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Neighbours الجيران

1. The worst of neighbours is the wicked neighbour.

1ـ بِئْسَ الجارُ جارُ السُّوءِ.

2. A wicked neighbour is the greatest adversity and the most serious tribulation.

2ـ جارُ السُّوءِ أعْظَمُ الضَّـرّاءِ، وأشَدُّ البَلاءِ.

3. Be a neighbour to one from whose evil you are safe and whose goodness does not turn away from you.

3ـ جاوِرْمَنْ تَأمَنُ شَـرَّهُ، وَلايَعْدُوكَ خَيْـرُهُ.

4. Ask about the neighbour before the house.

4ـ سَلْ عَنِ الجارِ قَبْلَ الدّارِ.

5. Being a bad neighbour and offending the virtuous are the worst forms of vileness.

5ـ سُوءُ الجَوارِ والإساءَةُ إلَى الأبْرارِ مِنْ أعْظَمِ اللُّؤمِ.

6. One who is neighbourly gets many neighbours.

6ـ مَنْ حَسُنَ جَوارُهُ كَثُرَ جيرانُهُ.

7. One who is good to his neighbours gets many helpers.

7ـ مَنْ أحْسَنَ إلى جيرانِهِ كَثُرَ خَدَمُهُ.

8. Taking care of one’s neighbour is an act of magnanimity.

8ـ مِنَ الـمُرُوَّةِ تَعَهُّدُ الجيرانِ.