The Muslims

The Muslims-المسلمون

1. The best of all Muslims in practicing Islam is he whose efforts are for his Hereafter and whose fear [of Allah’s wrath] is balanced with his hope [in His mercy].

1ـ أفْضَلُ المُسْلِمينَ إسْلاماً مَنْ كانَ هَمُّهُ لأُخْراهُ،وَ اعْتَدَلَ خَوْفُهُ وَرَجاهُ.

2. Verily the Muslims (or the believers) are humble.

2ـ إنَّ المُسْلِمينَ (المُؤمِنين) مُسْتَكينُونَ.

3. One who accepts Islam [and submits to the will of Allah] remains safe [in the Hereafter].

3ـ مَنْ أسْلَمَ سَلِمَ.

4. One who practices Islam properly is [truly] guided.

4ـ هُدِيَ مَنْ حَسُنَ إسْلامُهُ.