The One Who Hits The Mark And The One Who Errs

The one who hits the mark and the one who errs-المصيب والمخطئ

1. The one who hits the mark, achieves and the one who errs, loses.

1ـ اَلمُصيبُ واجِدٌ، اَلمُخْطِئُ فاقِدٌ.

2. Being right is [a means of] safety, erring is [a cause of] reproach and haste is [a reason for] regret.

2ـ اَلإصابَةُ سَلامَةٌ، اَلخَطاءُ مَلامَةٌ، اَلعَجَلُ نَدامَةٌ.

3. To everyone who shoots hits the mark.

3ـ ما كُلُّ رام يُصيبُ.