One whose judgments are oppressive, his power comes to an end.

5ـ مَنْ جارَتْ أقْضِيَتُهُ، زالَتْ قُدْرَتُهُ.

  • 1. In his description of one who does not deserve to be a judge.