Rectification And Making Amends

Rectification and Making Amends الاستدراك والتدارك

1. One who makes amends is on the brink of righteousness.

1ـ اَلمُسْتَدْرِكُ على شَفا صَلاح.

2. Rectify at the end of your life that which you have neglected [and lost] earlier on and you will make your place of return a happy one.

2ـ تَدارَكْ في آخِرِ عُمْرِكَ ما أضَعْتَهُ في أوَّلِهِ تَسْعَدْ بِمُنْقَلَبِكَ.

3. Proper rectification [of one’s mistakes] is the symbol of righteousness.

3ـ حُسْنُ الاستِدراكِ عُنْوانُ الصَّلاحِ.

4. Successful is the one who reforms his current actions and makes amends for his past mistakes.

4ـ فازَ مَنْ أصْلَحَ عَمَلَ يَوْمِهِ، واسْتَدْرَكَ فَوارِطَ أمْسِهِ.

5. One who makes amends [for his past mistakes] reforms [himself].

5ـ مَنِ اسْتَدْرَكَ أصْلَحَ.

6. One who rectifies his [past] mistakes reforms [himself].

6ـ مَنِ اسْتَدْرَكَ فَوارِطَهُ أصْلَحَ.

7. How far is making amends [for something] from [its initial] loss!

7ـ ما أبْعَدَ الاستِدراكَ مِنَ الفَوْتِ.

8. Hastening rectification is reformation.

8ـ تَعْجيلُ الاسْتِدْراكِ إصْلاحٌ.