Judiciousness الحزم

1. Judiciousness means enduring agony until the opportunity [to react] avails itself.

1ـ اَلْحَزْمُ تَجَرُّعُ الغُصَّةِ، حَتّى تُمَكِّنَ الفُرْصَةُ.

2. The last sources of self-preservation are the first points of caution.

2ـ أواخِرُ مَصادِرِ التَّوَقّي أوائِلُ مَوارِدِ الحَذَرِ.

3. Judiciousness is considering the consequences [of actions] and consulting the wise.

3ـ اَلحَزْمُ اَلنَّظَرُ فِي العَواقِبِ، ومُشاوَرَةُ ذَوِي العُقُولِ.

4. Indeed, the one who gets involved in matters without thinking about the consequences is vulnerable to grave calamities.

4ـ ألا وإنَّ مَنْ تَوَرَّطَ فِي الأُمُورِ مِنْ غَيْرِ نَظَر فِي العَواقِبِ فَقَدْ تَعَرَّضَ لِمُفْدِحاتِ النَّوائِبِ.

5. The root of determination is judiciousness, and its fruit is victory.

5ـ أصْلُ العَزْمِ الحَزْمُ، وثَمَرَتُهُ اَلظَّفَرُ.

6. Judiciousness is a provision and negligence is a loss.

6ـ اَلْحَزْمُ بِضاعَةٌ (و) التَّواني إضاعَةٌ.

7. Judiciousness is a skill.

7ـ اَلحَزْمُ صِناعَةٌ.

8. Judiciousness is [having] the most pertinent of views.

8ـ اَلحَزْمُ أسَدُّ الآراءِ.

9. Judiciousness is preserving the [lessons learned through] experience.

9ـ اَلحَزْمُ حِفْظُ التَجْرِبَةِ.

10. Judiciousness is [achieved] through weighing the opinions thoroughly.

10ـ اَلحَزْمُ بِإجالَةِ الرَّأْيِ.

11. Judiciousness is being extremely cautious.

11ـ اَلحَزْمُ شِدَّةُ الاِسْتِظْهارِ.

12. Views are many but foresight is little.

12ـ اَلرَّأْيُ كَثيرٌ، والحَزْمُ قَليلٌ.

13. Judiciousness is safeguarding that which you have been charged with and leaving that which has been guaranteed for you.

13ـ اَلحَزْمُ حِفْظُ ما كُلِّفْتَ، وتَرْكُ ما كُفيتَ.

14. Tranquillity before [gaining] awareness [of the situation] is contrary to judiciousness.

14ـ اَلطُّمَأْنِينَةُ قَبْلَ الخُبْرَةِ خِلافُ الحَزْمِ.

15. Verily judiciousness is only in obedience to Allah and disobedience to the [lower] self.

15ـ إنَّما الحَزْمُ طاعَةُ اللّهِ، ومَعْصِيةُ النَّفْسِ.

16. The bane of judiciousness is losing the matter.

16ـ آفَةُ الحَزْمِ فَوْتُ الأمْرِ.

17. When judiciousness is coupled with determination, felicity becomes complete.

17ـ إذَا اقْتَرَنَ العَزْمُ بِالحَزْمِ كَمُلَتِ السَّعادَةُ.

18. The fruit of judiciousness is wellbeing.

18ـ ثَمَرَةُ الحَزْمِ السَّلامَةُ.

19. Act with judiciousness and cling to knowledge your results will be praiseworthy.

19ـ خُذْ بِالحَزْمِ، والْزِمِ العِلْمَ، تُحْمَدْ عَواقِبُكَ.

20. The end result of judiciousness is precaution.

20ـ غايَةُ الحَزْمِ الاِسْتِظْهارُ.

21. The perfection of judiciousness is seeking to reform [one’s] opponents and being amicable with [one’s] enemies.

21ـ كَمالُ الحَزْمِ اِسْتِصْلاحُ الأضْدادِ، ومُداجاةُ الأعْداءِ.

22. One who opposes judiciousness is destroyed.

22ـ مَنْ خالَفَ الحَزْمَ هَلَكَ.

23. One who acts judiciously is cautious.

23ـ مَنْ أخَذَ بِالحَزْمِ اِسْتَظْهَرَ.

24. One who fails to act with judiciousness is reckless.

24ـ مَنْ أضاعَ الحَزْمَ تَهَوَّرَ.

25. One whose judiciousness is reduced, his determination is weakened.

25ـ مَنْ قَلَّ حَزْمُهُ ضَعُفَ عَزْمُهُ.

26. One who is not pushed forward by judiciousness is held back by impuissance.

26ـ مَنْ لَمْ يُقَدِّمْهُ الحَزْمُ، أخَّرَهُ العَجْزُ.

27. From judiciousness comes strong determination.

27ـ مِنَ الحَزْمِ قُوَّةُ العَزْمِ.

28. From judiciousness comes preparedness and readiness.

28ـ مِنَ الحَزْمِ اَلتَّأَهُّبُ والاِسْتِعْدادُ.

29. Preserving [the lessons learnt from] experience is from judiciousness.

29ـ مِنَ الحَزْمِ حِفْظُ التَّجْرِبَةِ.

30. Genuine determination comes from judiciousness.

30ـ مِنَ الحَزْمِ صِحَّةُ العَزْمِ.

31. Stopping [and assessing the situation] when faced with doubt is part of judiciousness.

31ـ مِنَ الحَزْمِ الوُقُوفُ عِنْدَ الشُّبْهَةِ.

32. From the excellence of judiciousness is being prepared to move and being ready to travel [from this world to the next].

32ـ مِنْ كَمالِ الحَزْمِ الاسْتِعْدادُ لِلنُّقْلَةِ، والتَّأَهُّبُ لِلرِّحْلَةِ.