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Remaining Pure And Free From Sin

Remaining pure and free from sin-التَّنزّه والنزاهة

1. Remaining free from sins is the worship of the penitents.

1ـ التَّنَـزُّهُ عَنِ المعاصي عِبادَةُ التَّوابِيْنَ.

2. Keeping away from sin is the essence of astuteness.

2ـ اَلنَّزاهَةُ عَيْنُ الظَّرْفِ.

3. Remaining free from sin is the beginning of nobility.

3ـ اَلتَّنَـزُّهُ أوَّلُ النُّبْلِ.

4. Keeping away from sin is the sign of chastity.

4ـ اَلنَّزاهَةُ آيَةُ العِفَّةِ.

5. Keeping away from sin is one of the traits of the immaculate souls.

5ـ اَلنَّزاهَةُ مِنْ شِيَمِ النُّفُوسِ الطّاهِرَةِ.

6. Be free from sin and you will be pious.

6ـ كُنْ مُتَنَزِّهاً تَكُنْ تَقِيّاً.