1. Be careful of obscene language and lies, for indeed they degrade the speaker.

1ـ اِحْذَرْ فُحْشَ القَوْلِ والكِذْبَ، فَإنَّهُما يُزْرِيانِ بِالقائِلِ.

2. Using obscene language with one who is above you is destructive ignorance.

2ـ سَفَهُكَ عَلى مَنْ فَوْقَكَ جَهْلٌ مُرْد.

3. Using obscene language with one who is below you is abasing ignorance.

3ـ سَفَهُكَ عَلى مَنْ دُونَكَ جَهْلٌ مُزْر.

4. Using obscene language with one who is at your level is a pecking like the pecking of two cockerels, and a quarrelling like the quarrelling of two dogs, they will never separate until they are wounded or humiliated, and this is neither the act of the wise nor the practice of the intelligent; and it may be that he (your rival) shows forbearance towards you, thereby becoming greater than you and more honourable, while you remain lower than him and more contemptible.

4ـ سَفَهُكَ عَلى مَنْ في دَرَجَتِكَ نِقارٌ كَنِقارِ الديكَيْنِ، وهِراشٌ كَهِراشِ الكَلْبَيْنِ، ولَنْ يَفْتَرِقا إلاّ مَجْرُوحَيْنِ، أوْ مَفْضُوحَيْنِ، ولَيْسَ ذلِكَ فِعْلُ الحُكَماءِ، ولاسُنَّةُ العُقَلاءِ، ولَعَلَّهُ أنْ يَحْلُمَ عَنْكَ، فَيَكُونَ أوْزَنَ مِنْكَ وأكرَمَ، وَأنْتَ أنْقَصُ مِنْهُ وأَلأَمُ.

5. One who uses obscene language is reviled.

5ـ مَنْ سافَهَ شُتِمَ.

6. One whose obscenity increases is regarded as vile.

6ـ مَنْ كَثُرَسَفَهُهُ اُسْتُرْذِلَ.

7. An honourable person never uses obscene language, ever.

7ـ ما أفْحَشَ كَريمٌ قَطُّ.

8. There is none more shameless than the one who utters obscenities.

8ـ لاأوْقَحَ مِنْ بَذِىّ.

9. Indeed obscene language and vulgarities are not from the morals of Islam.

9ـ إنَّ الْفُحْشَ والتَّفَحُّشَ لَيْسا مِنْ خَلائِقِ الإسْلامِ.

10. One who uses obscene language cures [the envy of] his enviers [and brings them joy].

10ـ مَنْ أفْحَشَ شَفى حُسّادَهُ.

11. The one who is forbearing does not use obscene language.

11ـ ما أفْحَشَ حَليمٌ.

12. Two people never insult each other except that the one who is wicked of the two prevails.

12ـ ما تَسابَّ إثْنانِ إلاّ غَلَبَ اَلأَمُهُما.