Righteousness And Those Who Prevent It

Righteousness and Those Who prevent it البَـرُّ والبِـرُّ ومن منعه

1. The righteous act is an action that reforms.

1ـ اَلبِرُّ عَمَلٌ مُصْلِحٌ.

2. The righteous act is a good deed.

2ـ اَلبِرُّ عَمَلٌ صالِحٌ.

3. Righteousness is the prize of the judicious.

3ـ اَلْبِرُّ غَنيمَةُ الحازِمِ.

4. Righteousness is the quickest in acquiring reward.

4ـ اَلبِـرُّ أعْجَلُ شَيْء مَثُوبَةً.

5. Through righteousness the free man is owned.

5ـ بِالبُـِرِّ يُمْلَكُ الحُرُّ.

6. Hastening to perform righteous acts increases [one’s] righteousness.

6ـ تَعجِيلُ البِرِّ زيادَةٌ فِي البِرِّ.

7. The best benefaction is that which reaches the free.

7ـ خَيْرُ البِرِّ ما وَصَلَ إلَى الأحْرارِ.

8. The best righteous act is that which reaches the needy.

8ـ خَيْرُ البِرِّ ما وَصَلَ إلَى المُحْتاجِ.

9. In every righteous act there is gratitude.

9ـ في كُلِّ بِرّ شُكْرٌ.

10. One who prevents righteousness is deprived of gratitude.

10ـ مَنْ مَنَعَ بِرّاً مُنِعَ شُكْراً.

11. Whoever extends his righteousness, his renown spreads.

11ـ مَنْ بَذَلَ بِرَّهُ إنْتَشَرَ ذِكْرُهُ.

12. One whose righteousness is close [at hand], his reputation goes far [and wide].

12ـ مَنْ قَرُبَ بِرُّهُ بَعُدَ صيتُهُ.

13. One who follows up one good act with another good act and bears the offences of his brothers and neighbours has perfected [his] virtue.

13ـ مَنْ أتْبَعَ الإحسانَ بِالإحسانِ، واحتَمَلَ جِناياتِ الإخْوانِ والجيرانِ، فَقَد أكْمَلَ البِرَّ.

14. One who is miserly towards you with his cheerfulness will not be generous with his righteousness.

14ـ مَنْ بَخِلَ عَلَيْكَ بِبِشْرِهِ لَمْ يَسْمَحْ بِبِرِّهِ.

15. One of the best righteous acts is being kind to the orphans.

15ـ مِنْ أفْضَلِ البِرِّ بِرُّ الأيتامِ.

16. With righteousness, mercy flows forth abundantly.

16ـ مَعَ البِرِّ تَدِرُّ الرَّحْمَةُ.

17. The righteous tongue rejects the foolishness of the ignorant.

17ـ لِسانُ البَرِّيَأبى سَفَهَ الجُهّالِ.

18. One whose righteousness increases is praised.

18ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ بِرُّهُ حُمِدَ.

19. Urging the self towards altruism is from the qualities of the righteous.

19ـ مِنْ شِيَمِ الأبْرارِ حَمْلُ النُّفُوسِ عَلَى الإيثارِ.