Remedy And Ailment

Remedy and Ailment الدّواء والداء

1. Many a remedy brings about an ailment.

1ـ رُبَّ دَواء جَلَبَ داءً.

2. Many an ailment turns into a remedy.

2ـ رُبَّ داء اِنْقَلَبَ دَواءً.

3. Sometimes the remedy is [itself] an ailment.

3ـ رُبَّما كانَ الدَّواءُ داءً.

4. Sometimes the ailment is [itself] a cure.

4ـ رُبَّما كانَ الدّاءُ شِفاءً.

5. One whose ailments are many, his cure will not be known.

5ـ مَنْ كَثُرَتْ أدْواؤُهُ لَمْ يُعْرَفْ شِفاؤُهُ.

6. One who does not bear the bitterness of the remedy, his pain persists.

6ـ مَنْ لَمْ يَحْتَمِلْ مَرارَةَ الدَّواءِ دامَ ألَمُهُ.

7. There is no remedy for the one who is fond of his ailment.

7ـ لا دَواءَ لِمَشْغُوف (لِمشعوف) بِدائِهِ.

8. There is no cure for the one who hides his ailment from his doctor.

8ـ لاشِفاءَ لِمَن كَتَمَ طَبيبَهُ داءَهُ.

9. I am amazed at the one who knows the remedy of his ailment yet does not seek it, and if he finds it he does not apply it [to cure his ailment].

9ـ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ عَرَفَ دَواءَ دائِهِ فَلا يَطْلُبُهُ وإنْ وَجَدَهُ لَمْ يَتَداوَ بِهِ.

10. For every living thing there is an ailment.

10ـ لِكُلِّ حَيّ داءٌ.

11. For every sickness there is a remedy.

11ـ لِكُلِّ عِلَّة دَواءٌ.

12. Walk with your ailment as long as you can.1

12ـ إمْشِ بِدائِكَ (بِدَأبِكَ) ما مَشى بِكَ.

  • 1. Meaning one must try to bear the ailment without using any medication for as long as he can.