Prostration And Bowing

Prostration And Bowing السّجود والركوع

1. The physical prostration is putting the foreheads on the earth and placing the palms and knees on the ground along with the toes of the feet, with complete submissiveness of the heart and sincerity of intention.

1ـ اَلسُّجُودُ الجِسْماني: هُوَ وَضْعُ عَتائِقِ الوُجُوهِ عَلَى التُّرابِ، واسْتِقْبالُ الأرْضِ بِالراحَتَينِ والكَفَّيْنِ (وَالرُّكْبَتَيْنِ)، وأطْرافِ القَدَمَيْنِ مَعَ خُشُوعِ القَلْبِ وإخْلاصِ النّيَّةِ.

2. The spiritual [aspect of] prostration is emptying the heart of [love for] that which perishes, proceeding with firm resolution in endeavouring towards the everlasting, removing pride and fanaticism, cutting off worldly ties and adorning oneself with the etiquettes of the Prophet.

2ـ وَالسُّجُودُ النَّفْساني: فَراغُ القَلْبِ مِنَ الفانياتِ، والإقْبالُ بِكُنْهِ الهِمَّةِ عَلَى الباقياتِ، وخَلْعُ الكِبْرِ والحَمِيَّةِ، وقَطْعُ العَلائِقِ الدُّنْيَويَّةِ، والتَّحَلّي بِالخَلائِقِ النَبَويَّةِ.

3. What good forms of worship Prostration (sujūd) and bowing (rukū’) are.

3ـ نِعْمَ العِبادَةُ السُّجُودُ والرُّكُوعُ.