The One Who Is Forsaken By Allah

The One who is forsaken by Allah1 الخذلان والمخذول

1. From the signs of being forsaken by Allah is considering that which is evil as something good.

1ـ مِنْ عَلاماتِ الخِذلانِ اِسْتِحْسانُ القَبيحِ.

2. One of the indications of being forsaken by Allah is taking the rights of [one’s] brothers lightly.

2ـ مِنْ دَلائِلِ الخِذْلانِ الاِسْتِهانَةُ بِحُقُوقِ الإخوانِ.

3. Abandonment is a support for ignorance.

3ـ اَلخِذلانُ مُمِدُّ الجَهْلِ.

4. The forsaken is he who has to ask for something from the ignoble.

4ـ المَخْذولُ مَنْ لَهُ إلَى اللِّئامِ حاجَةٌ.

  • 1. Because of the evil actions that one performs. See Q3:160