Night And Day

Night and day-اللَّيل والنّهار

1. The night and day are pursuing their courses in covering those who remain and wiping out the traces of those who have passed away.

1ـ اَللَّيْلُ والنَّهارُ دائِبانِ في طَيِّ الباقينَ، ومَحْوِ آثارِ الماضينَ.

2. Verily your night and day are not enough to meet all your needs, so divide them between your work and your relaxation.

2ـ إنَّ لَيْلَكَ ونَهارَكَ لايَسْتَوْعِبانِ لِجَميعِ حاجاتِكَ فَاقْسِمْها (فَاقْسِمْهُما) بَيْنَ عَمَلِكَ وراحَتِكَ.

3. Verily the night and day are working in you [by making you older] so work in them, and they are taking from you so take from them.

3ـ إنَّ اللَّيْلَ والنَّهارَ يَعْمَلانِ فيكَ، فَاعْمَلْ فيهما، ويَأْخُذانِ مِنْكَ فَخُذْ مِنْهُما.

4. The succession of the night and day is the hiding place of calamities and the herald of separation [from loved ones].

4ـ كُرُورُ اللَّيلِ والنَّهارِ مَكْمَنُ الآفاتِ وداعِى الشَّتاتِ.

5. The succession of days are [like] dreams, their pleasures are [causes of] agonies and their gifts are [fraught with] evanescence and maladies.

5ـ كُرُورُ الأيّامِ أحْلامٌ، ولَذّاتُها آلامٌ، ومَواهِبُها فَناءٌ وأسْقامٌ.

6. One whose nights and days pass him by is made old by them.

6ـ مَنْ عَطَفَ عَلَيْهِ اللَّيْلُ والنَّهارُ أبْلَياهُ.

7. One whose nights and days pass him by is chastised and afflicted, and brought closer to his death by them.

7ـ مَنْ عَطَفَ عَلَيْهِ اللَّيْلُ والنَّهارُ أدَّباهُ وأبْلَياهُ، وإلَى المَنايا أدْنَياهُ.

8. Verily one whose riding mount is the night and day is carried [forward] by it even when he is stationary, and he traverses the distance even if he is settled in one place.

8ـ إنَّ مَنْ كانَ مَطِيَّـتَهُ اللَّيلُ والنَّهارُ، فَإنَّهُ يُسارُ بِهِ وإنْ كانَ واقِفاً، وَيَقْطَعُ المَسافَةَ وإنْ كانَ مُقيماً وادِعاً.