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Power And Might

Power and might-القدرة والاقتدار

1. Dominating the weak and the slave are from the exigencies (or wickedness) of power.

1ـ اَلتَّسَلُّطُ عَلَى الضَّعيفِ والمَمْلُوكِ مِنْ لُزُومِ (لُؤْمِ) القُدْرَةِ.

2. Power manifests the praiseworthy and blameworthy qualities [of an individual].

2ـ اَلْقُدْرَةُ تُظْهِرُ مَحْمُودَ الخِصالِ ومَذْمُومَها.

3. The bane of power is withholding favour.

3ـ آفَةُ القُدْرَةِ مَنْعُ الإحْسانِ.

4. The bane of might is aggression and defiance.

4ـ آفَةُ الاِقْتِدارِ اَلبَغْيُ والعُتُوُّ.

5. Power makes one forget [about] self-preservation.

5ـ اَلْقُدْرَةُ تُنْسِى الحَفيظَةَ.

6. When power increases, desire decreases.

6ـ إذا كَثُرَتِ القُدْرَةُ قَلَّتِ الشَّهْوَةُ.

7. When [one’s] capability is reduced, the offering of excuses increases.

7ـ إذا قَلَّتِ المَقْدُرَةُ كَثُرَ التَّعَلُّلُ بِالمَعاذِيرِ.

8. The alms-tax of power is even-handedness.

8ـ زَكاةُ القُدْرَةِ الإنْصافُ.

9. One of the best actions of the powerful person is for him to show forbearance when he is angry.

9ـ مِنْ أحْسَنِ أفْعالِ القادِرِ أنْ يَغْضِبَ فَيَحْلُمَ.